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Welcome Back Lori


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Lori gave Luke one of his own raised eye-brow looks,"Well, Luke, hes a sweet guy and all, but I dont know if im just ready yet to start a relationship, hes definently got the look, wonder how I ever missed him round' here?" "I mean yea id give him a chance, but I just dont know if im ready to start a relationship."

Lori looked to Luke and smirked thinking to herslef,"sound familiar?"

Lori shook her head and replied back to Luke,"Nah, thebeer actually tastes good, compared to that ole nasty hospital water."

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balladeer:Well, Folks I sure am glad things are back to normal. Looks like this will be the end of our whiskey runner's journies for now. Ya'll take care now!!

5 years later......

Balladeer:Just to update ya'll, You can still come to Hazzard and join in on the chases and races with Lori, Bo, Luke, Candy, and the others. Bo and Lori are still fueding over who drives better, Luke and Candy are married and Lori and Terry ended up married, Terry broke over and bought Lori a ring after a bout a year of courting her, he took her back to the stream were he'd proposed to her, Lori had fell inlove with Terry, and accepted. If you go to Hazzard you can still see Duke boys and Lori burining up the backroads of Hazzard. I wonder ya'll if this will be the last time we hear from them??

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