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  1. My signature is number 75 on the pitition to get rid of this Dukes film mockery. The only part of the movie that is consistant with the show is the General Lee. Get rid of this P.O.S no good for nothing excuse of a Dukes movie and just keep the first two because they at least have most of the original actors. Thats my two cents and opinion which I am entitled to.
  2. Moondog - could you burn me a copy - I'll pay for it what ever you charge!!! PLEASE!!!!!! PM me or email me to let me know!PLEASE!!!!!!
  3. "let me tell you something pal, i can say whatever the hell i want to say,, if you don;'t like what i say, then you really don't want to take your kids to see this movie because it will not be like your precious tv show." In a way you are right. You do have freedom of speech - however if you can't say things differently then I suggest that you don't log on to the forum anymore. But as for the movie - Everyone needs to realize that the Dukes of Hazzard DID have foul language. And for those of you who don't think that this new movie is going to be any good - Allow me to remind yous of a very old
  4. Would you be willing to make a copy and mail it to me - providing that I pay for the tape and shipping?
  5. I'm just wondering if anyone has the made for T.v movie dukes in Hollywood and if they do - would they be willing to make me a copy providing that I pay for the tape and shipping? please either email me or pm me and let me know - O.K?
  6. They most deffinitly are not in the order that they should be - that is for sure.
  7. I went today to my workplace and they were sold out. Not surprising that they only had four copies to begin with. So I went to CD plus and got it there for cheaper. So from now on I think I'll be going to CD plus because they always get alot of copies and they do match their competitors prices - if not beat them. Now that is the way to do business. Haven't watched anything yet but I will once I get off the computer. But now I finally have Dukes Season Two. Next thing I want to get is Magyver Season One. I'll get it soon enough!!! Later all! By the way - I only Paid 39.89 canadian for Dukes Sea
  8. It goes on sale tomorrow - I get off work at 6 in the morning and the store opens at 9 in the morning - I won't be going to sleep until I have my copy safe at home - so basically around lunch time because I also want to watch some before I go to bed. Working the night shift really sucks - but oh-well what can you do. The total cost for me will be $40.40 - I don't even get a discount - does that suck or what? Catch ya's all later!!
  9. I already have an 84 firebird, now I am wanting to get a Charger - but I would have to make sure it is black - that is my fav color after all. But once I have both then I'll be happy. As well as a 77 transam - smockey and the Bandit style, and a 80's ford pickup truck - 1/2 ton would be the best. I won't pick a fav car just because it is popular - I pick it because I like the way it looks - who cares about the engine - those can always be modified. Thats just my 2 bits.
  10. I just found out tonight that Next week wednesday Dukes season two will be avaliable for purchasing. Found out at my work place because they already have it there but it won't be for sale till the middle of the week. I CAN'T WAIT TO BUY IT. I AM JUST SO EXCITED!!!!!!
  11. Snowman: Well how are we going to load all this though? Bandit: How'bout with this? Snowman: You can't drive a forklift! Bandit: I can drive any forkin' thing around.ya big dumbbell. Snowman: O.K. Start it up - now back it up!Woah I said back it up - not raise it up. Bandit: I did back it up ya big dumbbell. Snowman: Watchg the beer, watch the beer. Bandit: Oh shut-up ya big dumbbell. Snowman: Woah,woah. (crash) Snowman: Very funny,very funny! Bandit: I though it was funny!
  12. If thats the case - you had better lock me up and throw away the key as I have the Entire movie memorized almost word for word and the other guy got some of the captions wrong. not intentionally ofcourse but it is my fav movie and I've watched it so many times that I can't watch it without laughing after the first 5 or 10 minutes. the original way the c.b conversation went was : Snowman: Oh - hey bandit! Bandit: Yah guy. Smowman: Me and Fred got a question. Bandit: Well - what do you and fred want? Snowman: How come we doing this? Bandit:Well why not? Snowman: Well - they said it couldn't be
  13. your kidding me - it's my all time fav movie as well. NO JOKE.
  14. Well Smallville used to be on on Sundays on A - Channel,but now it is on on Thursdays - I know this because I get paid on Thursdays. But it is still on at 8 pm. Not only that but now I have all three seasons of Smallville on Dvd. HEHEHE man now my dvd collection is really taking off. Can't wait for Dukesd season two. as well as Knight Rider and the A-Team. Y'all tak-er easy now ye'hear.
  15. I must admit - kinda funny - can't stop chuckling to myself. They poke fun of the Dukes while trying to insult them two Pres' of the States, Haha. Not bad Pendragon - not bad at all.
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