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Dukes of Hazzard Movie Review Thread - Post Reviews Here!

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,Even though i enjoyed the movie,it was only because I saw the movie has not the dukes of hazzard! under another title it would have been an awsome movie!

I agree with a lot of what you said Garysmom,and to me,the General Lee is the only thing that saved the movie!Oh well,we'll get to see the General again in smallville,weird,but oh hell,I'll go see it!

EJD,you said your fav part was "Luke flies by the General on the safe",well it was funny,but Luke flew by cooter's tow truck,wich the safe was hooked up on,not the General lee!

Dukesran1,I never noticed anything about the so-called bikini mishap,I was so pissed they portrayed daisy that way.

Daisy never had to be half naked or her tits in Enos's face to get info from him! Just the mere sight of Daisy was enough to make Enos squirm!

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The Dukes of Hazzard movie finaly came out in the Netherlands yesterday.

I suppose everything that could be said about the movie hass already bine said, but I give it a go anyway.

Let me start by saying I thought the movie wass very funny. I had some good laughs during the entire show. So because of this I don't want to call it a bad movie (please keep this in mind while reading the following and also remember my criticism is only based on the characters and not on the acting capacity of the actors)

I did miss the Hazzard spirit though.

I didn't get the feeling 'I was in hazzard' so to speak.

The General was great, nothing bad about that, but what about Rosco being so mean all of a sudden? And Boss Hogg being almost handsom and eating crab instead of pork chops? I liked it that they were a bit more serieus then in the tv-show but, the great characters from the '80-ths were gone.

And Bo Duke fainting because of a girl? I guess the only time the tv-show Bo would have done that is when he wanted to trick her in to mouth to mouth resuscitation ( LOL)

Cooter wass good, Sheeves very funny and if I kept my eyes closed I could allmost hear the real Enos.

In the beginning I thought I would be the most dissapointed in Jessica Simpson, but that wassn't true. I agree completely with what Brent had to say about her:

"I'll admit I thought Ms Simpson was a bad choice from the get-go. But, after watching her deliver lines it was obvious she did possess the ability to be more than just a "hood ornament." Unfortunately, that was all she was portrayed as. The TV Daisy was there to look good when that was what was needed but she was also the smartest and most educated of the family."

I think I missed the family-value aspect the most.

Bo and Luke weren't really good oll boys, were they?' They were Just goofing around a little. What was very amusing to watch but...well not really good oll boys. I couldn't see that brotherly bond between them, just as mutch as I couldn't feel the family bond between all the dukes.

The most dissapointed I wass in Uncle Jesse. He wassn't a patriarch at all!

And what about him, making viagra jokes, telling divorces are good and smoking pot!!!??? I think it goes with out saying this didn't pay any respect to the real character. (I did love Willie Nelson sing for that mather.)

Well so far my review on the big screen Dukes of Hazzard movie. In short I could say I liked the movie, it was funny, but with exception of the theme, the names of the characters, the incredible car stunts, it had little to do with the real dukes of hazzard.

Something that would have bine a impossible goal to begin with, I think.


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He did an awesome job as the Balladeer...He sounds so familiar, but I just can't put my finger on it to where I have heard him before...

The Balladeer was country music star Junior Brown. Junior has had hit songs "Highway Patrol" and "My Wife Thinks You're Dead" back in the mid 90's. "My Wife Thinks You're Dead" was playing in the background in the scene where Boss Hogg was boiling up some crawdads in the Boar's Nest. Junior is also very famous for his unique guit-steel guitar he built. It is a cross between an electric and steel guitar....

I'm gone


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Now, that scene where Boss was boiling the crawfish bothered me. After you stick 'em in the pot, (which is normally done outside in a very large pot under the carport surrounded by drunk cajuns) you don't take them out until they are red and dead. Correct me if I'm wrong but if I remember correctly, Boss took one out who was still kicking. Unless he liked the Japanese sushi crawfish boil.

Speaking of crawfish, with all the water and wind we got, our supply of mud bugs will be little to none. Guess we'll just snag a gator as they swim through my yard!

