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  1. bout time they came out with season 6, almost got them all out now:) just season 6 and 7 then well see what they do! maybe the reunions!! lets hope!!
  2. charger_general@hotmail.com lol my email is based on the car they drive, so its got some connection to the dukes. that right im a die hard fan!
  3. hm memories of the dukes.. getting home from school at 4 and watching them on TNN and then again at night. i've got seasons 1-5 when the hells season 6 coming out kids!!
  4. roscos just but just because they way he acts! he acts like a little kid but not in an annoying way. hes definatly cute!
  5. The classic Shot. My two fav things. The car and the hotty himself LOVE IT
  6. i have it on disc, if you have high speed, or leave your computer on for long periods of time, ill send it to you. add me charger_general@hotmail.com and its yours.
  7. Im a little dissappointed with dodge, but then again Who isnt after they came out with a challenger like that. The challenger were proud of, But Why didnt they bring back the charger to look like a sporty car, and muscle car like. The charger was a supreme muscle car, for good looks and well Power. And now we see old people driving the new chargers around,. We need to get us younger people into them, and they can do this by bringing back some of the features of the 1968-1974 charger features and working them into a 2007 Dodge Chager. Changing the Body alone would make the car look so much hotter than the 2005 or 2006 is.!!!! WHOS WITH ME!?
  8. hahah yes! he was my first crush too way back in the day lol hes still hot though!!!
  9. They made it look like the original Dukes Of Hazzard was a big joke.
  10. I mean it was funny, but not the same humour, and nothing matched the old show. Uncle Jesse didnt smoke pot comeon !!!
  11. Ye a bit of facial hair is awsome but Bo didnt have Any at all. New Dukes movie sucks. Nice try but no gold losers haha.
  12. Oh man, with out a doubt John Schneider!!!!!!!!!! hell yes! hes gorgeous.
  14. My boy friend and I to quit smoking!! so far sooooo good.
  15. 1 Lulu's Gone Away (23-Sep-1983) 2 A Baby for the Dukes (30-Sep-1983) 3 Too Many Rosco's (7-Oct-1983) 4 Brotherly Love (14-Oct-1983) 5 The Boar's Nest Bears (21-Oct-1983) 6 Boss Behind Bars (28-Oct-1983) 7 A Boy's Best Friend (11-Nov-1983) 8 Targets: Daisy and Lulu (18-Nov-1983) 9 Twin Trouble (25-Nov-1983) 10 Enos's Last Chance (2-Dec-1983) 11 High Flyin' Dukes (9-Dec-1983) 12 Cooter's Girl (30-Dec-1983) 13 Heiress Daisy Duke (6-Jan-1984) 14 Dead and Alive (20-Jan-1984) 15 Play it Again, Luke (27-Jan-1984) 16 Undercover Dukes (Part 1) (3-Feb-1984) 17 Undercover Dukes (Part 2) (10-Feb-1984) 18 How to Succeed in Hazzard (17-Feb-1984) 19 Close Call for Daisy (24-Feb-1984) 20 The Ransom of Hazzard County (2-Mar-1984) 21 The Fortune Tellers (23-Mar-1984) 22 Cooter's Confession (24-Mar-1984)
  16. Yes! spring/Summer is a very long time to wait yet. I dont like that latley with the season 5 and 6 have been released very later from others. When the first few seasons came out, they were relased almost within 3-4 months at once. Oh well, it will be out soon enough!
  17. www.myspace.com/likeredrain check it!!!
  18. Anybody got the low down on the season 6 situation?
  19. Bo stood outside the store as Kate looked at him from inside. "Well come on then." Kate exclaimed. Bo wasn't to happy about the idea of letting Kate buy him a suit, but he couldn't pay for one, and he really would like to impress her parents tonight. So he went in a let kate show him to some nice suits. "What about this one, its nice, -" Bo started "Bo, honey, look, your looking at the kids suits silly, come this way" "This black one might look good on me, what do you think" Bo insisted, " It's not that i don't apprechiate what your doing, but i don't think spening our day looking for a suit for me is my idea of a good day" "Well the one you picked out on, and well see how it is, we gotta get the perfect one" she smiled at Bo After a good hour of Bo trying on a couple suits, Kate was finally happy with one, and Bo seemed to really like it too so they purchased it and left. "How about I take you to the lake, or the park, or-"Kate said trying to think or somthing to do. "Anything, Kate, Sweetheart, as long as im with you we can go anywhere."Bo looked into her eyes and remarked. So not too long after they found themselves at a park, a park that was well decor with flowers, tree, a very nice path to talk along, and at the end of the path was the lake. They got out of the General and joined hands to take a relaxing walk with one another. Cue
  20. As they both sat there in the night, starring into the dark star-lite sky, a shooting star happend to pass by, Kate only seeing it. "Bo!! Did you just see that, it was so pretty, im going to make a wish!",Kate exclaimed. "Hmmm, and would that wish be honey", Bo said with a big smile on his face, as he couldn't resist from seeing Kates Smile. "Hm, well... It wouldn't come true if i told you, and i would hate to see this not arise", Kate said with a very playful look on her face. After a few minutes of them gazing into each others eyes, and exchanging 'I love You's' It was time to go in for bed. Kate showed Bo where he was going to sleep, then Bo walked Kate to her room and gave her a kiss goonight. -- In the morning, Bo had awoken later then everybody else, and when he had walked out of his room into the kitchen, he was a bit suprised as due, he was still in his P J bottoms. He quickly looked at Kate with an embarrased smile on his face and went back to change. "Well you could have waken me up you know!" Bo said looking in the opposite direction of kate. "I could have, but it was... i had to see you in just your P J's some how, you know my father won't let me in your room!!" Kate said with a hug smile on her face, feeling alittle bit bashfull. "We'll accept that then. So what do we have planned for today Kate, sweetheart", Bo was of many curious questions.
  21. I HELLA SIGNED!!!!!!!! DAMn if they cut John from the show, id HATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEE WB for life!
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