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  1. Which episode was it that Bo was largely not in? At the end he called home and talked to the Dukes. I think he was doing something with Nascar.
  2. Thanks Hoss, Hobie and Roger!!!! Ok I got the fuel pressure regulator, my fire Chief is gonna borrow a trailer from the Asst. Chief (it won't fit on his) and go get it Thursday. Once here, my son who declares himself a YouTube Mechanic thinks he can do it. If not, the Chief and his Girlfriends dad (who looked at it before we figured it was flooding) are close by. As for being over ya'lls heads, NO! It wasn't an easy fix -- EX. Not just a water pump, a plug wire etc..... it is a problem they had to figure out so "to save me money,.... the guy doesn't want to 'guess'!" I'm like give me a GOOD Guess I'll bring you the part off my 92! But since the regulator has a diaphragm I figure of plastic or rubber I figure in the 92 that hasn't been on the road in a couple year (which MAY have the same issue) I'd buy a new one - got it at O'Reilly's for 19.99! I will be SO happy and yet to a degree very pissed if this is what has caused it not to run since JUNE 5th! Yes, I miss you all TOOO!!! Brandy Lou and I have been tossing around a story so may post it once it is done. Thanks Ya'll!!! I'll let ya know when I know more!
  3. First, I have the WORST vehicle luck and have since I was 15 years old. I have a 1991 F-150 pickup that SHOULD be easier to work on. It has ran great for a year. I had surgery in Feb 18 and was off work until June 4th. June 5th the good ole pickup decided that I should not go to work!! Well, I took sons car and every since my sons car has been my way to get to work. The truck WAS starting faithfully every evening / afternoon. We had done process of elimination and found it is NOT a firing, moisture or lack of gas issue by changing the electrical box under the dash just below the steering wheel. Then the Distributor cap, rotary button and fuel relay. We now know it is flooding itself. The front fuel pump has not worked since we have had the vehicle about a year now, but on the rear pump, when you turn the key (as if to roll up a window or listen to music) the fuel pump cuts on and does NOT cut off. IF it starts it is running rich loading up bucking as if trying to flood out you can smell the gas at the exhaust. The shop has had it 2 wks and it has started twice and they "don't have a clue". I have purchased a fuel pressure regulator but don't have it on yet since truck is still at the shop. Can anyone tell me if I'm on the right track? Give me suggestions of things to try -- I have a 1992 in the yard I can try parts from but really need to figure out a way to get it started or wait until at least Monday to get it towed home. I've ran through this with all the guys at the fire department and the fuel pressure regulator makes about as much sense as anything. I don't want to take to a Ford place and pay 800 for a 20 part. All suggestions and ideas welcome!!! I really need my ride running ASAP. Thanks to all my Hazzard cousins -- DixieDavenport
  4. You are so right! My middle son went to a Duke Fest in Bristol, VA with me and he was impressed by how Ben just walked out into the crowd, unlike the others. I told him that the others don't do that to avoid the chaos that would follow. But if they did it on a regular basis back then, by now there may not be chaos when it happened.
  5. It was great!!! Glad I was able to make it, though I didn't get to do as much as I usually do (due to a hip that wasn't in the game!) DixieDavenport
  6. Yes Roger, that's exactly what I meant in the Fanfiction section I was looking at, there was nothing new this year. Sorry for the misunderstanding. DixieDavenport
  7. Ok Fan Fic Trivia!!! Some of you may remember how the little tiny brain of mine works! Has anyone read or written the story that started with Bo and Luke in Hazzard jail. The female reporter from Hazzard paper is told to get a story. I think they robbed the bank AGAIN! LOL Anyway, the female turns out to be the daughter of MASH's Charles Emerson Winchester THE 3rd no less and her and Luke fall for each other. I read it awhile back and watched a show of MASH and now I can't find the story and would like to re-read. I can't remember who wrote it or which site it was on and it ha been awhile since I read it. Any help or possibilities is appreciated.
  8. Anyone interested in helping me wonder our way through Hazzard to the State Capitol and find out how our favorite mechanic and my big brother, went from the greasy, hairy mechanic to a cleaned up, shaved Congressman?? What made him even interested in running and since he's there, how has Hazzard benefited???
