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    • The list certainly has quite a few questionable entries. What I found weird is that the picture they used for #23 is a publicity shot of Joaquin Phoenix as The Bandit from the re-make 'Smokey and the Bandit Rides Again' which was originally due for release in 2020. As far as I can see, this reboot has disappeared without trace.
    • The next morning, nothing was forthcoming from Dixie still as they got ready for work,  "See you at the Boar's Nest after work?" BL asked,  “Yeah, I'll be there," Dixie replied, she couldn't not go, BL would really think something was going on between her and Luke.  "Good, I should be a house owner by then. Miz Tisdale and me are going to see Boss at lunch, so Miz Tisdale can sign it over to me." BL said "That's awesome BL!" Dixie said...glad BL was letting go of the, her and Luke together notion.   —------------------------ Dixie was on the road heading to work.This was the time of day she had to herself and could think. She couldn't believe how her family was acting because she dropped off the radar for a couple hours. She knew her father hadn't wanted her dating Luke when she was a teen, but that was several years ago. They hadn't really had five minutes alone since she got back into town to talk. The moment they took the time to actually have a conversation and everyone wanted to get all up in the air. Dixie looked at the car clock. She had to stop thinking and drive or she was going to be late. —------------------- Nearing the Smokejumpers Training Center Luke was also thinking about last night and how Bo had acted, not to mention how he figured the Davenports had acted by the tone of BL's conversation with Bo. He felt kind of bad that Dixie had said she didn't want to get into all the drama that had happened before she left town. He really hoped that didn't mean she was thinking of leaving town again. He shook those thoughts out of his mind as he pulled in to work and needed to get things set up for the classes he was teaching today.  —--------------------- BL was sorting the mail getting more aggravated by the minute, each time she had found something addressed to Bo, the envelope had smelled flowery, stuffing letters into slots, she came across three more envelopes for Bo Duke and only one of them didn't smell flowery. The bell over the door jingled, Bo and Cletus came walking in together. "Hey BL" they said in unison.  —------------------------ "I'm here to get my P.O. box mail and might as well get the farm's mail while I'm here,"Bo said.  "Yeah me too, well not the farm's mail, just my P.O. box mail." Cletus said.  "Nobody gets nothing until they take a number", BL said. Bo gave her his lady killer grin as he took a number, "Yes, Ma'am, here ya go and I got my ID right here too."  Cletus took the next number and got his license out waiting his turn. Half of her wanted to wring Bo's neck but when he flashed his lady killer grin she weakened. Instead of being snippy and jealous sounding, she looked at his license, more for show than to identify him. Leaning to the left, BL retrieved a small stack of mail that was both Bo's P.O. box mail and, the farm's mail,  "That's the farm's and your P.O. box, didn't see no point in putting a few letters in that big box." BL explained. Seeing the larger stack of mail than he'd been getting, Bo smiled widely. "Thanks, BL." Bo said without offering any information as to what the mail was or who all the good smelling letters were for.  —---------------------- Cletus showed his ID and license to BL. She turned to look in his PO Box and said, "I'm sorry Cletus, there's no mail for you today."  Cletus shrugged his shoulders, and replied. "That's alright BL. See ya tomorrow."  Later in the afternoon BL and Sadie were delivering the mail, as they got near Hobie Harkins home BL said, "This ones a special delivery, from the U.S. government it says, so you are going to make sure Hobie gets it. Sadie gave a woof and bounded out of the car with the registered envelope.  Hobie was sitting on the porch when he heard a car pulling up and out of it jumped a wolf! He tried to stand up quickly but his moonshine pickle legs weren't having it. "Wolf! Wolf!"  Sadie kept on her path toward the drunken man who thought she was a wolf and actually ‘woofed’ at him.  Hearing the ‘woof’ Hobie tried harder to focus and now made out the dog that looked a lot like "Lassie". Being very relieved that she was a dog and not a wolf, "Well, hello there Lassie. What on Earth are you doing here?"  Sadie, tilted her head curiously, stretching out her neck cautiously, Hobie's fearful reaction at first, making her movements more gentle.   "Is that for me Lassie?", Hobie asked as he took the envelope with an unsteady hand.  Returning to the car, Sadie jumped in the back seat. —------------------------- Dixie walked into the Control as the Shift commander hung up the phone with a glum look hand me that X list Dixie, Joey won't be here tonight. Dixie handed him the list but said I know whose turn it is ...  Mine.  