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Cooter hung the phone up and quickly ran to jump into his tow truck, something was terribly wrong with his little cousin and he wanted to know what. Cooter fishtailed it through curves and let it rip through straight streches. When he arrived at the hospital he greeted Bo at the door and asked Bo with a glisten in his eye.

"Were.....were is she Bo, what's wrong with her?!"

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Bo sighed and nodded a little, frowning as he followed Cooter's gaze and saw him glaring at Candy who was curled up in Luke's arms. Unusually for him, it didn't take him too long to connect the dots and get on board with what Cooter was thinking...even if he didn't totally understand why Cooter would think Candy wanted to shoot Lori in the first place.

"Cooter...Candy saved Lori's life..."

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Cooter looked to Bo and said in confusion,"But Bo, she was in on Jack's plan to kill Lori, but i see now that Candy would never hurt Lori because well there friends geese im really sorry Bo, look i gues ya'll can head on back to the farm and i'll stay here with her, i know you don't wanna be here."

Cooter knew that the Dukes still havn't forgave Lori.

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Bo listened with interest to what Cooter said, frowning a little and starting to become more worried about Luke now...Candy may have saved Luke's life but he suddenly had a very horrible feeling that his relationship with Cnady might not exactly be everything Luke was hoping it would be.

He didn't actually realize he had zone out of the conversation until he heard 'I know you don't want to be here'. True, he hadn't forgiven Lori yet and so far he hadn't spent enough time around her since she had come back to Hazzard to see whether or not she had changed her ways. All he had seen was the example of a spolit rich kid when she had stormed off with her nose pracitcally in the air when they had met back on the road.

"Cooter...I'm sorry but...Lori hurt Luke a lot...he really loves Candy and he tried to explain what happened to her but she just made him feel worse...I can't forgive that very eaisly...especially not when it hurt Luke so bad that he was actually asking me for reassurance and guidence...hurt my brother hurt me ya know..."

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Cooter smiled and looked to Bo

"Yea, i know Bo, i know Bo. I know that you don't forgive easily and I had a few choice words with Lori myself,now look im not trying to make ya feel sorry fer her or anything she didn't mean to hurt no one especially you. She told me she felt like shooting herself, i guess it was done for her, god Bo if she dies I don't know what I'll do."

Cooter sighed and headed on over as he left to go to the front office he turned and looked over his shoulder and smiled at Bo.

"Hey, Bo thanks for coming anyways it would mean alot to her."

with that Cooter walked out and over to the front desk. He signed the papers and looked to Bo and said,"Well, they can operate now, i pray she makes it."

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Bo shook his head as he listened to Cooter, following him to the front desk and watching as he signed the papers. Truth be told he was worried about Lori just like the rest of them...just because he wasn't on the best of terms with her right now didn't mean he wasn't worried. She had been a friend and she still was really...there were just a few things that needed to be cleared up between them.

He put his hand gently on Cooter's shoulder and squeezed softly.

"Cooter...Lori is a fighter...I know that much from being around her all my life...she is gonna make it through this I just know it...just because we's fallen out doesn't mean I don't care about what happens to her...I wouldn't wish gettin' shot on my worst enemy let alone a friend who i've fallen out with...just have faith Cooter, she'll pull through, you'll see...now c'mon...let's head back to the waitin' room and we can wait for some news on her in there..."

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Cooter smiled a little with a nod at Bo's words and put his hand on Bo's shoulder too, squeezing softly as Bo had done in thanks he couldn't put into words.

"Yea I think we ALL know shes a fighter."

He said with a chuckle before looking to the waiting room. Despite what Bo had said, he still didn't trust Candy but didn't let it show to Bo, even though he knew his friend probably had already guessed it by now. With a sigh, he pushed open the door and stepped inside, nodding to Luke and Candy before sitting down on the opposite side of the room...

he had a lot he needed to think about.

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Bo smiled back to Cooter before following him to the waiting room. He was about to head in there as well when he heard the familiar sound of high heeled shoes clacking down the hallway. Smiling he turned and saw Daisy hurrying down the corridor towards him, looking upset and worried.

It wasn't long before Daisy spotted him and not too long after that when she was in Bo's arms, hugging him tight.

"I heard what happened at the Boar's Nest but Boss wouldn't let me off my shift early! How is she, is she gonna be alright? What have the doctor's said, how bad is it?!"

Bo laughed a little and gently rubbed her back, rocking her from side to side a little.

"Now Daisy calm down and stop acting like a chipmunk...we ain't got no news on her yet besides that she needs surgery..."

Daisy swallowed and looked up at him, nodding a little.

"Ok...i'm sorry..."

Bo shook his head softly, holding her close again.

"It's ok Daisy...I know your worried about her, she's yer best friend...hey, would you mind doing me a favour?"

Daisy pulled away, wiping the tears that had formed in her eyes from worrying about Lori, and nodding softly.

"Sure what is it?"

Bo sighed a little before saying.

"Candy saw the whole thing and she's pretty shook up about it...now Luke's with her, comforting her and I recon she's calmed down a lot...but I need to talk to Luke and I can't do it if Candy's clinging to him..."

Daisy smiled softly, knowing what Bo was getting at.

"Sure...i'll look after her and Cooter until you boys get back..."

Bo smiled and kissed her cheek

"Thanks Darlin'..."

With a smile, Daisy nodded and headed into the room, spotting immidiatly both Candy curled into Luke's arms and Cooter sat in a corner looking deep in thought. With a sigh she and Bo crossed over to Luke and Candy, Bo watching as Daisy gently manouvered Candy out of Luke's arms to talk with her before whispering in Luke's ear.

"Luke I need to talk to you...outside..."

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Bo followed him out there, trying to think of some way to put this. He didn't want to hurt Luke, and there was a chance that Luke wasn't going to believe him at all...but he needed to be told. Swallowing as they reached the front steps, he said nervously.

"Luke...you...you know Jack...the guy who Candy said was her brother?"

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Bo sighed, biting his bottom lip before saying very hesitantly.

"Well...I don't think he is Candys brother....because....Cooter said...he overheard him and Candy plotting together to kill Lori...I know she saved her life and everything, and I don't think that's her intentions anymore...I just...I think she's lying to you.."

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Bo looked back at him firmly and determined to make Luke think clearly.

"Luke...think about what you see when you look in her eyes...I can see it and she ain't even lookin at me 'cause its refelcted in yours...you love her...and she loves you so much...I know you need to hear it from her to believe it but I know that she does...and whatever her intentions with you and Lori were in the beginning they arn't them now...she wants to be with you..."

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