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The movie was terrible, and they didn't even use the real personalities of the Dukes! Uncle Jesse making one-liners? Talk about wrong. He went from family partriarch to comedian. And they got the Duke boys all wrong! Stifler was a terrible Bo, he fainted at the sight of a girl, for cryin' out loud! And Jackass as Luke, wasn't Luke the smart one? The movie got everything wrong! Enos was a clean minded deputy, not dirty little pervert in a badge! And Rosco and Boss Hogg seemed way too evil! And Rosco was smart (wrong!) plus, he didn't even acknowledge Flash once! Only Boss called the poor dog by his name, once! And Boss seemed a lot more like Bill from Kill Bill, evil, yet motivated. Jessica Simpson was terrible in general and by General! Honestly! And as for the movie, didn't Uncle Jesse stop running shine by order of the government? And weren't the boys on probation? They totally screwed up the story of the origin of General Lee! The 01 was because they started with nothing and ended up number one! And the doors were welded shut, not broken! And don't even get me started on them calling it General Lee before the flag. Why would they do this? Bo and Luke almosted hated each other (hitting each other upside the head with the Atlanta phone book?) And that barfight, the boys went postal, put on helmets and began beating people with poolsticks! even worse is their oh-so-brilliant idea to include that UFO-obsessed freak Skeeves or whatever his name is. This movie is a joke on Hazzard! What next, the guys who made Scary Movie remaking Smokey and the Bandit? No, wait. THat might actually be funny. okay, bad example! And that part with people insulting the General's flag or poking fun at it, why can't Broken Lizard go back to making movies like one about a bunch of firefighters shutting their [truck horn]s in the door on their way to a fire?! Keep out of Hazzard! Hopefully, when I get a chance, I'll try to convince someone to help continue the Dukes series, THE RIGHT WAY (Except with CG stunts on the account we can't go making Dodge Chargers extinct. Then what'll we make General Lee replicas out of?) And by the way, crawfish AND crawdad. They're interchangeable.

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Somebody with some sense, I totally agree, I almost expected my money back after the showing as a matter of course.

I couldn't believe how far away from the original the film is. The only thing I don't entirely agree on is your point re: the 01 number, although what you say is true, it changed their lives, sure. But didn't the '01' go on the side because the car was intended to and was /is the fastest car in Hazzard, eg 01 nobody faster ?

I think the film's pretty much killed off any further Hazzard movies and the TV movies will struggle too (esp. as they actually continue the original )

The Avengers wasn't a great film compared to the series, but this takes the biscuit.

Ben Jones was right all along and at least some of us should have listened and stayed home.

Uncle Jesse is nothing like, has no words of wisdom and the movie is on a lewd low level all the way. It's not always what they say, but the way they say it, when Cooter asks the boys about Daisy, you know he's serious about dating (read:sleeping) with her. In the old series that would be a jokey thing if at all. Daisy was just a hood ornament and did nothing to further the story, not at all like Cathrine Bach in the series.

real sad when they take something you love and tear it up to shreds


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This is my first post on this site and I registered so I can give a review of this movie and this will probably be a longer review.

Before I really get to the review, I should note some things beforehand. I really didn't want to this movie the day it opened (Friday Aug 5th) and it's not because I was afraid of being disappointed. You see, the entire first week of August, my brother Jim and I with a few other people were converting my 1969 Dodge Charger into (you guessed it) a General Lee. The day before the film was released we sprayed on the 1975 Corvette Flame Red (the exact color used in the show according to builder Rich Sephton) and on Friday we were horrified to see that CarQuest mixed up a dud batch which was to watered down. So, the car had to be wet sanded and repainted. After a soild week of ass busting labor and 12-13 hour days working on the car, this major disappointment caused us to finally take a day off and retakle the car Saturday.

Why mention all of this? Well, I want you to know just how sick and tired I was with the General Lee, and the concept of FINALLY having an afternoon off only to see one 20 feet big was not appealing in the least. However, Jim and I have been fans of Dukes for over 20 years (I was born Jan 1980 so I literally grew up with them and Jim saw and remembers the Covington era Dukes) so when he asked to go I caved.

Any... misgivings... I may have had towards the movie were blown out of the water. I loved it. It wasn't the show, but it didn't try to be the show. SWS and Knoxville didn't try to be John and Tom and I respected that.

