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  1. *********************************** *********************************** Hello...all...Sorry! I've been away from my computer at home for too long. I've been working about 50+ hours a week, and I don't have alot of time to write anymore! Let's just say that my character has been on vacation for the last few months. Thanks Kristy & Daney for keeping my character alive thru words. LOL! *********************************** *********************************** Meanwhile at the same time at the Hazzard County Courthouse... Vicki was inside the booking office on the phone when Rosco & Enos had walked inside. They had stayed out of Vicki view overhearing her phone conversation with Sheriff Little. "So what do you think of everything that has happened?" Vicki asked her boss, Sheriff Little into the phone. "Sounds like you had a lot of action there. I'm glad that you decided to stay in Hazzard and helped out. So when do you think that you'll be coming back to Chickasaw?" "Probably, within the next few hours. Just finishing up some paperwork on Rocker & his gang, then I'll be coming home," said Vicki, taking a drink of her iced tea. "That's good to hear. Besides, you have a mountain of paperwork piling up here as well. See you when you get here. Bye." "Bye," said Vicki hanging up the phone. *********** Looking up, Vicki was startled as she saw Rosco & Enos staring at her. "Hi, what's up?" "Nothing much, Vicki. Are you about done with that arrest report on Rocker & his gang?" Rosco asked, as Vicki got up to let Rosco sit down at his desk. "Yeah, after I fax this to the state police department, I'm going to have to go back to Chickasaw. Sheriff Little told me that I have a mountain of paperwork to do. Plus, he told me that I receive some letters in the mail. One of them came from Los Angeles." Vicki said, sighing loudly. "I really hate to see you go back to Chickasaw. I was getting used to having you here in Hazzard. You were a lifesaver to all of us, especially the Dukes. Bo & Garrett was just telling me how much they were grateful that you were there at the right time," said Enos, putting his arm around Vicki. "Me too. I have seen you do alot in the last few weeks here, just like when you were still an Hazzard County deputy a long time ago." Rosco said, nodding his head in agreement. "Don't worry, y'all." Vicki said, putting her arm around her god-father & her best friend. "I'll be back soon. I'm never gone too long. I'll be back soon. Besides, I'm less than an hour away. About 45 minutes the way Bo drives." "That's for sure, Vicki. That's for sure," Rosco said, hugging Vicki then waving at her as the redhead walked down the steps of the courthouse. **Cue: Kristy/Daney**
  2. Hello... And it's been repeated everyday this week on CMT too. At least once or twice a day. It was fun seeing Rosco, Boss, and Cletus chasing different Santa Claus's around Hazzard County, whoever they were. Merry Christmas, Y'all! Vicki
  3. Hello... Maybe Lewie was mentioned somewhere in the series. Lol. I prefer Hughie Hogg over Dewie Hogg anyday. I have used Hughie Hogg in a couple of fanfic stories in the past! He was cute back then. Take Care! Vicki
  4. Hello... I hope that y'all enjoy yourselves. I'll be playing "Texas Hold Em" (Poker) all night long. Take Care & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Vicki
  5. * Wow! Lots of interesting people out there in Hazzard! LOL! * HNet Name: LittleRedVicki or ChickasawRedhead Real Name: Vicki Age: 33 I remember the Dukes when they were originally on CBS back in the late 70s - early 80s Location: On Hazzardnet--Chickasaw County Real: Tulsa, Oklahoma Occupation: Insurance/Sales Customer Service Representative Marital Stat: Happily Married Children: 2 - 1 girl, 1 boy Favorite Movie: Smokey & the Bandit Favorite Music: Country, 60s Rock & Roll Music, Classic Country before 1990+ Favorite TV show: Dukes of Hazzard, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Arrested Development Hobbies: Fanfic Writing (only occasionally now), reading mysteries, spending time with my family
  6. Hello all... Welcome all new characters & fanfic writers to Hazzard County. May your stay here be a happy one! Mine has been a great one for the past nearly 4 years. Miz smarty, your character Charlee sounds like a younger version of myself when my character & her family first came to Hazzard back in July, 1978. She was a one time Hazzard County Deputy before she moved to Chickasaw County in May 1981. Just a little info for the newer writers. Take Care! Vicki
  7. Hello all... Thanks for the info! Besides the Dukes, I'm a huge mystery fan! I would like to see some of the crime/dramas on DVD like Murder, She Wrote, Hill Street Blues, Matlock, and Diagnosis Murder! That is just to name a few... Take Care all, and Merry X-mas! Vicki
  8. Hello all... Congrats, Pendragon! I am proud of you. I now wish that I would have stayed in nursing to become an RN. I decided to pursue another career instead. I talk on the phone for a living now, but I'm NOT a telemarketer! LOL! Congrats again! Take Care! Vicki
  9. hello... good luck on any writing that you do in the future. I hope that you enjoy it! Take Care! Vicki
  10. Hi... Daney, are you talking about the 1980's Press Your Luck or are you talking about early 2000's "Whammy"? I watch them both on Game Show Network! Take Care! Vicki
