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Candy rested in his arms, shaking horribly as she cuddled into him.

Bo meanwhile was gathering up the evidence he knew Rosco wouldn't look for seeing as he practically had an excuse to send both him and Luke down for a long time if he couldn't find any and it wouldn't be unlike Boss to try and fix it so Luke and Bo could be blaimed.

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The Doctor walked out of the operating room slowly, the nurse that escorted the three to the waiting room having notified the doctor of their arrival. He looked to them with a serious expression as he said in a grave tone of voice.

"The nurse informs me you're here about Miss Davenport? Im sorry to say that she is in a very critical condition...she has lost a lot of blood and there is severe internal damage...we're doing all that we can to save her right now..."

He let the words sink in to the occupants of the room. When he got no questions or answers of any kind for that matter, he continued...

"It is a deep gunshot wound to the stomach and we are prepping her for surgery as we speak...all we need is a family member's consent in case the worst should happen."

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