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  1. HI I was in Branson MO this weekend, and happened to look over, and saw the general lee in a parking lot of a book store. the hood was open and people where looking at it. I guess my question is does anyone know if any actor was there? I didn't stop, but know i wish i had.
  2. I just got the dvd today, and must say i can't choose which one i liked the best they were both good. could have done without the words but thats the world we live in. I'll tell you i could have seat there all day and looked at Luke that kid was cute way to young for me, but those eyes
  3. Ok glad to have all seven seasons, but to me to seemed like someone lost all well to write for these last eps and i have question don't know much about the UK If you buy DVDS they are uncompatible with the player meaning you can't use them. Does that mean you have to buy a new DVD player each time you buy a sit of DVD? If so man that would suck.
  4. Kate 25 I to thought they had the wrong part but then i thought well Luke was alwasy bigger then Bo and Randy Wayne is bigger built then Jonathan bennett
  5. I keep reading that Randy Wayne took Seann scotts part watch would be Bo but everyone says Luke
  6. The movie from what i saw looked good Bo blond Daisy not they showed Bo and Luke getting the general and them jumping into the car from what i saw they need to work on the jump into the window from the look of what they showed it's sad they don't put it into movie house it could work
  7. Willie, Sherilyn Fenn Put Up Their Dukes Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, a straight-to-DVD prequel to the entirely unnecessary 2005 movie, began filming on Monday with Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) and Randy Wayne (Reunion) supplanting Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville as Bo and Luke, Deal or No Deal's April Scott filling Jessica Simpson's short-shorts, and Christopher McDonald (Requiem for a Dream) subbing for Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg. New to the story are Sherilyn Fenn, as Lulu Hogg, while Willie Nelson, apparently still paying off those taxes, will be back as Uncle Jesse got this from tv.guide.com the new Lulu
  8. Here's the story that talks about the actress who's playing Daisy and the actors playing Bo, Luke and Boss Know i'm still looking for a story that talks about the actor who's playing Enos his name is Adam Shulman and he is on the cast list at IMDb.com http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=18972
  9. Your right he is wearing a ring even on the last dvd
  10. I got mine before Wal-marts went out of the dvd business reason why i say this becasue at my wal-mart they stopped sealing any season dvds
  11. http://www.usmagazine.com/blog/category/april-scott/ the girl on the right
  12. but did you see where it read for Brooke and Ali Handy (Some nudity required) or Cooter (just might be coming out of the closet)
  13. DUKES OF HAZZARD 2 Producer: Billy Gerber, Phil Goldfine Writer: Shane Morris Director: Bob Berlinger BO DUKE - Lead / MALE / 18 TO 22 / Caucasian He’s 18 to 22 to play 18ish, Caucasian, blonde and charming, yet goofy. He knows only one speed: fast. The only teacher he listens to is the one inside his gut: Instinct of the Academy of Act First, Think Later. He tends to run, drive, and leap into things. Literally. After a run in with the law, he and his cousin, Luke have been sentenced to work at their uncle Jesse’s farm where they catch up with another cousin, Daisy. But when Boss Hogg threatens his uncle’s moonshine business, Bo is more than happy to help, especially if he gets to drive a car… LUKE DUKE - Lead / MALE / 18 TO 22 / Caucasian He’s 18 to 22 to play 18ish, Caucasian, black hair, athletic. As a little kid, he was obese, but overcame that by a strict diet regimen and a child shrink. Luke likes to plan and plan big, especially when it comes to winning a girl’s heart. After a run in with the law, he and his cousin, Bo have been sentenced to work at their uncle Jesse’s farm where they catch up with another cousin, Daisy. But when Boss Hogg threatens his uncle’s moonshine business, Luke is willing to become