  11. Hello y'all. I hope that you're having a good night so far. My favorite shows other than the Dukes are: 1) Diagnosis Murder 2) Cheers 3) Happy Days 4) Macgyver 5) Little House on the Praire 6) Full House And I'm a game show junkie as well. My all-time favorites are The Price Is Right & Wheel of Fortune! Take Care Y'all! Vicki
  12. Those squealling of those tires was a familiar black mustang and a Hazzard County police car. Enos picked up the CB mic in his car. "Vicki, now that we've decided to joined in looking for Garrett or that gang, where do we start looking?" Vicki turned her black mustang onto Highway 36 towards the Boar's Nest. She then picked up the CB mic. "I'm not sure, Enos. I think that I saw Garrett driving out of town not more than 30 minutes ago, right after we went over to Boss & Lulu's house." "Do you think that he's heading towards Chickasaw County?" Enos asked back into the CB mic. "Probably, Enos." Vicki said back into the CB mic. She had been driving at a moderate speed, patiently weaving her car down the dirt road back towards Chickasaw County. She was driving down every road she could think of, every shortcut she could think of, scanning for a gray van. She was watching for anything out of the ordinary that might signal something different. At last, she saw something different, something out of the ordinary. At last, she noticed something interesting in front of her. Vicki slammed on the brakes, not believing what she saw in front of her... --CUE: Kristy/Daney/or anyone-- --------------------------------------------- **I made a slight change to my post, just to keep the story going!**
  13. Inside Boss's house... Vicki looked outside as the van drove by slowly. Vicki recognized the driver immediately. "Vicki, won't you sit down? You've been pacing all over the living room since you & Enos walked inside a few minutes ago," said Lulu as she walked over to her god-daughter. "I know, Lulu. I'm just worried about Garrett. I wonder if he knows what trouble that he is in right now just by hiding out from the gang," Vicki said, sighing loudly. "I just don't want anything to happen to him." "I feel the same way, honey. I'm worried too," said Lulu as she gave Vicki a comforting hug. "Vicki, at least Sheriff Rosco & Mr. Hogg are keeping a lookout for him," said Enos as he walked over to where Vicki & Lulu were standing by the window. "If he turns up in Hazzard County somewhere, we'll be able to find him. And you have Sheriff Little checking out some of Garrett's hiding places in Chickasaw County right now." "Maybe, Enos." Vicki said as she walked out on the front porch. "I'm going out to get some fresh air, and think things through." CUE: Daney/Garrett
  14. Meanwhile... Vicki pulled her mustang up in front of Boss's house. Hoping that Lulu & Boss would let her spend the night. Sheriff Little had wanted her to stay in Hazzard for a few days, especially after Vicki had called the state police & told them of the gang that is terrorizing Hazzard. As she drove into town, fear had flashed through her. Could she? She didn't know. All this time she'd been insisting that she be involved too. When it came to the critical point, woud she be strong enough to take down the ruthless gang that Garrett was involved in, and to save him too? She swallowed hard, nearly choking on the bitter taste of her doubts. A couple of officers from the state police, and Rosco, Enos, & Cletus were ready to put their lives on the line all because of the information that she'd provided about the gang to the state police. They deserved her honesty & for her to stay in Hazzard, helping them protect their town. ********* Getting out of her car, Vicki quietly walked up the steps to the front porch of Boss's & Lulu's house. She then sat on the top step for a minute and looked out towards the clouds. "You don't have to do this, Vicki, you know," Enos said as he approached the redhead. Vicki nodded, but didn't answer. He tilted his head slightly to get a better look at her face. Enos smiled at her. "Are you really sure that you want to help us?" She turned away from him and nodded again. "Vicki, you're not positively sure are you? But you're going to try & help us anyway, aren't you?" Enos asked, as he sat down beside her. She nodded a third time. "I have too, Enos. You guys have been my family for the last 14 years. Even after I moved to Chickasaw County a few years back. I'm not going to let the Knoxville gang take over Hazzard County without a fight!" "Possum on a Gumbush, Vicki! You certainly have that right." Enos said, giving Vicki a little hug, calming the redhead down. "You're definitely our ace in the hole, Rosco will be happy that you're going to stay in town to help us get the gang." "I know, Enos. I know..." Vicki said, getting up off the floor as she catches a glimpse of an gray van driving by slowly... "What is it, Vicki?" Enos asked curiously as Vicki stared at the gray van driving down the road. "Enos, doesn't the driver of that van look familiar to you?" Vicki asked in shock, getting a close look at the driver. "Possum on a Gumbush! He sure does look familiar. We have to tell Rosco about this!" Enos said excitedly as he & Vicki rush inside Boss's house. CUE: Daney/Garrett/ or anyone!