Well do you want 4 or 8 he asked, relieved it wasn't his turn. 4 is fine Dixie said.  As he wrote it down he answered the ringing phone yes she's right here   Dixie was surprised to get a call at work and not having any idea who it could be she answered officer Davenport”  “Well officer Davenport this is Senior Smokejumper Duke here.”  “Luke” she said  “Hey I don't want to bother you at work”  “You're not”  “I'm going to be late so I figured on going to the farm for dinner before going to the Boars Nest. But I wanted to talk to you about how everyone acted last night”  “Me too but I'm working over 4 hours. I'll stop if I see you there”.  “Sounds like a plan”  —------------------------------- After dinner Luke came in from changing shirts to find Bo opening an envelope, putting a five dollar bill in his shirt pocket, reading the contents, signing a picture, addressing a large envelope and sealing it with the picture inside. He watched as Bo opened a second envelope and began the process again. What are you doing?  Making money Bo replied Putting another 5 in his pocket And keeping my loyal fans happy since they can't see me on a big track this season.  —------------------------------- BL pulled into the Boar's Nest parking lot, giving it a once over survey, she didn't see Dixie's Thunderbird or Luke's truck. Shrugging she figured they both were working over and would be there later. “Be back in a little while Sadie.” BL said, heading inside. "BL have you heard from Dixie?" Cooter asked, before she even got sat down good.  Shaking her head 'no' BL replied "she probably just got stuck with last minute overtime."  Daisy came over asking, "Want a beer? Need a refill fellas?" Getting yes's all around, Daisy went to the bar, coming back shortly with three beers.  —-------------------------- Dixie finally got a break after dinner was served at Tri-Counties Jail. She glanced at the time and knew the garage would be closed. She dialed the number to the Hazzard operator and had the Boar's Nest rung.  "Boar's Nest this is Daisy." came the answer on the other end of the phone.  "Hey Daisy, it's Dixie. Can you let anyone who needs to know I'm working over a bit and may stop by there on my way home." Dixie said.  Daisy replied, "Sure thing."  —----------------------------------  Hanging up the phone, Daisy went straight to the usual table, where Cooter, BL, and Bo was,  “Dixie just called, to let ya'll know she's gotta work over a bit. Said she might stop on her way home," Daisy delivered the message.  "Thanks Daisy, " Cooter said.  A few minutes later Luke walked into the Boar's Nest, ordered a beer at the bar and made his way over to the table. "Hey all. You know after working over and uncle Jesse's dinner I almost didn't come out after I showered."  "You not come out for a beer??" Cooter ribbed him.  Luke replied, "I said almost!"  The evening continued with the guys keeping up their banter while they sipped a round of beer.  —-------------------------- Dixie neared the Boar's Nest after changing clothes at work. She noticed everyone else's vehicles there so she pulled in. Once inside she let her eyes adjust to the low lighting then made her way back to the empty seat at the table where everyone else was seated. "Sorry I'm late ya'll but duty called."  "About time, you got here sis," Cooter said.  Dixie had a couple beers then said, "think I'll call it a night, it was a long day."  Not wanting to feed Bo's suspicions of him and Dixie rekindling things between them, Luke waited until everyone else left an hour later, despite being tired and just wanting to go home and go to bed early.  —------------------------------ Dixie had hung back just a bit after pulling out from the Boar's Nest hoping but not really expecting to see Luke's truck catching up to her. She was pretty sure she understood that he'd stay until at least someone else left so they wouldn't think that he was meeting her. Dixie would be glad for a day off tomorrow as she went in and got ready for bed. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    • Doesn't John Scheneider owns him? He [John Schneider] teased us with him on the movie "Tres Leches" (they only showed "01").   My favorite TV cars are: General Lee, K.I.T.T., Pontiac Firebird Trans, and the Impala (Supernatural).   This list is an absolute disaster: https://www.scrapcarcomparison.co.uk/blog/the-ultimate-list-of-must-see-car-movies/   Smokey and the Bandit is number 23 while the crappy Dukes of Hazzard movie is 12? It makes no sense.