more than just a moonshine runner to help out… DAISY DUKE - Lead / FEMALE / 18 TO 22 / Caucasian She’s 18 to 22 to play 18ish, Caucaisan. She had been under her uncle Jesse’s watchful eye until she turned eighteen, but as a church-going girl, she has just signed an oath to stay a virgin until she’s married. Daisy’s beauty is hidden under a frumpy dress, big glasses and bigger hair until she meets Hughie. She makes some changes in her appearance and suddenly Daisy is breathtakingly hot. BOSS HOGG - Lead / MALE / 50 TO 59 / Caucasian He’s in his 50’s, Caucasian, wears a dark, pinstripe suit, broad hat, and pinky rings. He’s the richest man in Hazzard with a wife that has a chocolate donut habit. He’s into local politics and has decided that unless uncle Jesse offers him a bigger cut of the profits, he’ll make closing down his moonshine business a top political priority. In fact, he’s out to make the whole county dry and pick up the slack with his ice cream business. SHERIFF ROSCOE P. COLTRANE - Lead / MALE / 40 TO 49 / Caucasian He’s in his 40’s, Caucasian. As sheriff, he spends most of his days inventing ways to entrap people and give them tickets. He’s never fired his gun, but he always looking for a reason to. His best friend is his basset hound puppy, Flash. He’s Boss Hogg’s brother-in-law and the two are thick as thieves when it comes to trying to run Hazzard. UNCLE JESSE - Lead / MALE / 50 TO 59 / Caucasian He’s in his 50’s, Caucasian, honest and fair. He’s Duke, Bo, and Daisy’s uncle. The boys have been sent to his farm to work as a way of escaping jail time for their escapades back home. He runs a moonshine business on the side to help cover the bills during hard times on the farm. When his buddy Boss Hogg demands a bigger cut of his profits, he refuses. Although, always trying to find a peaceful solution with his erstwhile friend, he is wily enough to know his nephews’ offer to help is the best way to handle the situation. ENOS - Lead / MALE / 18 TO 22 / Caucasian He’s 18 to 22 to play 18ish, Caucasian, and has an elephant-sized crush on Daisy—the frumpy version. His ambition in life is to become a Hazzard deputy. He is currently the hall monitor at Hazzard High School. When he’s finally made deputy he eagerly shows Daisy around the Sheriff’s office and reluctantly lets her make some changes to the Public Address System… COOTER DAVENPORT - Lead / MALE / 18 TO 24 / Caucasian He’s 18 to 24 years old, Caucasian, bearded, happy-go-lucky, and a genius when it comes to car engines. He has a quirky side to him and just might be coming out of the closet. Cooter’s also concerned that he may have to do his senior year for the third time. However, none of his problems get in the way of applying his expertise to fixing up the car of Bo’s dreams. HUGHIE - Lead / MALE / 18 TO 25 / Caucasian He’s 18 to 25 to play early 20’s, Caucasian, clean-cut, perfect, and gorgeous—an Abercrombie ad, who on first sight renders Daisy spellbound. Hughie’s the new manager of the Boar’s Nest, working there for the summer until he goes back to school in Atlanta. BROOKE and ALI HANDY - Lead / FEMALE / 18 TO 22 / Caucasian These girls are gorgeous twins, 18 to 22 to play 18ish, Caucasian. At the Hazzard County High School, they have reps for doing anything. They like to hang out by Hogg’s Ravine, get naked and lather each other up with tanning oil, which has it’s desired effect on Bo and Luke…SOME NUDITY REQUIRED. LULU HOGG - Lead / FEMALE / 40 TO 49 / Caucasian She’s in her 40’s, Caucasian, large, married to Boss Hogg and is Rosco’s sister. She finds the Duke boys pretty attractive and tries to seduce Luke while getting him to help prepare a turkey for cooking… Story Line: This is the origin story of the DUKES OF HAZZARD. BO, LUKE, and DAISY DUKE are three cousins sent to their UNCLE JESSE’S farm to keep them out of trouble. However, when BOSS HOGG threatens the farm and Uncle Jesse’s moonshine business, the cousins’ volunteer to do their part in saving the farm… found this on the net
  14. How is a direct-to-dvd prequel spote to help everyone forget the first movie? if they want everyone to forget why not put it in the movie house
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