  15. Hello, Y'all! I like 2nd,3rd, and 4th seasons. Take Care, Vicki
  16. ***Special thanks to Daney & Kristy for giving me inspiration to write again, sort of...*** *********** Near Hazzard/Chickasaw County line...about an hour later... Vicki drove around for a little while through the streets of Hazzard, trying to decide on what to do. She was still fuming from what happened earlier when she was attacked by that gang at the flower shop. As soon as she was out of Hazzard and within calling distance, she called Sheriff Little on her new car phone, telling him what happened in Hazzard while she was in Hazzard visiting her friends. She had only gotten a car phone only to use in case of an emergency, and for once this was an emergency. The entire Duke Family and the town of Hazzard was in immediate danger... "So what should I do now, Sheriff?" Vicki asked, into her car phone as she drove towards the Hazzard/Chickasaw County line. "Did you fill out an statement and an APB while you were in Hazzard?" Sheriff Little asked as he was looking at some wanted posters in his office. "Of course, I did, Sheriff. I might have been blindfolded the whole time, but I did recognize their voices, and I know what they look like." Vicki said as she pulled her black mustang off the road. "They grabbed me by mistake instead of Kristy Duke." "That is good to know. What were their names so I can send it to the state police?" Sheriff Little asked. Vicki told him their names as Sheriff Little was writing them down. "Do you want me to stay in Hazzard, and find out what this gang is going to do next? They might try to grab someone again." Vicki asked as she looked outside at the clouds coming in from the west. "Sheriff, are you still there?" Sheriff Little thought for a moment. He could let Vicki stay in Hazzard so she could keep an eye on the Dukes and protect them from this gang. After this mess, he might offer her the job of becoming Chickasaw County's 1st ever detective & chief investigator, or perhaps Acting Sheriff when he goes on vacation next month. Sheriff Little trusted his fiesty redhead deputy with his own life at times. And he knew that Vicki had a history of helping the Dukes out of trouble, and he knew that she could keep them protected from this ruthless gang. "Yeah, and keep me posted on what they're going to do. I had just gotten a fax from the State Police Department on our fax line, and this gang is dangerous. Be careful, and keep me posted on what is going on throughout the day & night." "Don't worry, Sheriff," Vicki said as she turned her mustang around, heading back towards Hazzard. "I'll be careful. I now know how to handle these guys if they try to do anything crazy." ---CUE: Daney/Kristy/Garrett or Anyone Else---
  17. Hello all... This might be a bit off topic, but oh well... I have moved on & moved my character into the next horizon or so to speak...but I have ONE problem... What do y'all do when you are completely burned out on writing? Technically, I have not writen anything completely fresh & new in a Long time, that I think that I have forgotten what it was like to be a fresh new kid in Hazzard! It was just a thought anyway... Take Care & Have a Great Day! Vicki & her author Vicki
  18. Hello, y'all. As y'all can tell, I have finished my new story about Vicki's final days in Hazzard & Chickasaw Counties. --Parts of the final post of that story can be found in its entirely on www.fanfiction.net in the Diagnosis Murder section. under the Story, Steve's New Partner. Just a little info for y'all. That story was originally written May-September 2004. In the next few weeks-perhaps months lol-I may re-released/post my first Dukes fanfic story Rosco's God Daughter, so that way you new authors can take a look at my character Vicki when she was a wild teenager. It was previously on hazzardnet starting in January 2002. lol Take Care Y'all, and Have a Great Night! Vicki
  19. Several days later...Vicki's apartment...Thursday, July 15, 1993 A couple of days later, everything fell into place for Vicki as was spending her last few days in Hazzard & Chickasaw County. She had given Hughie her resigination, had sold her car to Hughie, and now she was packing her last suitcase as she was leaving on a plane later that morning. "Vicki, are you sure that you want to do this?" Mary asked as she watched her daughter packed her last suitcase. "Mother, I'm positively sure that I want to do this. I've got to start my life over. And I think moving to California to be with Jack would be the best thing for me right now," Vicki said, shuting her last suitcase, then putting it with the other suitcases. "I can't imagine you being a junior detective with the LAPD," Mary said, surprised as she watched Vicki. "When you get out there, you'll have to take Enos out to celebrate your new job." "I know. When I told