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  1. You can see it in the background in the 1991 movie 'Nothing but trouble' if that counts.
  2. Wasn't able to watch the whole thing. Just too late. Harvick won so I enjoyed that coming out of bed Monday morning though. Was amazed at the amount of tyre failures. That was more than anyone bargained for I bet. I have to say that I'm very surprised since really starting to watch nascar since late last year at the amount of tyre failures that actually come with oval racing. I heard its just the continued stress a tyre has to indure in the banks but I'm just surprised by this. If This would have happened as much in F1 the manufacturer would have changed the tyre structures 3 times already. I watched some races of the NASCAR Pro Invitational iRacing championship where I heard commentary from Mike joy and Jeff Gordon. This was before Everything revolving around BLM kicked off. It was very insightful commentary I must say. The only 'unprofessionalism' I guess that you'd call it which I found quite funny everytime is when Gordon was trying to communicate with someone who was driving and he couldn't 'get through' on the radio. Was cool to see North Wilkesboro on there! Usually we have Rick Winkelman doing commentary for us here in Dutch. Which is also very insightful. But there is no co-commentator, so there is no storytelling/jokes or what you'd call it between commentators which I slightly miss. It's is very funny though when you guys in the USA go to commercials. Cause we hear your intro and outro music as its the world feed NASCAR is sending out. But we have no commercials! It just cuts to random onboard cameras and static trackside cameras till You guys are back from the break and the music fades back in. It's almost as if the whole of the NASCAR production team goes on break everytime. Our commentator often uses this time to catch up on what happened and to answer twitter questions. Have had my questions answered a few times which was cool.
  3. Watched as much as I could. Saturdays race lasted till almost 2 AM but I had to see Harvick win. Sunday I had to shut off before the finish. It was just getting too late. Some odd crashes happened in that race I must say.
  4. Flat tire I call that a problem.
  5. Couldn't this be the episode where Bo & Luke race each other?
  6. I guess its now a top 11 streak. Is it usual for Bristol to sometimes see people going into the wall as if they're suddenly steering straight when they're about 10/20% into the corner? It was like understeer but it somehow didn't look like understeer? I saw it happen to Harvick and at least 2 others.
  7. Yup! I had the exact same when looking through the collection of pictures I have. Of most outfits there's only about a maximum of 3 pictures I guess. But there are 100+ pictures!
  8. At first the Thursday race was to be broadcast at 1:30 AM for me. Wasn't gonna watch it, way too late for me. Then it was rescheduled to midnight. Could at least partly watch it with that start time. Turned on the TV at midnight. No rain, but the delay was to about 1:30 AM. Well... At least With them showing Multiple Episodes of something about Nascar in the 70s, I forgot the name. I learned that Formula One Legend Jackie Stewart was a commentator for NASCAR at one point as well as that he tried to qualify for a race in 1967! Planning on watching part of it again tonight as it starts at midnight!
  9. Yes, there's must've been (viewer) records broken. I read of people watching NASCAR here's in the Netherlands who have never watched it and now tuned in simply for the reason that its the first of any form of motorsport going again. Also got to see my favorite NASCAR driver win so happy days. Wont be able to tune in this Wednesday due to the starting time with them running it as a nightrace pretty much. It starts at like 2 AM for us. Thats simply too late for me even considering that this Thursday is a National holiday. Also, about Iracing. I watched most of those races but seeing North Wilkesboro, the track I've read so much about, raced by real drivers (albeit virtually) was just amazing.
  10. In season 7 a few fake water towers are crashed into. Rosco gets stuck in at least one of them.
  11. That must be with her helmet and such on. About Cathy though. Most tops actually quite consealed what was underneath. Its only when anything is visible that you notice whats really going on so to speak.
  12. The only thing that sounds remotely close to that comes to my mind is in the game The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home where you can shoot arrows as Luke from out of the General Lee that you're driving. Great to see another Generation hooked onto the Dukes!
