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    Bein' myself and living my country dream. Khee!
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    Hazzard County
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    Gettin' the dukes!, poetry, writing, graphic design, p'lice work!
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  1. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. Have a good one.
  2. I think it's officially safe to said hidden.
  3. I suppose i'm alright. Just busy is all.

  4. How are ya? Haven't hear from ya in ages so I thought I'd drop by and say howdy and God bless

  5. Yes and nasty the reindeer dropped by too... everyone knows who he is. Watch him bring me a mule this year to fit with my nick, lol.
  6. Okay so I ate a little too much sweets last year.. I can't help it! It's not like I get many chances to eat some anyways. But that eggnog I am not touching, not after seeing what happened last year.
  7. I was here for both last year and will be this year if there is one. What time did we do it last year? started around 7-8ish?
  8. Happy Birthday you ol' reprobate!

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