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Skipper Duke

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If any of y'all are on Facebook I would watch what you say and do over there. They have ridiculous community standards. I keep getting incarcerated for quoting Sheriff Buford T. Justice in the SATB groups. It happens to other members. So if I were y'all, I'd all do your quotes here in the SATB movie forum. Meadowmufn has reasonable policies here. As long as we censor the bad language in it with * and other symbols to spell it out, she does not care in the least. We can quote shows or movies here until our hearts are content. I am quoting here from now on. Tired of being arrested so am keeping it off of Facebook from now on. I hope y'all do the same.

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6 hours ago, RogerDuke said:

As Skipper knows I deleted my Facebook account. It is immoral how they censor right wingers but not left wingers. They should be ashamed of themselves. 

Cousin Roger Duke Amen! That platform plays favorites it picks on people like me, while it leaves others alone. To quote our favorite Sheriff "Shame shame Mark Zuckleburg! Everybody knows your name!" ;)

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Post by Don Dapkus Facebook member and member of The Andy Griffith Show groups. And my comment on the post.

Do not mention that the goat and uncle Nat ..
In the same sentence. 
Facebook keeps removing what Otis said about the goat. 
Apparently it is a Facebook violation..
Yeah I know Otis said it. 
But apparently people Facebook never watches TV

That's why I do my quoting of shows and movies over on the TV and movie forums at www.hazzardnet.com where they have no community standards to be violated like it does here on Facebook.

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