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  1. And overalls...having trouble finding overalls that are similar to the color...
  2. No problems. I was busy the entire month of March with the anime convention. Just let me know. I am also willing to sign a nda or non disclosure agreement, for your piece of mind and protection of your intellectual property, even though neither of us can claim "real" copyright...lol. let me know what up and i will send you my email in a private message.

  3. Just wondering how the script is going? I am an amateur screenwriter with a film degree and thought I would offer my assistance if needed.

  4. I would have loved to meet him. I started watching the show again right after i graduated HS. I was b. Bummed because my three of favorite celebrities passed on during this time. Sorrell Booke, Jim Henson, and Alan Hale Jr. (Skipper Jonas Grumby).
  5. Oh well. As for seasons, i was just at my local sams club the other day and i saw seasons 3-7 for about ten bucks a piece. If you are willing to pay forty, someone is shuckin n jiving you for something that came out years ago.
  6. Where can I get my hands on a an athletic looking replica of Boss Hogg's Hat and pocketwatch. I would really like to have them before I attempted the cosplay again...if anyone can help, it would be most appreciated.
  7. Started Season 1 ep. 1 on Thanksgiving night. Watched 1-2 eps a day. My current place is in the subject line. Has anyone ever noticed one of the opening credits from season 2 or 3 has Rosco's car doing the BIG jump (the record one that was reuseed in the first reunion movie) instead of the General. I have also. been slowly working on my Boss Hogg impression...its coming along...still haven't perfected his cackle of his...
  8. Charlie Daniels should have been Uncle Jesse in the Feature Film...but then I remember what a turd it was and am glad he didn't sully his name by appearing in it or the lame pseudo sequel they gave us on ABC Family.
  9. Hey y'all. I have been absent for quite some time and am still trying to sort out my life. I have moved more times in the last three years than I can count. I have survived a near fatal rockslide, being unemployed and being homeless, back injuries, knee injuries, and carpal tunnel syndrome. I would like nothing more than to finish this and a few other stories that I have ideas out there for. I just moved in to a new place and acquired an old laptop. As soon as i can get internet access, i will start posting more often. But for now, just gotta grin and bear it, and just remember that everything happens for a reason...right?
  10. Where can I get some Pickled Scuppernongs? I really have a hankering for them. I enjoyed them, non pickled, of course, but I would like to try them pickled and would like to try and create a bbq sauce with them... Please let me know. Thanks, all Jd jr.
  11. Just Mebbe there was a Duke and a Hogg, fer that matter, that was among them original settlers...who knows...
  12. Wow. That's all I can say...
  13. He refused to shave and get a haircut when the execs told him to. So they brought in "relatives" and the lame excuse of the parts show or whatever it was going on in Atlanta. You would have figured they (The Execs at WB) would have learnt their lesson by the time season 5 rolled around and Tom and John walked off the show. I mean, seriously....Ben did it (Shave and a haircut), Jimmie did it (dressing rooms) and they brought in second rate characters (Not ACTORS) to fill their spots, and look what happened, they had to eat crow. I mean Ben eventually agreed to get a shave and a haircut, and his job came back with it. But, seriously, were they not paying attention? I'm done and gone, JDjr.
  14. Hey All, I was just rewatching the pilot episode. It was just as great as I remember. I did notice something really funny though. I am not sure if the producers caught it, but as Rosco is chasing Beau and Luke around the town square and you have to pause the dvd at 44:10, you will see a second General Lee parked in front of one of the stores. I am not sure if they just didn't have enough cars to fill the square and hope people wouldn't notice... LOL JDjr.
  15. Awesome! You got it. The email address...Everyone misses it, but I saw it right off the bat. I was tickled pink when I saw him type in the address. CNH320@smallville.net I believe it was or something like that. Not too sure, but oh well. LOL
  16. You know, I can just hear ol' Waylon saying this...."Ya just never know what you'll find on Hazzardnet; or in Hazzard for that matter." I am almost 15 years removed from High School, I am seriously overweight. I maintained an average 260-280 in High School. I lost a couple of roles in Drama Club productions due to this weight. Which sucked when the young man they eventually cast as Sherlock Holmes couldn't speak as fast as Sherlock Holmes or as convincingly as I could. Poo on them!!! When I moved out on my own, I was studying to be a chef. Now in Culinary School, they ask you to eat everything you prepare, so I gained more weight. In the pursuit of a part time job, I started working in a local movie theatre, where I found my passion for the movie industry. I tore the ligament and strained the tendon in my knee one fateful day, which laid me up in bed AT HOME for 3 months. Now being on my own, it was TV dinners, Burritos, Pizza, Fried Chicken, and Mickey D's with a side of Wendy's and Jack in the Box thrown in. Being that my friends didn't cook and I couldn't stand on my own two feet to cook. All in all, by the time I got better, I had put on almost a hundred lbs. I could barely walk. I was tired all the time. The doctor informed me that I was now diabetic, hypertensive, and I had sleep apnea. I continued on the downhill slide gaining more and more weight until 2000 when I tipped the scales at a whopping 450 lbs. I started working for Disney in 2001, in Florida, and suffered a heat stroke. I decided at that point