  9. I have been looking around the net for something good to read with a Dukes of Hazzard theme to it, so I naturally stopped in here and see no one has posted this year. What's up?? Where is everyone? If any one is interested in a collaborated story effort or has any ideas, yell! Sometimes "life" gets in all our ways but I'll pitch in where I can. DixieDavenport
  10. Congrats Mark!!! Welcome back and I hope to see pictures of the model of Cooter's Garage! DixieDavenport PS. Yeah by the name, you can see why I'm interested in the garage! I'm Cooter's little sister, Dixie (TROUBLE) Davenport!
  11. It's great to still see this series voted as a favorite!!! Still have hopes of finishing it, (Hopefully with Bethie88) or alone at some point. Just got a new computer so hopefully I'll get it lined out and familiar with it soon to be able to write soon. Dixie Davenport
  12. Happy Birthday to my favorite Duke, Luke (Tom)!!! Take the General Lee and swing by Hobie's for that shine then come by the Hazzard Garage and pick me up. I'll be waiting. DixieDavenport
  13. I've tried all avenues I know of to contact Bethie88 but have had no reply. If anyone out there on the Hazzardnet hears from her please let her know I'm trying to contact her. I've recently re-read the entire Going Home Series and would like to see it finished, with Bethie88 if possible, but I've been kicking the idea around about attempting to at least tie up the loose ends of this series and get it to an ending spot. My question to you out there on the Hazzardnet is: Would you like to see it continued to an end, and then possibly start another part alone or with another partner??? If interested in the above please comment or PM me. Thanks DixieDavenport
  14. Please check out this link and remember Conyers, GA and it's people. This area was in and near Dukes of Hazzard filming locations. We also lost 5 people (4 children) in Kentucky. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2013/01/09/Four-children-killed-in-Georgia-house-fire/UPI-35241357735228/?spt=hs∨=tn Now, after you give your kids an extra tight hug, please check your batteries in your smoke detector and IF you didn't change them when you set your clock in the fall, change them now. Our local volunteer fire department is lucky not to have many structure fires, but when we get them in Nov, Dec and Jan they are hot ones and the old structures in our county are usually too far gone to make safe entry. IF you ever have a fire in your home no matter how small, get everyone (and if possible all pets) OUT and STAY OUT, before your local fire department gets there! Remember, everything else can be replaced, lives can not! DixieDavenport aka Joni Fowler, Gary Volunteer Fire Departmant
  15. What is the General Lee without his Confederate Battle Flag or his Dixie horn or hi orange paint job -- just another car! I refer you to Johnny Cash's song, "The General Lee!" Thanks to all for support of the Flag and Thanks WB's for listening! Heritage Not Hate!!! Just love the flag, the General Lee and the Dukes!!!!
  16. YEEHAHHHH!!!! I just seen the announcement! Great timing too, jst after taxe time. Make reservations early, pay at tax tme for room and tickets. All you'll need is gas and eats when time comes! Glad to see whole cast committing so early! Espeically my personal favorite, TOM!!!
  17. I've been in town since Friday. Sure is hot in Hazzard! Having a great time. A lot of really nice General Lees up on the hill, great music on stage, surrounded by stars and good people. Dixie
  18. From Bethie88 and myself, thanks! We still talk though she has been busy and unavailable to continue I still hope at some point real life slows down and we can get back on the right road to Hazzard! Thanks Again for the kind words.
  19. Just read the updates about Tom being there, also his website shows him scheduled to be there! Had an unexpected vet. bill but plan to arrange things to still be able to go. Resevations made have 2 1/2 paydays to get it paid for! See ya'll there!
