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Smokey And The Bandit


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Alright everyone, didn't think I would let someone else start a Burt Reynolds movie topic and not begin with Smokey And The Bandit.

This is one of the best Good Ol' Boy car chase / trucker movies that they have ever made. Great cast that worked so great together. Jerry Reed was awesome . Jackie Gleason was the picture of the perfect Texas lawman.

Come on now let's here some GOOD things to say about my favorite movie.


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Man I could yap about this movie for hours. My absolute favorite thing about the film is the Trans Am. :) However, I could especially recite dialouge...probably beginining to end. Scary. Khee! But for now, random samplings....

"Bandit, yer reckless and ya live much too hard.... I shoulda gone to Nashville!" =)

"Daddy! My hat blew off!"

"I hope your G--damn head was in it!"

"A Texas gumball machine?"

"Big town ain't it?"

"Yeah. I wonder what they do for fun around here?"

"Probably sit around and watch the cars rust."

"Four miles. G'damn it....four miles."

"Oh I love your suits! But it must be a bear, to get a 68 Extra Fat. And a 12 Dwarf." (That's the tv edited version. ROFL)

Anybody ever notice that the version released on DVD has scenes missing that were added in to the television edited version?? Man that drives me nuts!!


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which version of the DVD has the TV scenes? The pursuit pack with 1,2,& 3 or the single mvie version?

I bouth the single disc and right after that they came out with the Pursuit Pack...That bugged me a lot , same price as the single disc..

Isn't Smokey just a fun movie to watch.

Waynette Snow: No, Bandit! Not this time! Cledus is not goin' with you! He got in enough trouble last time! Dammit, Bandit, look at me when I'm talking to you!

Bandit: I find it hard to look at you, Waynette. With all those curlers in your hair, you look like you're tryin' to pick up a radio station in Savannah.


And probably my favorite quote

Snowman: "Hey, Bandit, me and Fred have a little question for you."

Bandit:"What's that?"

Snowman:"Why are we doing this? They said it couldn't be done."

Bandit:"That's why we're doing it."


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Its nice to be at a place where the people know their stuff when it comes to movies and television! We got the Dukes of Hazzard and we got Smokey and the Bandit.....Life is good!

The Truckstop scene from Smokey and the Bandit (some details of the scene I left out but ya'll wil get the picture...here goes).......

Bandit is sitting in the "Choke and Puke" Truck Stop....Sheriff Justice comes in yelling and screaming at juinor.........


"a lemme have a diablo sandwich.... a Dr. Pepper and make it fast im in

a godd$ hurry..."

sheriff runs back out to yell at juinor...




hush puppies Daddy.....


"WE AINT GOT TIME FOR THAT CRAP".....(grumbles)......"dumb



"you must be in a hell of a hurry huh sheriff?"


"you can bet your a**on that boy"


"who you chasin? somebody chasin you"

(sheriff looks bewildered at Bandit)


"nobody's chasin me boy...im a chasin a godd@## maniac all the way from Texacana Texas"


"really?....what is he a bank robber?"


(mouth full of sandwich) "BANKROBBEAH?".....BANKROBBIN IS BABY







(Sheriff justice wacks his chest with his fist....belches out what looks like a painful belch and asks......

Sheriff: "WHAT I OWE"

Bandit: "no....here lemme pay for it"

Sheriff: "eemmm no no no"

Bandit : "no..your a officer of the law I'd be honored"

Sheriff : " well much obliged....wheres the can I gotta take a squirt"

Bandit: " ohh a right over there....."

( the sheriff goes to the mens room and the Bandit grabs the bag of

food and runs out )

To me, this was one of the funniest scenes in Smokey and the

Bandit.......take care ya'll

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LOL...well I have seen Smokey and the Bandit at least 100 times and Jackie Gleason just tears me up even if I watch it to this day! (and still do). Not to blow my own horn or brag but I kinda have a knack for memorizing lines from movies....I tried to clean up the curses the best I could, I hope I didnt offend any of the Hazzard folk....appoligies If I did....

take care ya'll...

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which version of the DVD has the TV scenes? The pursuit pack with 1,2,& 3 or the single mvie version?

I bouth the single disc and right after that they came out with the Pursuit Pack...That bugged me a lot , same price as the single disc..