that enough was enough. I started eating slightly healthier and watching my intake, but being on my own and with a credit card to boot, wasn't the best thing. Fast forward to present day. It has taken me 8 long years, but I am down almost a hundred lbs. At present I weigh (according to the Dr. Scale, just last week) 355. I am currently out of work and so eating healthy is not an option right now, as healthy food costs more than junk food. By junk food I mean, hot dogs, canned goods, and the all mighty ramen, the ultimate in poor nutrition, but oh so cheap!!! lol I am trying to drop back down to my high school weight, but it is a challenge. Since I am still a diabetic, I avoid all sugary drinks. I only drink sugar free Green Iced Tea and Water. So I really have to watch what I put in my mouth, because the sugar level is still high. I just have to take this one day at a time and hope for the best. Who knows maybe it will take me another 8 years to lose another 100 lbs. I certainly hope not, but who knows. As for being teased and ridiculed, I have learned a lot from the Duke and Kent families. I am very easy to get along with, and with everything you have to take a grain of salt, because its very easy to snap back at someone making a snide or rude comment about your appearance. The trick is not to. Thank them for saying something to you, and tell them politely that you are working on bettering yourself and that comments like that only help motivate you. It doesn't hurt, berate, or insult. Thank them again and send them on their way. Trust me, you will feel loads better than if you went off on them. Just think of all the lessons we learned from Uncle Jesse and Jonathan Kent. They are two men to aspire to be like. Thanks for letting me say my peace, I'm down and gone. JD Hogg Jr. P.S. Even though I took the namesake of a Hogg, I strive to be like Uncle Jesse...lol
  17. Daisy Mae, you are correct, but that is one of two other references. There is one more, and when you read it, you will kick yourself for not realizing it. Roger, The IMDB is the Internet Movie Data Base, it has a listing of almost every actor and what project they are working on and ever worked on. It also has random Trivia, goofs and other goodies pertaining to whatever you look up. You named the one episode that is not listed on the IMDB. Undercover Dukes. Good on you. Anyone else care to take a guess? I am always happy to answer... I'm gone
  18. is there anyone interested in chatting? I will leave the chatroom open...
  19. Here is a short list of characters that I put into "the world" of Hazzard County. Jacob "Jake" Duke - Vance's son. Joseph "Joe" Duke - Coy Rose Duke - Daisy's Daughter E.J. Strate - Eno's son Rufus T. Coltrane - Rosco's Adopted Son, cause Rosco never got married William Jefferson Hogg - Boss' son, whom Lulu gave up, without J.D. ever knowing. Scooter Davenport - Obvious...isn't it? Existing Characters Uncle Lucas "Luke" Duke Sheriff Cletus Hogg County Commissioner "Boss" Rosco P. Coltrane Cooter Davenport Beauregard "Beau" Duke Daisy Duke LAPD Captain Enos Strate Of course you have several other characters with reference... Deputy Jackson Byrd Ms. Bobbi-Jo Tizdale Dr. Annette Appleby
  20. Hi Everybody. I have a few questions for all of Hazzardnet. I know the answers. I want to see if y'all can get them as well. Now Smallville, being a WB property is shameless in their plug of the Dukes in the episode Exposed. From Tom guest starring to him driving a 69 charger, to the use of the same camera angles during the driving sequence, not to mention the getting in the window bit. Now for all you hardcore fans, there is another reference in Smallville to the Dukes of Hazzard. Can anyone tell me what it is? For the second question, for Dukes and Saved by the Bell fans. Our beloved Principal of Bayside High, Mr. Richard Belding, aka Dennis Haskins, made several appearances on The Dukes of Hazzard. I know of four. Can you tell me the episodes and his character without going to the IMDB, which incidentally only lists 3 appearances. Talk to me people...
  21. LOL. Thanks. Of course we also must be thankful that they didn't alter the General in any way, shape or form. I am not sure if you remember that they were talking about removing the "stars and bars" at one time because of "political correctness". I was one of the people that sent a letter to WB against that one. Removing the flag, puh-leeze. I am not southern but, you know that would not have been right. at all. Well technically, if you look at all things considered, Hawaii is in line with the southern part of the U.S. so hey maybe I am...LOL
  22. God, I know I am going to get hate mail just for saying some of this stuff....;p You know, although I have great distaste for the 2005 movie. I watched it again with a slightly open mind, and with a friend who was a big fan of the original. Upon watching it this second time around, Out of all of the performances of the cast. You know that Jessica was the only one REMOTELY close to our beloved Daisy Duke. None of the other cast members got anything right. Well we can also blame the writers for that one. But if you try hard enough, you do see a glimmer of the character there. Here are a list of character flaws the rest of the cast had... Scott and Knoxville : Didn't even remotely act related. Scott's Characterization was a little too unnerving during scenes with him and the General. Knoxville will forever be a Jack***. Willie: I love his music, but he had not one piece of sagely advice for the boys, only stupid jokes. Burt: refusal of the fat suit. Gainey: His Rosco was downright evil and mean-spirited. Well, y'all probably get my point, but at least she TRIED... She didn't succeed all that much, but she tried, which is more than I can say for the rest of the cast.
  23. unfortunately, my local walmart has told me that they no longer stock that particular item. boo on them.
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