  20. What I think MAY work well would be to take the exisiting original cast and give them small, tiny even itty bitty parts, but use the cast that is still around and do (like I've seen Dallas doing) a next generation show, but using faces we know to get you involved with the new ones. Base it on family and morals that the Dukes we love had, and the lessons they learned along the way being passed down (But like life-- maybe not always taken by the younger ones -- at least until it is too late.) There is enough original cast out there, use them don't ignore them -- they made the show what it was! That's my 2 cents! DixieDavenport
  21. Gary Car Show (Open Class) Sponsored By: Bluestone Antique Automobile Club & The Gary Volunteer Fire Department. August 6, 2011. Gary Community Room parking lot in front of Gary Vol. Fire Dept. Reg: 9 am to 1 pm Trophies Presented at 3 pm. Refreshments will be served by Gary Vol. Fire Dept. Registration Fee $15.00 Please no alcohol on show lot. Thanks BAAC. This is off of State Rt 103, in Gary, WV. If you search a map it will locate you in the center of town and the fire station is right in the center of town with City Hall and the Post Office. For directions or further you can also contact DixieDavenport by PM, email or leave your questions or information here and I will contact you. If I can not answer your questions I will contact the car club for answers. Thanks, DixieDavenport, Joni Potter, Assistant Fire Chief Gary Vol. Fire Dept.
  22. The guys got the guitars and were strumming a few bars and getting them in tune when Bo, Sr. looked over at Jesse who was setting back watching, he said, "Son, I didn't get a chance to tell you how good I thought you did tonight with that Conway Twitty song. You didn't learn how to do that in the shower, so who's been givin' you pointers?" Bo asked without having to. He had seen a lot of Jeb in Jesse earlier that evening. Jesse acted a bit embarrassed by Bo's comment and quietly, "I've been watching you all around the house since until tonight I haven't gotten to go to the Boar's Nest with ya'll, but Uncle Jeb has talked with me some." Jeb gave Bo a small grin and said, "Remember me and Jesse have a lot in common by being in the middle." Jeb was the middle Duke boy between Bo, Sr and Vance and Jesse was the middle child up until Braxton was born. "So what's it gonna be?" Jeb asked. Cooter was the first to reply, "How about Ramblin' Man?" The others didn't say another word just went into the song........ Lord, I was born a ramblin man, Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I can. And when its time for leavin, I hope youll understand, That I was born a ramblin man. 01~~~~~~~~~~~~~~01 Well, folks, ..... as Bugs Bunny use to say "That's All Folks!" Well at least it is all that I had saved in Word when this story was moved from one forum to another and inadvertly lost in the move. So this clears the books for 2010 and leaves way for me and Bethie88 to get back to work. I hope you all are enjoying the story and will continue to read and be patient as 'Life' sometimes lately has been getting in the way of good writing. Happy New Year !!!
  23. This was written I'm about 95% sure by Bethie88 01~~~~~~~~~~~01 Bo replied, "Jake, I've seen my wife have six babies... Six... And it never gets easier. I love her, and watching her struggle through it... I never feel more helpless, because nothing I can do can make it go quicker." He shook his head. "Labor may be shorter now, but it definitely ain't easier to deal with." Jake was surprised. Bo never seemed the type to worry much about anything. But it was obvious he did. Jake sighed. This was gonna be tougher than he'd thought. Bo, Jr. looked around. "Dad... Uncle Luke... Uncle Jeb," he said, looking at the two men. "I brought the guitars. Reckon we could pick and sing some?" Bo, Sr. and the other grinned. "Let's do it."
  24. This post was written by DixieDavenport 01~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~01 Daisy shook her head with a bit of a laugh, "If that's what you want to call it." She stood up as she looked over at the clock, "I think I'm going to turn in too so I can be ready for my niece and nephew when they wake up." Jessica said, "Yeah." She wasn't used to how early the Duke farm was normally awake and ready for anything. "How is it kids go from sound asleep angels to fully awake in seconds?" Before Beth could answer, Laura asked, "They do? I mean I've seen it when I've stayed here but I thought it was that they were just excited at having company." All the eyes in the room landed on the new mother to be and rolled there eyes at her innocence, then shook their heads 'no', it was Beth who said, "I'm afraid not. They are like their Daddy in the General Lee, from dead stop to full out wide open in seconds AND they expect you to be as awake as they are." 01~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~01 Cooter was setting close enough to have heard most of the boys conversation. He was a bit surprised to hear that Luke was so worried about Dixie and the baby. It was a side of his best friend and brother-in-law that he wasn't used to seeing. He got an idea that he'd have to check into later. Jake had also moved closer to Luke and Bo. He wasn't used to seeing Bo and Luke like this either and said, "You mean it's still scary, even if you've been through it before? I thought it was just because of all the stuff going on with Laura's father and us not being married and all?" Bo replied, ......... 