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  1. So they DID finally restore Lee 1. The last stories I ever heard was they intended to keep it in it's Richard Petty condition.
  2. At timestamp 00:18:40 in the first episode: "The Duke family’d been in the whisky business 50 years before the Declaration of Independence. They fought everybody from the British to the Confederacy to the US Government to stay in it, until last year when Bo and Luke got caught on a whisky run. So Jesse swallowed a lifetime of pride and signed a treaty with the US Government to stop making whisky if Bo and Luke could get probation. Y’see, he loved them boys better than life itself. But, sometimes, they really made him wonder why."
  3. You know what's ironic? The car has the flag and the name, and yet in the first episode Waylon said the Dukes fought AGAINST the Confederacy.
  4. I know both verisons, but I keep flubbing the lines at the end of the extended version.
  5. Also, can anyone confirm reports I heard that they decided to NOT keep it in it's beat-up condition and restored it?
  6. RFH was alright for it's time. My advice: don't play Daisy Dukes it Out. As flawed as RFH was DDO is even worse. ROTGL has great graphics and a pretty decent story, but the best handling car is Cooter's Truck. The General's gonna be slip-sliding all over the place, ESPECIALLY when you get the tire upgrade.
  7. Let's say one day a movie came along for the Dukes, let's say 100x better than the two we already got. Now, let's say the only really major change they make is they decide to reduce the number of cousins by making someone siblings, like the Duke boys or one of the boys and Daisy. How would you react to a move like that?
  8. So few shows are for them?! What the hell world you live in?
  9. If you wreck a car in Hazzard, it can be back on the road within the hour. The police have an unlimited supply of patrol cars.
  10. Ah such a great world we live in where this brainless humor is king. Send me back to the 80s. PRONTO.
  11. You'd think they'd use the genuine General (the one that was covered in poop) for them close shots.
  12. Is it just me, or were none of the original interior sets used in this movie? Not to mention Uncle Jesse's house was completely different from the show. Never thought he'd be one to tear down his ancestor's house and all.
  13. If they got rid of the American Pie sex humor, it'd be great. Dunno how blatant innuendo became associated with the franchise. I make it a point NOT to watch stuff with that kinda humor 'cause it's simply retarded.
  14. Gran Torino, and it's not. It's a 1970 Chevelle SS. I know 'cause I got a model of one in my room and it's older brother in my driveway.
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