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  1. feliz cumpleaños, abrazo desde argentina.

  2. For any of you Pro Wrestling fans out there, did yall happen to see TNA Thursday night when Cowboy James Storm was giving his promo and he said "Dukes of Hazzard Loving"?
  3. thanks everyone that liked it. yes waikiki23 that is a great song but of course Good Ol Boys is the greatest song ever lol
  4. Fonzi is a nickname given to me by a friend of mine because i used to wear a black leather jacket.

  5. I agree with this. A new DOH game should be GTA style but my opinion it should have 147 missions(1 for each original episode) ie:mission 1 should be episode one, One Armed Bandits;mission 2,Daisy's song and so forth.
  6. I liked SATB2 the best because of the crash up "derby" between the truckers and the cops and also im a demo derby fan(my best friend drives in derbys and I used to be part owner of his team until i got too busy to fool with it)
  7. Heres one. Its not the one i wanted to post but its close enough
  8. that would be wierd but one thing elly may i dont mean to correct u but daytona is in florida.
  9. It was Cage9 who sings it. just remember seeing that on here one time.
  10. hey your screen name attracted me, is fonzi your real name or do you like happy days as a kid?

  11. I have seasons 1,2,5,and 6 of the DOH and hopefully get seasons 3,4,and 7 soon. have had s1 and ordered season 2 off buy.com for $16.80 then went to my local BigLots and they had s5 and 6 for $6 each
  12. I would like to see a new game also but hopefully they put it on ps2 also.The perfect DOH game would be 147 total missions(1 for each of the original episodes where you do the same thing in the mission that they did in the episode)ie:Deputy Dukes,you would go get the prisoner and bring him back to hazzard while dealing with his goons.And I contacted them.
  13. crap I didnt make it hard enough so very good job dukefan
  14. hope this isnt too hard or too easy but its from season 1
  15. www.myspace.com/dukesstuff2 www.myspace.com/twa_fonzi
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