Don't get me wrong, I had some issues with the movie. I thought Jessica Simpson couldn't act but given the character written for Daisy I supposed she did her job. I would have been happy with a Mandy Moore type person, who looked a bit more than Catherine Bach and had some more acting chops under their belt.

I think Burt Reynolds didn't know where to go with Boss Hogg and sometimes the way he comes across varies from scene to scene. MC Gainey was an interesting choice for Roscoe (given he was a villian on the show once) but I think he and the director intended to make this Roscoe a mean cop who really didn't care about anything other than maintaining his place at Hogg's side (and in his good graces) and on that they succeded.

I was really hesistant about Willie Nelson as Jessie, but I think he did a more than passable job (for the short times he was shown). Denver Pyle ownes the nice fair benevolent Jessie Duke and I really believe if Nelson tried to be like that it would have fallen flat. The one liners were humous and added a bit of levity that didn't exist in the show.

Cooter wasn't bad. He did his job and I coughed quite loudly at the concept of him rebuilding the General in the course of hours given my surrounding week of hard labor. I enjoyed Sheeve to. He may be a alum of Super Troopers (a movie I don't care for), but I think he played a good backwater paranoid schizo.

SWS and Knoxville were in retrospect good choices for Bo and Luke. I liked that they were more like the Georgia era Bo and Luke rather than the live action cartoon most people seem to enjoy. In the movie, like in the Covington era, they made no bones about the fact the Duke boys were players who wanted to have a good time, whether it was really moral or not (something that never really died all the way in the show). I think the biggest difference between the movie version and the later show version is that in the movie Bo and Luke were reluctant hero's, and that adds a bit of depth lacking in the later Dukes episodes.

By far, what turned out to be the best part of the movie was the aspect I was dreading the most: the General. When I had heard they were going to have a pre-Cooter General Lee, I was thinking 'what the heck?' but I really think it worked. Before Cooter worked on it, it really looked like a car I could imagine someone building if they didn't have a lot of money to build a wannabe stock car. Actually, I could have gone a few more scenes with that old style before the upgrade to the version we all know and love, but that's immaterial. The stunts hurt to watch but were done exceptionally well and I really loved the Atlanta chase scene was superb (something I also hoped would happen on the show). Just like in the show, the General did a Christine now and again and fixed itself, but oh well.

For the most popular of compaints of the movie, I can only say 'to each their own'. I think two pot references weren't bad given most of the trends today. If this were cocaine or some such or if the pot was in a number of scenes I would agree with the common sentiment but given it was done so infrequently to me it wasn't an issue.

Some people complained saying it was full of profanity. Umm, other than Jessie calling Roscoe a "fat sack of s**t" once I must have gone to another movie because I don't recall hearing F word or to many other swears. Jessie said god damn but if that's what some think of as a swear I suppose your intitled to your opinion. Of course Roscoe once said s**t on the show but perhaps that wasn't remembered by the reviewers.

Another complaint is the reaction to the flag on the General. In my now completed General Lee I have had people flip me off in real life because I have that on the roof. I have been called a racist pig because of it and told by one person I was no different that those who lynched black people during the civil rights movement. Anyone who thinks that the scene in the movie was only done for PC reasons take it from me, it's not funny when someone tells you it would be just as bad as having a swastika on your car (and that's not a joke)! That scene was not respected by me until I actally had people like that approach me in real life.

The bottom line is that this movie and the show only share a few basic elements in common but in most reguards it is a new interpretation of something that ended 20 years ago and to try to judge one on the merits of the other does a disservice to both.


PS - I saw this movie on Friday when it came out. By the next Monday (3 days later) the new paint and the decals were on my General and it was on the road as a Lee for the first time. The movie galvanized me to work on it and for that alone I have a fondness for the movie most probably don't have. When I saw it for the third and final time at the theater I brought my General and you should have seen the people after the movie got out!

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Hey all I am a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan who saw this movie. I rented the movie and sat there finding all sorts of flaws. If I had not watched the series when I was younger then the movie was pretty good. To me if your going to make a movie make sure you get alot of the important stuff correct. But to me I seen it....It was okay... But I think I will stick to the series!!!!

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To each their own I guess..

