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  1. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. Have a good one.
  2. I think it's officially safe to said hidden.
  3. I suppose i'm alright. Just busy is all.

  4. Yes and nasty the reindeer dropped by too... everyone knows who he is. Watch him bring me a mule this year to fit with my nick, lol.
  5. Okay so I ate a little too much sweets last year.. I can't help it! It's not like I get many chances to eat some anyways. But that eggnog I am not touching, not after seeing what happened last year.
  6. I was here for both last year and will be this year if there is one. What time did we do it last year? started around 7-8ish?
  7. Life is a precious thing! seeing this brought a tear to my eye and I am very proud you pulled through with this! Very well done, pendragon1980! So many years after that all and you are still going. Bravo!
  8. Mhm you should finish Hooper 3 :p

  9. "Just because he is country boy doesn't make him stupid!" Khee!
  10. Well, I be daburned if I don't run off again and this start! Geez I am slacking. I need to get in this if I can. Khee!
  11. Well, Alex it does say official... tho' I haven't any teeth for you to collect unless Brian knocks em' out.
  12. I can.. Brian. But I got nothing to defend. Ya'll done said the truth.
  13. Oh gosh... DaisyMae I missed your birthday. Well, happy belated birthday then. Hope it was great for ya.
  14. Trust me I do, Chet. This site is great because Brian, Maryanne, and Mufn run it so well. They do what they have to do and they could have said. "You are not coming back.." but they wasn't that way. I suppose errr... I should watch my mouth of what I say cause Mufn gives me shivers when she puts out her promises. It's like a auto withdraw when she sets the line down.
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