  13. Well, the Jeep was for one a sponsored item at first, so you know... Free cars is still free cars. A few more reasons apparently were: Daisy's 1971 Plymouth is not a 'different enough' car compared to the General Lee. The General in looks may look like a slower vehicle then the 71. A Jeep for Daisy shows she can stand her ground. A Jeep (at least in later episodes) shows of Cathy's legs. You know... For TV ratings and such.
  14. Yes, Jeep sponsored the the car or something similar. But when that stopped, they taped over or removed the logos like all others. From what I've heard, product placement rules in the 80s was a lot more strict then they are now unless you focus specifically on something. Even the boxing gloves during 'And in This Corner, Luke Duke' have tape over the logo. For example when Mythbusters had an episode which heavily relied on cola, and cans were prominently shown, they'd have them fully covered over with paper and new text written on them with a sharpie. But when a cast member was randomly just drinking one in the background or something like that, it's all fine. Waylon did say that indeed now you mention it. I only remembered when the Junkyard owner said 68' Coupe, but Waylon says earlier in the episode 'Right up to that wreck of an ol' black Charger'. I guess thy got away with it since they didn't mention a make or anything.
  15. Watched it happen live at 2 am. That was some wreck. There's only few times during racing nowadays luckily where you think it could have terrible end results. This was one of them... Glad to have read later Ryan's status was not life threatening. Usually I don't agree with people being booed at, but this time was fair. I wont comment on him doing donuts.
  16. Oh, wow! That is a nice collection you got there! That Chickasaw car is just .
  17. Welcome to HazzardNet! It's always a bit hard getting into the Coy & Vance episodes at first but when I am I seem to like them more then Bo & Luke! They're not as bad as people make them out to be even though they were mostly designed to be Bo & Luke copies. Coy & Vance often feel like they care more about the person they are helping in the episode while Bo & Luke seem more direct into helping what was done wrong to whoever was done wrong if that makes any sense. I didn't know there was a Dukes boardgame! Is it like a Game of the Goose or something totally different?
  18. Well... Coy & Vance we're basically made to stand in for Bo & Luke. So I think its a writing error as the script was probably already written for Bo & Luke with just the names changed. Either that or Jesse mentioned it on the phone to them once.
  19. Haven't been able to watch but Harvick is my favorite so thats good news!
  20. I was just listening to the Kibbe & Friends show where they were talking about the passing of Henry Holman Jr who owned H&H Auto. They made 6 additional General Lees for the Georgia episodes. Cinema Vehicle Services made the first 3 General Lees and the crew thought those 3 would be enough to film 5 episodes. Well... After episode one they we're all damaged/trashed. For episode 2 the ones which could be repaired were. Which is why in Episode 2 'Daisy's song' most shots have a General Lee with damage like a caved in front or left front quarter damage. So in other words. All 3 General Lees made for the shows were so damaged, they simply didn't even have one presentable enough to be in a background shot for episode 3.
  21. All I know about the Super Bowl is that locals will probably be protesting against a plan for Formula One to race on a track around the stadium from next year onwards. So I'll kepe my mouth shut further.
  22. Good shout Hobie! So we have: Rosco in ? Cooter in 'Cooter's Girl' (Pretty sure he jumped it to get to an airfield in a later episode too?) Neil Bishop illegally in 'The Big Heist' Andy Slocum illegally in 'Big Brothers, Duke' Ernie and Phil illegally in 'The Ghost of General Lee' First one that came to my mind was Tom Colt illegally in 'Double Sting'
  23. Awesome story there Rob! Hope to hear more from that! I just had a look on YouTube and this is what I found of the Boars Nest. You can definitely see it in the trailer during the stunt with the Police Barrel roll. And I think you see it here when the cameraman is in the shot. @Rob Klein are you by any chance anyone in this? It seems like the whole movie has been uploaded to YouTube from the scene starting at 1:22:40 you can 100% see the Boars Nest in the back. Most of the stunts from this movie look to be Recorded on the Ranch, but I didn't see anything else as closely related to the Dukes as the Boars Nest is in this scene.
  24. Just a quick update from me here. I thought everyone would find this video here to be very interesting.
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