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Welcome Back Lori


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An hour past.....

The Doctor walked in amist of this situation. He looked to Cooter and then to the rest with a smile.

"I have some good news, Miss Davenport is going to be fine, besides emotionally scarred and physically, we retained what blood we could and by some chance it was enough. All she needs now is some support from her family and friends."

The Doctor stood their holding Lori's charts in his hands. Tears sprang from Cooter's eyes, his little cousin was going to be alright and he was overwhelmed with happiness and joy.

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Bo looked up from where he was holding Luke still, unable to let go because if he did Luke would move and hug into him harder. He was fast asleep of course, having worn himself out crying but still maintained a death grip on Bo's shirt...it was unsettling for Bo who was used to seeing his older cousin strong and supporting other people...he wasn't used to it being this way round, but he didn't mind it at all. He just wished Luke would think the way he used to...that everyone was innocent until proven guilty...it may have been proved that Candy's original intentions were hurtful...but they had yet to prove that Candy didn't really love Luke...

He smiled at the news about Lori in relief, watching as Cooter teared up also in relief. He didn't want to wake Luke yet, his older cousin needed all the sleep he could get it seemed. He would tell Luke when he saw fit to wake up himself.

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The doctor who stood looking to them had told them.

"You can go in and see her, she'll take visitors now. She's still asleep but maybe one of ya'll has the magic touch and can wake her up."

The doctor turned around and walked away proudly as he knew that the family and friends was relieved to hear the news.

Cooter looked to Bo and a sleeping Luke, "hey ya'll hows about I go call Uncle Jesse and you fellas can go in and see her first?"

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A warmness ran over Lori she was glad to hear that she quickly frowned and looked to Daisy,

"Daisy what about Candy, she alright? She didn't hurt Luke did she? She really does love him. She told me so in the Cabin, i guess i should've told Luke what she had planned on doing in the first, Daisy..Candy and Jack are married they're not brother and sister, thats why i got a divorce from Jack... Ohh god Daisy, if Luke found out what she had planned to do he......"

Lori squeezed her eyes shut, tears streaking down her cheeks. She knew Luke was more than likely hurt from Candy he hd to have found out.

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Lori quickly tried to jump up, but soon laid quickly down, the heart monitor ringing loudly and furiously Lori's soft brown eyes turned hard and icy.


Lori quickly calmed down she yelled sooo loud it was loud enough to wake the dead. Lori was upset and in pain at the same time. Candy had lied to her and had went and hurt Luke!

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Lori's voice might have been enough to wake the dead, but not the broken hearted. Luke was dead to the world. It was a defense mechanism of his. When he wanted to shut himself up away from the world, he could sleep heavier than Bo.

"Lori calm down...gettin riled...it wont help anyone..." said Daisy putting a hand on her arm.

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Lori shut her eyes quietly and softly spoke,

"I know it Daisy, and I know I ain'y got a right to be mad at Candy, one she saved my life and two, well i should know about hurting Luke and what it does to him, makes me a hypocrite really. Daisy, I just, I just wish right now I was dead, Jack would've shot me and killed me, instead of making me suffer here in Hazzard we're i know I'm hated!!!!!!!"

Lori's face was blood red, but it had slowly turned a tanned peach color again and her eyes soft and warm she shut her eyes and turned her head away from Daisy. Lori didn't want to speak with anyone now she just wanted to rot away in the bed.

"Well, Daisy, Bo probably heard me, he knows im alright, tell him him and Luke can leave they don't wanna talk to me and I sures to heck ain't going to let em' come in and yell at me cause i knwo they would. Lori kept her face hidden in the hospital pillows a tear rolling down her cheeks every now and then.

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