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Smokey And The Bandit


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Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"I am Sheriff Buford T. Justice! Don't you hear good!?" Sheriff Branford:"I hear perfectly. The fact that you're a Sheriff isn't Germaine to the situation." Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"The g**d*** Germans got nothin' to do with it!" Jr. Justice:"What did he say?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Shut up! One s*** at a time!" Jr. Justice:"Alright."

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APO(Amusement Park Owner):"Excuse me s s s sir I'm the owner of of this this here m m mess." Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"What is it yer tryin' to tell me?" APO(Amusement Park Owner):"I'd just like to s s say o o one t t t thing. W w w we're closed!" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Get in the car Jr.! We're surrounded by a mental case!"

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Junior Justice:"Daddy the bridge!" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"I can make that easy!" Car gets stuck mid flight. Junior Justice:"I tried to tell you Daddy-" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Shut your a**! Now get out, and push!" Junior Justice:"But Daddy-" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Get out and push!" Junior Justice:"Ok! But-"(gets out of car to push it)"Aaaahhh!"(falls in water, splash.)

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Goofed on the last line.
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