I will not by any means ever consider the movie like the show, but that is not what it was supposed to be about..

I mean come on.. if the Broken Lizards idiots *would* have made the movie like the show, what do you think it would be like?! :o It would be a lot worse than it is now.. and to me, it isn't that bad..

Does it mean I'd rather watch the movie over the series?! No it doesn't, but if a friend of mine invited me over to watch "The Dukes of Hazzard", I wouldn't be in the least upset if it turned out to be the movie.. 8)


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I stayed away from going to the theater to this movie, back in August after reading about it on Ben Jones' site (I've been to the old Cooter's Garage that was in Sperryville, VA a couple of times. I LOVE that area!). But last night looking for something to view, I went to Blockbuster and rented it. Of course, all they had was the Unrated Version.

My review: Denver and Sorrel must be spinning in their graves! The series and the stars (especially the Dukes and Enos, and yes Roscoe to a good degree) had a sense of innocence and integrity that they maintained. In the movie, the Dukes all came across as people any good cop/judge/jury would send to a prison work camp in a heartbeat. The brighest spot of the movie was Lynda Carter's character (and not much of her was seen). The series had the Dukes turning from a life on the edge of crime by making whiskey; in the movie I wouldn't have been surprised in the final scene (which was cut slightly, I'm referencing the scene as it didn't make it) if Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson) had not been smoking pot in the smokehouse, but instead had been running a batch of methamphetamine off in a covert lab. And Bo needed a shave... Some of the deleted scenes would have been a little truer to the series (like at the courthouse).

Does Blockbuster give refunds? The movie sucked. Stick with the TV series if you want entertainment.

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I seen the rated and unrated. I liked them alot. BUT, the original is way better. Im not gonna type about the cast cause i gotta go soon. I always LOVED Johnny Knoxville. He is SO fine. Now John Schneider, he is SO DAMN SEXY!!!!! It was a good movie overall though. For all of y'all that never seen both movies, the rated doesnt have the f-word and the college girls have on bras and tops. The times for the movies is that the unrated is 3 minutes longer. what else did y'all think?



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Hi everyone. Well I must say that I am very DISAPPOINTED with the movie Dukes of Hazzard!! How disrespectful to the original series. Now I didn't think that they were going to be a spitting image of the tv show but dang they have got to be kidding if they are proud of making that movie!! What in the world is wrong with people these days!! Me and my husband rented the movie and watched maybe the first 15 minutes of it and was very disgusted wtih it!!!! The first scenes where Luke was up in the girls room and she came out with a bra on!! No way that, that was anything how either one of the Dukes were and then when the guys came out shooting at them...that is just to much. Not to mention all the profanity. Why did they need to add in all the bad words. I think that is just crazy the way that they made the movie and I won't finish the movie b/c I could barely even sit there to watch as long as I did!! Very badddddddd movie!!!! HORRIBLE movie.

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The writer director and actors, did to Dukes of Hazzard what Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich did to Resident Evil.

In other words they completely mocked a good thing and can you say crap!

Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke! Common! Just because they're trying to modernize it doesn't mean the new Daisy has to be blond. :x


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Ok I will finally comment on this topic. I downloaded the movie (Unrated) from Pay Perview and recoreded it. I have only watched it once. My 9 yr old daughter hates the movie. I enjoyed the movie as long as thought of it as any other movie other than a Dukes movie. There was some funny stuff in it, but there was also so much UNECESSARY crap in it. Those stupid jokes by Willie Nelson. The moonshine. The smoking pot. Hello the Dukes are RETIRED/REFORMED moonshiners.

I only watched it to statisfy my couriosity. I have no desire to watch it again.

What is the difference between an unrated movie and an X rated movie? The only good thing in the movie was the driving scenes. That is it.

They took a family show and remade it into smut trash.

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What do you expect from a director that directed Super Troopers. Yes the movie stunk what saved it was the General doing some very good stunts especially the highway jump. As far as the movie being on DVD i would rather run over it with my car then watch it. It was done in very bad taste and it should have kept close to the original series. My 7 and 9 year old girls likes to watch the original dukes but i will not let them watch this trash they call a DOH movie. My girls are discovering the Dukes series on DVD and TV and thats the way i want them to see the duke boys the way they were.

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