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Do you have met James Best in person?

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I did met James at a car show in Ohio that time I was 20, I was excited to meet him because I've waited for years to meet him from watching him on "Dukes" when I was a kid! Whoo! I did shook hands with him and chatted a little: My dad told James, "My daughter loved watching you on your tv show." then he said, "Oh, really?" then I told him, "Yeah." then he said, "Thank you for watching my show!" then I said, "You're welcome!" then I went to get a photo with him next to Sonny (Enos)!


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I have met Mr. Best along with all the remaining members of DOH but have talked with him twice both times at Dukefest the last two years. I have my picture taken with all of them except him :( and was unable to do that because of a request for no flash cameras and that was all I had was a camera with a flash but that's ok I have my memories of meeting him.


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Ms. rosco p. coltrane forgive me.

I really pulled a rosco on that mistake sorry I sure bet your prettier than I am lol


Which makes you the real one. You did nothin' wrong. Hard to tell things ya know without asking. On the pretty comment tho', some know some don't as it's a world revealing surprise. ;)

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I also met you in Canton Ohio last year (1-26-08)

I know you won't remember me since you met a couple thousand people that day but I asked you about the reunion show when you did that tribute to Boss. When you responded to my comment that day, I could tell how much you miss Sorrell. You weren't acting. I felt your pain.

The scene on that reunion show was one of the most emotional things I've ever seen in my life.

It was an honor to meet you and I hope I get the oportunity again sometime.

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In all the movies and tv shows I had the pleasure to be a part of, the greatest fun I ever had was with Bos Hogg. He was one of a kind, and I miss him every day of my life. He was joy to work with and so profesional that we blended like bread and butter. I tear up when I realize that those moments on the dukes are gone forever.

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