Enos a few months ago that I was looking around for a new job, I didn't think that he would take my resume to the LAPD. That surprised me." Vicki said, looking outside as the cars drove by her apartment window. She then continued. "Especially, when the job opening was in Malibu where Jack lives. You know, I think that Enos isn't the only one I have to thank when I get out there, Jack was probably in on it too." About an hour later...at Atlanta International Airport... About an hour later, Vicki was pacing back in forth in front of the airplane terminal at the airport, waiting for her plane to arrive from Dallas. "Vicki, won't you sit down and relax?" Daisy asked, as she watched her ex-cousin in-law pace back and worth. Daisy was at the farm visiting with Jesse for a few days when she found through Coy & Vance that Vicki had accepted a new job out of state. "Why are you so afraid of flying?" Katie, Coy's wife & Vicki's best friend, asked as she walked over to where Vicki was, who was looking out the window. Vicki sighed loudly. "Do y'all remember my 1st day when I became a Chickasaw County Deputy a long time ago?" Katie & Daisy nodded slightly. "That is how nervous I am right now. I'm having second thoughts about taking this new job now." "Vicki, you need to do this. This is the perfect time for you to start your life over. It's been a year since you & Bo divorced. You need to start over," Daisy said, giving Vicki a hug as the redhead trembled. "I just don't know about working in a fast paced job...My new job is different than being an Acting County Sheriff. I never worked as an detective before." Vicki sighed loudly as she noticed a plane coming into view as she looked outside. "You know, Enos was telling me the same thing when me & you went out there a month ago to visit him. He told me that he started out the same way like you, and one day they promoted him to detective," said Daisy. "That is something to think about, Daisy," Vicki sighed loudly. "Of course it is, sugar. Just believe in yourself. Everything with work out for the best," Daisy smiled at Vicki. --Just then, the reservations clerk announced Vicki's flight. "Flight 408 for Los Angeles, with stops in Little Rock, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix will be leaving in 15 minutes. Thank you." Vicki smiled as she picked up her carry-on bag. "I guess this is it." "I guess so. Are you ready to start your life over?" Katie asked, giving Vicki a hug. "I'll be ready once I'm out in California with Jack," Vicki said, returning Katie's hug then giving Daisy a hug. "Y'all give the rest of the family a hug for me, and give a special hug to Rosco & his kin for me." "You know that we will, Vicki. Call us once you get settled in your new apartment in California." Daisy said, waving as Vicki walked towards the airplane corridor. "You know that I will keep y'all updated on how it's going when I'm on the beaches of Southern California with Jack," Vicki waved at her 2 best friends, thinking to herself she added, "You know, this will be the last time I will be in Georgia for a while..." ***THE END***
  20. AUTHOR'S NOTE---Hello, all. As You know, this story does feature some of the Dukes secondary characters that y'all grown to dislike. lol... Timeline of this story is after Daisy, Bo, and Luke went off to their separate ways & a few years before the 1st reunion movie. This is next to last post in the story...Happy reading! ********* "Hughie, you know perfectly well that I'm not crazy about that CAR anymore." Vicki remarked coldly as she was driving back towards Chickasaw as the rain stopped. "I'm just testing my car out to see if she is in good shape...so I can sell her..." Surprised, Hughie took off his seat belt as Vicki pulled up in front of the Chickasaw County Courthouse. "Are you sure about it, Vicki? You don't want to drive your car 2,000 miles to California?" Hughie asked, raising an eyebrow. "No, Hughie. My car was built & rebuilt here. It needs to stay here. Besides, I'm going to use the money that I sell my car for, and buy a new one out in California." Vicki said as she got out of her car. "Maybe you should keep it in the family," Hughie said a few minutes later as he followed Vicki inside the Courthouse. Vicki laughed. "Hughie, I'm not in much of a mood to sell my car to Bo. Diane would probably sell it the next day if I sold it to Bo." "After 13 years, you still remember the day that Diane stole Bo the 1st time away from you," Hughie remarked, looking at Vicki as she gave him a dirty look. Changing the subject, He smiled at her. "I was thinking just now if you don't want the Dukes to have your car, why don't you sell it to me. I would give you anything for it." "That is worth thinking about it, Hughie. I might just take you up on it," Vicki said with a smile as she gave Hughie her letter of resignation.