01~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~01 At Tri Counties Jail, Dixie pulled in just before 4am. She walked into the sally port area and her friend Don popped the door open for her as she got to it. Something about the loud sound made her think of how Luke had admitted that the closing and locking of a cell door bothered him. Dixie laughed to herself as she closed the first barred door and stepped to the second steel door waiting for Don to open it. Once through the second door, Dixie clocked in at the time clock and went to the Control Room where Don was. She seen he had layed out his keys and was now signing over the log book to her. "What are you doing?" Don could be a bit of a 'male chauvinist' but he and Dixie had found they worked good together and had quickly became friends. "Turning this entire place over to you." It wasn't as if Dixie hadn't worked the position at the other jail, nor this one, but it wasn't a regular thing either. "Why?" Don replied, "A couple of reasons: First, you are the senior officer on this shift. Second, you are my relief. No sense in juggling floor officers. Third, we got a wild child who wanted to give us a fight earlier back in Holding. Fourth," he pointed to the shirt that any other time would have swallowed her that was now looking as if she needed a larger size. Dixie had gotten a couple of men's uniform shirts and had been wearing them untucked with maternity pants for several months now. Frankly to Don, it looked like she shouldn't have been still working at the jail anyway, but he knew better than to say that. "I'm not putting you in a position for you to get hurt this far along. If day shift wants you on a floor they can put you there. Besides, in here you can set down more. When are you due anyway?" "A couple weeks yet. Don't be trying to get ride of me so soon." Dixie joked as she put the Watch Commander keys (that contained the key to the key box that had all the assorted keys to run a jail, the weapons box keys where the weapons were stored, and the most used cuff keys) in her right pants pocket. "Never. Just trying to see if they were going to take my holiday for Tuesday." Don said. Dixie gave him an evil grin and replied, "If you ask me, I think you'll get it, BUT, if you'd ask Bo's wife, ...... she is beating Doc takes me off work Monday, ....... so ........." Don had heard all about Dixie's family in the time they had worked together and knew Bo and his wife had several kids. "And she has how many kids?" "Six." Dixie replied. Don signed heavily, "Ok now that you have made my day, I'm going home now and I'll see ya'll about noon." "Bye." Dixie said as she let him out of the Control Room where the kitchen trustees were coming down the hallway. One of the trustees frowned when he seen Dixie at the door and said, "Miss Dixie what are you doing here so early?" Then to the other officer he said, "You shouldn't have called her in this early." Both officers laughed at the trustee. Some of these guys had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time and weren't bad guys at all. Though officers didn't want to let inmates know their personal business both Dixie and Don knew you could be civil to most of the inmates who came through Tri Counties. They said together, "Get to work." The trustee said, "I'm going. And, I'm gonna make sure Miss Tanya (the cook) feeds you real good this morning." Dixie replied as she waited for the trustee to get down the hall before letting Don out the first door, "I didn't even look to see what's for breakfast but tell Tanya to sign me up." "I'll do it." The trustee said as he happily went to do his work detail in the jail's kitchen. Dixie let Don out and settled in for the rest of the shift. Made a fresh pot of coffee and grabbed a cup even before it was finished dripping. She checked out the schedule, seen she would likely be in the Control Room all day and began figuring out floor assignments for the day, read the log book from her last shift until her taking over. As she was finishing up she heard a knock on the Control Room door. It was the trustee with a covered plate, two milks and two juices. She opened the door and took the plate and drinks. "Thanks." "No problem." The trustee said and seeing the coffee cup on the desk he added, "I didn't think coffee was good for you." "It's probably not, but I got to have some caffeine on days like this." Dixie said as she was getting ready to close the door back. The trustee said, "If you're working the floor later, watch that guy back in Holding. He gave them trouble last night." Dixie just smiled a bit and said, "Thanks." She knew what had went down on the previous shift. She had read the log book and incident reports. She also knew that this particular inmate would have also told Don the same information had the positions been reversed so it didn't bother her that he had warned her. Dixie had been an officer long enough to have seen new bookings curse officers or try to get them to bend or break rules and had seen inmates such as this one tell them real fast and in a hurry not to give her or other officers trouble. It was a fine line of mutual respect. Officers who gave respect usually got it from most inmates.
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