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Welcome Back Lori


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Bo smiled and led him back up to the waiting room. When they got there, Candy and Daisy were talking softly between themselves and Cooter was still tucked in his own little corner, still glaring a little at Candy behind her back, but mainly lost in his own train of thought.

Biting his lip, he looked to Luke, not knowing what he would do at the moment.

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Candy looked up as Luke came over and nodded a little, nervous about how serious and slightly upset he looked. It didn't take her long to piece together what he may want to talk about, but she wouldn't say anything until he had confirmed it.

Nodding she answered softly.

"Alright...in here or...you wanna go somewhere else?"

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Candy took his hand and stood up, holding Luke's hand as they both headed outside and to the gardens, not missing the supportive squeeze to Luke's shoulder that Bo have him as they passed.

Eventually they reached the gardens and Candy sat down on a bench while Luke remained standing and started to pace a little. Eventually, she asked softly.

"So...what did you want to talk about?"

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Candy sighed, swallowing hard as tears sprang to her eyes.

"Luke...I did...alright, I came back with Jack to hurt Lori...he...he's my husband, or he was he ain't gonna be no more...i'm gettin' a divorce..."

She bit her lip gently as a tear dripped down her cheek.

"And...I wanted to...use you to hurt Lori and...to hurt you back for what you did in the Marines...I missed ya every day of my life...I thought we had something special and you just...you pushed me away like you didn't care...I wanted you to hurt like I did but...as soon as I was with you again I...everything changed..."

She stood up and hurried to Luke, holding his hands.

"Luke I love you so much...I thought I was over you but I'm not...I'm not..."

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To say Luke was shocked was an understatement. The hurt that was in his eyes could be seen from a country mile away. "So....you plot to kill someone you are upset with....you led me to believe that...that you was available...and the whole time....I was kissin on another man's wife...and you was just usin' me...to hurt me..." He winked his eyes hard dropping her hands. "Well...you succeeded... I ain't never been so hurt in my life..." He walked away going inside the hospital to find Bo.

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