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Smokey And The Bandit


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Jr.:"What's that daddy?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Oh. That must be one of those new Japanese sports cars. Howdy!"(Guy on hospital bed rolling down road):"Swamp Fever! Swamp Fever!" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Swamp Fever? Damned if I know where it is! I'm new around here myself.  If I weren’t in high speed pursuit I’d have that bum and his Sukiyaki bicycle in the clink for driving on the wrong side of the road!"

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Skipper, you seem to have missed a few lines and combined two scenes.

The first scene is when Carrie is changing out of her wedding dress:

Bandit: Last time I saw legs like that they had a message tied to 'em.
Carrie: What do you mean? These are great little legs. I'm a professional.
Bandit: Well, in that case, you shouldn't be dressed in white.
Carrie: Dancer.
Bandit: Oh. Well, cowboys love fat calves.
Carrie: They're not fat.
Bandit: They're bigger than mine.
Carrie: Do we really wanna talk about legs?
Bandit: Well, one of us does.

The second scene is about 30 minutes later, just after Carrie meets Snowman.

Carrie: You know, I was on Broadway once.
Bandit: Really?
Carrie: For almost 12 minutes.
Bandit: Oh.
Carrie: The show closed the first night.

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