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Smokey And The Bandit


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Buford - "This is Sheriff Buford T Justice.  I’m in pursuit of a black trans am. He’s all mine…so stay outta the way!"

Branford - "This is Sheriff George Branford of Deason County Arkansas. We are apprised of the situation and are taking the appropriate measures.  Did you say you are a Sheriff?"

Buford - "That’s a big 10-4!  This is Sheriff Buford T Justice of Texas!"

Branford - "Texas?!?  You know of course that you are out of your jurisdiction. I suggest you let my department handle the situation."   

Buford - "That’s very comforting.  But I’m in high speed pursuit!  Don’t you hear good?!?"

Branford - "I hear perfectly.  The fact that you are a Sheriff is not germane to the situation."

Buford - "The Got D*** Germans got nothing to do with it!"

Junior - "What did he say?"

Buford - "Shut up!  One sh** at a time!"

Junior - "Alright."

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5 hours ago, Skipper Duke said:

10-4 hot pants we copy! Let go of the button!!!!

A bit of context would help, as well as indicating that two different people are speaking (I don't think their characters are named). Here's the scene where Bandit asks Hot Pants Hilliard to hold up the pursuing police cars. The quote above appears at about 1:50.



2 hours ago, Skipper Duke said:

Did anyone notice that Snowman’s truck mysteriously gained a bull bar for a few seconds as he was entering the Fairgrounds.

I did (see at about 1:05 in the video below). I also noticed that the helicopter following them disappears just before they get to the fairgrounds. You'd have thought they'd be needed most when the cars on the ground were blocked.

The Atlanta patrol cars at the fairgrounds are similar, albeit older models, to the ones in 'Daisy's Song' (below). The badges appear to be realistic for the Atlanta cars of the time, although the real ones had a number in the white rectangle.


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Bandit:"You must be in a h*** of a hurry, huh Sheriff?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"You bet your a$$ on that boy!" Bandit:"Who you chasin'? Somebody chasin' you?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"NOBODIES chasin' me boy! I’ve been chasing a g**d*** maniac all the way from Texarkana Texas to here!" Bandit:"Really? What is he a bank robber?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Bank robber? Bank Robbin is baby s*** along side of what this dude is doin', almost killed 20 law officers, drivin' through people's backyards, knockin done mailboxes, got a broad in the car, crossin state line, that’s a man act, I don’t think he has her permission, and that’s kidnappin, how’s that for high jinx?" “burps” "what do I owe?"

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Snowman:"Come on Fred. Come on, boy.
Fred..... Fred! Don’t you make me come after you! I'm in hurry and you wanna go for a swim. You’re driving me crazy, Fred. You’re driving me crazy." Bandit:"By the time you get that d*** dog in the truck, you can put the hammer down. 'Cause by then, that Smokey will have gone right by you." Snowman:"How'd he know that?"

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Jr. Justice:"Daddy there’s a fish that looks exactly like our fish!" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"That IS our fish, you m***e t**t. GRAB IT!!!" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Looks like your mama. Smells like her too." Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Very nice, Junior.  That was very nice.  You know, when this is all over, I’m gonna buy you a nice lobotomy."
Jr. Justice:"Oh, thank you daddy!!"

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Bandit:"Sheriff I've been chased by the best of 'em. An' son, you must be part coon hound, cuz you make 'em all look like they're runnin' in slow motion. I just wanna say that." Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Well thank you very much Mr. Bandit, and may I say as the pursuer that you're the g**d***est pursuee I ever pursued. Now that the mutual bull s*** is over, where are you, you sumb****!?"

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Bandit:"Sheriff I been meanin' to ask you. Why are you followin' me?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Well, I'd be very happy to tell you Mr. Bandit! I didn't come all this way, to go home with empty pockets! When I get you home, I'm gonna find the tallest tree in the country, an' I'm gonna hang you from it!" Bandit:"Sheriff?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"I'm listenin'." Bandit:"Do the letters F. O. mean anything to you?" Sheriff Buford T. Justice:"Smart aleck!"

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