I have the single disc (didn't know there was a pursiut pack!) and the single disc that I have does not have the scenes that are in the one I taped off tv. Very disheartening. LOL.

I have not seen Smokey and the Bandit 3 (and given I've yet to see it on DVD, I'm thinkin' it wasn't all that great ROFL). But I have seen number 2. (Again taped off television).

Anybody think that the roller coaster that gets destroyed in S&B2 is the same roller coaster seen in the background of the truck ro-day-o in the first movie? LOL

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The pursuit pack has all three Smokey & The Bandit movies. Doesn't that stink that when it is shown on regular TV it gets added scenes because they edit it for content. They did that with Fast Times At Ridgemont High, had different scenes added for broadcast TV because of the ones they edited for TV...Go figure......


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Wow. With all that memorized, I think you could go to jail for illegally downloading movies into your brain!!!

If thats the case - you had better lock me up and throw away the key as I have the Entire movie memorized almost word for word and the other guy got some of the captions wrong. not intentionally ofcourse but it is my fav movie and I've watched it so many times that I can't watch it without laughing after the first 5 or 10 minutes.

the original way the c.b conversation went was :

Snowman: Oh - hey bandit!

Bandit: Yah guy.

Smowman: Me and Fred got a question.

Bandit: Well - what do you and fred want?

Snowman: How come we doing this?

Bandit:Well why not?

Snowman: Well - they said it couldn't be done!

Bandit: Well, that's the reason son.

Snowman: That's good with Fred.

Bandit: Haha.

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"You can't drive a fork truck!"

"I can drive any forkin' thing around."

At least that's how I think it went, when they were loading the beer on the truck.

Snowman: Well how are we going to load all this though?

Bandit: How'bout with this?

Snowman: You can't drive a forklift!

Bandit: I can drive any forkin' thing around.ya big dumbbell.

Snowman: O.K. Start it up - now back it up!Woah I said back it up - not raise it up.

Bandit: I did back it up ya big dumbbell.

Snowman: Watchg the beer, watch the beer.

Bandit: Oh shut-up ya big dumbbell.

Snowman: Woah,woah.


Snowman: Very funny,very funny!

Bandit: I though it was funny!

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Cooter (Ben Jones) and Bo (John Schneider) are in Smokey and the bandit also!

In one of the teen books YEARS ago it gave Bo's credits which listed Smokey and the Bandit. We watched, rewatched, and rewatched. We backed it up, fast forwarded, and paused it so many times I can still quote it line for line -- The only possible place he could be is when the 'crew' at the drive in blocks the road. Watch for a green jeep -- in the back is a blonde with sun glasses on! It has to be BO!

As for Cooter, at a autograph signing it was said he was in Smokey and the Bandit. Like I said I've watched it MORE than a few times but I came home and watched it again. YES, he is there. Near the very beginning when Big and Little Enos are at the Truck Rodeo looking for the Bandit. They ask a guy standing in front of a rig if he's seen the Bandit. The guy asked "who's askin' " Then the girl says he's over there. Look really close at the guy standing in front of the rig it is COOTER with Long hair and NO grease!

And Yes Enos is the the motorcycle cop that is going to ticket Snowman when Bandit and Carrie decoy him off the truck.


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He's not. LOL. I've watched that movie so many times and I can't find John in any shot. I also read somewhere that he was apparently the kid in the Coors shirt. Well there's two teens in Coors shirts (that I found) during the course of this movie and neither one of them is John.

Here's kid #1 in a Coors shirt....definetly not John...


Here's three of the kids that attempt to car strip Carries car, the kid in the middle with the yellow shirt is definetly not John....


But here's Cooter for all y'all lookin' for 'em!


And here's Sonny (Enos)!


Hang on y'all!!



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there was a tv show in 1994 called "Bandit" where John Schneider played as "Sheriff Enright" in part of the show so that is prolly what everyone is talking about.

also some of yall mentioned about the editing in the dvd version,i want to mention a "mistake" in the dukes of hazzard reunion. if u have watched the video version from columbia house and the tv version,did u notice that in the tv version don williams mentioned that tuitles was flash's grandpup but in the columbia house version that part was edited out?

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