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Smokey And The Bandit


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You know somethin' sheriff?
If J.W. don't get outta my way I'm gonna pass him.
Where, in the woods? Listen, I don't care if your daddy is the mayor. You wreck this car, it's gonna come outta your pay.
Yeah, but sheriff, he's gettin' away!
Son, he's not going anywhere. The Mullberry bridge has been dismantled for the past 6 momths.

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4 hours ago, Skipper Duke said:

Carrie/Frog:"I think I just went 10-100."

Bandit:"Atleast that's better than 10-200."

Frog: Well, it's better than 10-200!


Well, I'm watching the episode I hate the most of all 147. I've only seen it 3-4 times! " Carnival of Thrills. It's by far the goofiest and it's stupid, Bo and Luke fighting! " You're just lucky we're in Uncle Jesse's house is all. You're unlucky, because we cqan always step outside." STOOPID!! GOOOOOFFFY!!

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8 hours ago, Skipper Duke said:

Bandit:"Sheriff?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"I'm listenin'." Bandit:"Do the letters F. O. mean anything to you?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Smart aleck."

F.O......it's part of UFO except you know what it is, so it's just an F.O. .....now if it LANDS.....it's not even an F....just an O!

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