  21. Sounds like an interesting and fun idea to me. Maybe I'll take a look at it too & join! Good job on the story. Keep up the great work! Happy Writing! Vicki
  22. Hughie Hogg walked over to the window where he joined his old longtime girlfriend. "So you're saying that you're resigning as Acting Sheriff of Chickasaw County?" "I guess so, Hughie." Vicki said sadly, shaking her head as she placed her hand on Hughie's arm. "The money out in California was too hard to refuse." Hughie grinned greededly. "And your new boyfriend Jack has money too. He's a doctor." Vicki smiled slightly. "He's only a 3rd year resident doctor. But he is NOTHING compared to you." Hughie hugged Vicki after that remark. "You're absolutely right on that, sugar. I make money sometimes illegally, and Jack makes money the right way." After a few minutes of watching the rain come down, Vicki grabbed Hughie's arm painfully, but playfully as she pulled him outside towards her classic black mustang. "What's going on?" Hughie asked quizzingly as he got into the passenger side of the mustang. "Hughie, do you remember the 1st time that you rode in my car?" Vicki asked, smiling at Hughie as she drove recklessly out of town. Hughie laughed wickedly. "Yeah, you picked me up at State College, then you took me into Hazzard County to my uncle's house." Hughie continued laughing. "No one knew that a few days later that we would be car-stripping cars all over Hazzard County." Vicki laughed, as she tucked a loose strand of her auburn-fiery red hair away from her eyes. "Those were the days, Hughie. To this day, none of the Dukes knew that I was behind it." Vicki flew recklessly across Chickasaw Creek. "I think that was the 1st scam that we ever did together." As Vicki flew across the creek, Hughie held on to the door handle. "Ouch. What are trying to do flying like the Dukes like that? Has Coy Duke been giving you driving lessons in the General Lee?"
  23. Good job on the story so far! Keep up the great work on your writing. I don't see any changes to be made on the story so far! Take Care & Happy Writing! Vicki
  24. Hello y'all! Due to a heavy work schedule, I will not be writing in the future. Sorry to say that, y'all. I do still have 1 story that I am writing on, and I will try to post something soon on it! Take Care Y'all & Have a Great Night! Vicki
  25. AUTHOR NOTE: As y'all can tell, I have brought back one of Hazzard County's meanest characters, but it is only for a few more lines. As some of you author's & readers know, my character had once shared a past with Hughie Hogg back in early 2002. Just a little info for y'all. --Vicki-- ********** ********** Vicki walked over to the window and looked outside at the rain coming down. "Hughie, how did you know that I was thinking about leaving for good?" "Katie told me. Plus what Katie didn't tell me, Jack filled me in on the rest." Hughie said as he sat back down in his reclining chair behind his desk. "Why are you thinking about leaving Chickasaw County and all your family & friends around here?" Sighing loudly, Vicki walked away from the window and sat down in a chair next to Hughie's desk. "I'm not leaving because of the money or anything, because you pay me very, very well. It's because I want to take my life into a new direction. And moving to California may be exactly what I need right now." Hughie placed his hand over Vicki's for a moment. Vicki could sense it in her heart that Hughie was feeling a bit hurt by her reaction. "Are you sure that you REALLY want to do this? You could stay here with me..." Vicki felt herself smiling slightly, but she continued to look down, not really looking at Hughie. "This is crazy..." she thought to herself. "I think that Hughie is actually sad that I am leaving Chickasaw County."
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