    • The next morning, BL was right on time, giving herself about fifteen minutes to get Sadie settled in the post office, before the mail truck arrived at eight o'clock. Miz Tisdale rode into the parking lot doing a wheelie on her motorcycle, pulling up behind the GTO,  "Morning BL, just wanted to let ya know, I have to show my house to potential buyers today, so you'll have things to yourself but, I'll check in on ya." Miz Tizdale said.  "Thanks for letting me know, I won't let ya down," BL replied.  "I know ya won't. You'll be just fine honey," Miz Tizdale replied, zipping off again.  Meanwhile Boss and Rosco were plotting, —------------------- "We just need to get all these brochures in the mail and then wait for the money to come rolling back to us." Boss said, handing the envelopes to Rosco.   Rosco replied, "I'll get them over to the post office just as soon as Cletus gets here to watch that guy downstairs." Boss Hogg grumbled.  —--------------------- Meanwhile Luke and Dixie were getting their work day started outside Hazzard on opposite ends of the County. While Bo, Daisy and Jesse got things going at the farm.  —------------------------ At ten minutes til eight, Rosco came hustling upto the post office, where BL was waiting out front,for the mail truck,  "Did I miss the mail truck?” Rosco asked.  "No, should be here any minute." BL replied, continuing when she spied the envelopes, Rosco held,  "Anything you want to mail, will have to wait for tomorrow’s pickup."  "Boss said it's real important this stuff goes out immediately", Rosco argued.  "I'm sorry Rosco, it'll have to wait. There comes the mail truck now", BL said, pointing down the street. Rosco watched BL meet the mail truck handing over Hazzard’s outgoing mail while she chatted with the route driver.   When the two walked to the back of the vehicle to get the mail coming into Hazzard, Rosco got an idea and began moving into place unobserved by the others.  BL took the large sack of mail as the driver jumped out of the truck, turned and pulled the door down as they started back around the truck.  Rosco threw the stack of mail held together with rubber bands right into the truck before the door came down. He watched with a giggle as the driver pulled out none the wiser. "Tell Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane he has to wait!"  —----------------- Balladeer: "Y'all should have seen old Rosco when he was the pitcher for Hazzard High. The rest of the day was uneventful, with only Mable Wooster picking up her mail, after lunch. Around 4 o'clock, Bo getting a little time to get away from the farm, with Luke being  gone for work, came to check his P.O. Box, anticipating a lot of fan mail,  "Hey BL, I want to check my P.O box" Bo said.  "Hey Bo, take a number", BL replied. —-------------------  "For crying out loud BL, nobody's here but me", Bo grumbled, getting a number off the rack on the counter and then his license.  "Sorry Bo, I can't relax Miz Tisdale's regulations, she could pop in to check on me anytime."  BL called Bo's number and looked at his license, opening the box, expecting several envelopes, stuffed with money and requests for his autographed picture. He was a little disappointed to only find 5 envelopes but not, letting it dampen his spirit, he closed the box, putting the envelopes in his shirt pocket.  "Thanks BL, see ya tomorrow", Bo said on his way out. "See ya tomorrow", BL replied.  BL couldn't help but wonder what Bo needed with a big box for a couple letters. She would have loved to have asked Bo what was so important about the letters but now being a postal employee she felt as if she would be violating the rules somehow. So BL shrugged her shoulders and went back to work figuring if it was anything important that Bo would tell her later at the Boar's Nest.  —------------------------ It had been one of those days at Tri-Counties when not much of anything had gone as planned for the staff. Dixie was just glad to be in her Thunderbird with the top open and on her way back to Hazzard even if she was a bit later than normal. In fact, she  hadn't even taken the chance to go back in to change out of her uniform and chancing having to work over longer. She was done and more than ready for a beer at the Boar's Nest. Normally she would  have been glad for the overtime but not on a day like she had  already had. Glancing down at her uniform she swore slightly. She  would either have to pass up the Boar's Nest to change at the garage or hope to make a mad dash to the lady's room to change at  the Boar's Nest. She may have been a ‘rent a cop’ to most people  but Dixie took her job seriously and did it professionally and  would not be seen at the local bar in uniform.  —--------------------- Luke was one of the Senior Smoke jumpers and being so, was responsible for helping to train the new hires. The hands-on training he enjoyed, but the paperwork that went with it, he did  not. As Luke put the last of the certificates in folders he looked  at the clock. He was a bit later than he expected and hadn't made  his way to his pickup yet.  —------------------------- Dixie glanced at the Boar's Nest sighing, she just didn't want to chance being seen at the bar in her uniform, so headed to the  garage. Pulling into the parking lot, just as Luther was about to  lock up,  "Dad, I want to change out of my uniform, before I goto the Boar's Nest and meet the others, I'll lock up for you," Dixie  said.  "Thanks," Luther said, giving Dixie the garage key. BL, wanting to show Miz Tisdale she could handle the post office on her own, was a little later leaving the post office than the day before, she had seen Dixie's Thunderbird headed for the garage. Wondering why Dixie had passed up the Boar's Nest, getting in her GTO, she turned toward the garage, instead of the Boar's Nest to find out. Luther was just about to pull out in the wrecker as BL pulled into the lot, stopping beside him.  "Hi Luther, what's Dixie doing here? I figured she was at the  Boar's Nest with the rest." BL said.  Luther propped his elbow on the wrecker's window replying "She's changing clothes, still had her uniform on." "I'll wait on her then, can Sadie go home with you? I don't like leaving her in the car too long, even with the top down. I'll come get her on my way home" BL said.  "Sure, that's fine.." Luther said.  Once Sadie was transferred, Luther was on his way. BL parked the  GTO beside the Thunderbird, wondering if she could interest her cousin in a friendly little race.  —--------------------- Dixie came out dressed in her favorite faded worn blue jeans and spaghetti strap shirts. Seeing BL parked beside her car, "What's up?? How was work??"   BL replied, "Great. Want to race to the Boar's Nest?"  It wasn't what Dixie was actually planning but why not. "Sure why not. Just don't be pulling out before I get in and settled." Dixie  said.  "Better hurry then", BL revved her motor impatiently, the minute Dixie was settled, BL punched the gas, the GTO taking off like it was shot out of a cannon. Dixie's Thunderbird was soon close behind, Dixie tried to go around BL but a green sedan was in the other lane coming her way and she had to scoot back over. Coming up on the Boar's Nest, all was clear as Dixie whipped out in the other lane to pass BL but, before she could get over in front of BL, the GTO surged forward, turning into the parking lot, both cars skidding to a stop in front of the bar, kicking up a cloud of dust.  Luke pulled in behind the girls before the dust settled. He knew without asking what had just happened. "Who won?" he asked, getting out of his truck.  Dixie replied, "It was a tie with all this 'heavy traffic' we have around here." She said sarcastically.  Luke nodded with a bit of a grin.  "Yeah rush hour' is a drag" BL added just as sarcastic" Luke's grin widened at BL's added comment.  —---------------------- The three went in, making their way to the back table, where Bo and Cooter were seated. Daisy came over to take their orders.  "What can I get ya'll?"  "A beer for me, it's been a long day”, Luke said.  "You can say that again, I'll have a beer too Daisy," Dixie  replied.  "Make that three beers Daisy", BL said.  "Three beers, coming right up," Daisy said, turning back toward  the bar. Bo frowned at Daisy not even asking him and Cooter if they were ready for a refill.  Daisy had the good graces to smile, "Ok, ok I'll make that five beers."   Everyone took a minute to check out the crowd. It was the usual workers getting off or local farmers who were either taking a  break or had finished for the day.  Daisy returned with their beers.   —------------------ Both Dixie and Luke knew the other worked hard and wouldn't by any means doubt that the other didn't work as hard as the other, but  it was Dixie that spoke up first, "So you had a long day, how many jumps did you make?"  Luke swallowed his beer and shook his head 'no', "None. And  therein lays the problem. We got a new bunch and they aren't even ready to look at a 'chute' yet. Some of whom I don't think will even get that far. You know if a paper has a question and a blank for the answer you'd think it would have an answer back when it's completed."  It made sense to the others at the table who all nodded 'yes'.  "Well these geniuses," Luke now made quotes in the air, "completed their initial paperwork after taking forever, turned it in and I had to hand every bit of it back because they all left something off." —---------------------  Dixie couldn't help but grin just a bit trying to picture Luke Duke dealing with paperwork and younger people pushing his buttons.  Luke saw the grin and had to ask, "So why was your day long?"  Dixie knew it was coming, "I worked Control today and HAD to push the buttons TWICE." She said making reference to the old Jetson cartoon that she knew they had all watched.   Everyone laughed.  Then, Dixie continued, "Well, l did work Control and between opening and closing the slammer a hundred times, I had the phones ringing, the elevator, and the County radio all going at once. Not to mention that I had to log all that traffic."  —--------------------- Luke replied, "But you are good at paperwork. I'm not and I don't like it."  BL couldn't wait to share her news another minute, "I've got to tell ya'll before I bust", Everybody at the table looked at BL expectantly, Daisy was in the process of delivering the table next to them's order and hearing the excitement in BL's voice took her time, so she could hear the news.   "Well spit it out, don't make us wait all night", Dixie said impatiently.  "I ain't just taking over the post office, I'm gonna take over Miz Tisdale's house too! So I'm closer to work and she can come stay  with me when she comes back to Hazzard."  "That's great BL, I'm happy for you," Daisy said  "That's awesome, now I won't have Dad checking up on me so much, if I'm at your place," Dixie said. BL cocked an eyebrow at Dixie.  "Glad you approve cousin." BL said.  The guys all congratulated her.  "Well, why wouldn't I approve?" Dixie asked, "Besides, it would cut my drive too if I left town instead of the farm."  BL replied, "Just remember it's not hard to see the garage from the house, .....SOOOOooooo the house can be seen from the garage if you try."  Dixie replied, "True."  —------------------------- Luke knew he was teaching class tomorrow, not just doing paperwork for the group that he had already determined were geniuses but he wasn't ready to cut out. He motioned to Daisy to come over as he checked the others beer mugs. "Anybody else want another?"  Bo had just taken a couple drinks of his beer and Luke was done with his. He frowned a bit but replied, "If you're buying."  Luke told Daisy, "Bring us all another round on me." Then looked at Bo, "Remember this."  Bo said and gave BL a squeeze, "Well it's to celebrate BL's job and house. Can't do that without a full glass."  BL grinned noticing Bo's glass was practically full. Daisy came back with five more beers, passing them out.  "Thanks Luke", BL said taking a drink.  —----------------- The next half hour was spent, just idly talking, BL excused herself to the restroom. Bo and Cooter were deep in conversation about something or other and, not really paying attention to the rest of the bar. Luke saw his chance as he finished his beer. He looked at Dixie and nodded toward the door.  Dixie was game and gave him a ‘why not’ grin as she calmly finished her own beer, just as BL returned to the table. "Well ya'll it's been fun but I think I need a nice long soak in the tub." Dixie said as she stood up.  —------------ BL said, "Awe, come on just one more?"  "Not tonight, maybe tomorrow will be a better day." Dixie said heading for the door.  Luke gave Dixie enough time to get out of the parking lot before he pulled out his wallet and put the money for the beers down, "You know I think I'll pack it in too." He stood up and headed  toward the door before anyone could protest. "Ya'll have a good  evening." He called over his shoulder as he left.  —--------------------- Dixie had gotten in her Thunderbird and pulled out but hadn't pulled off the lot completely when Luke pulled up behind her and went around her heading in the direction of both the Duke and Davenport farms. Dixie made her turn to get behind him.  Luke was careful to choose a spot to pull off road that the low setting Thunderbird could handle. A bit down the road he took a turn off the road onto a pretty grown up path but the old short cut was still a good road that led down by the river where Luke  parked.   —------------------ Dixie pulled up beside him and got out of the Thunderbird and into Luke's pickup.   Luke reached behind the seat and pulled out two beers from a cooler, "This is much better than the Boar's Nest."  "Yes it is." Dixie said, taking her beer and lightly clinking it against Luke's bottle.  Having one last beer, BL sat the empty glass down saying "I better pack it in too, I got to get Sadie from Luther before going home."  "Right behind ya", Cooter said.  Outside in the parking lot Bo said, "see ya tomorrow BL".  "Okay, see ya tomorrow", BL said, wondering still why Bo needed a big P.O box for just a few pieces of mail. Pulling out of the lot behind the General Lee, heading toward the Davenport farm, Cooter bringing up the rear in his pickup.  —------------------ Pulling into the Davenport farm driveway, she went inside where Luther was laying on the couch, Sadie curled beside his feet, "Getting kinda late, ain't it?"Luther said.   "Sorry, kept you up Uncle Luther, we lost track of time", BL said.  "Where's Dixie? " Luther asked.  "She'll be along", BL answered vaguely, not wanting to lie nor, tell her Uncle she didn't know where Dixie was exactly.  Seeing Cooter's headlights reflect through the door onto the wall BL said "c'mon Sadie let's go home. See ya later Uncle Luther."  BL hoped to make a clean getaway before she was 'dragged' into a lengthy discussion about Dixie's whereabouts. —------------------ Luther frowned a bit at his niece's speedy retreat but figured Dixie was behind Cooter.   Several minutes later Cooter came in the door and was greeted by his father asking him the same question that was on Cooter's mind, "Where's Dixie?" They said in unison.  Luther added, "She's not behind you?"  Cooter replied, "No, .....  —----------------------- BL picked up the CB mic, as soon as she was off the long crooked driveway leading upto the Davenport farmhouse,  "Sweet Talker to Lost Sheep 2, you got your ears on?" "What's up Sweet Talker?", Bo replied.   "Is Lost Sheep 1 home yet?” BL asked, Bo's answer would answer alot of her unasked questions, she hoped.   "That's a negatory, something wrong Sweet Talker?, Bo was starting to get worried, he wondered why BL was looking for Luke.  "10-4, not really. Catch ya on the flip side, I'm gone," BL hung up the mic, hoping Dixie had been listening.  —------------------- In Luke's truck, the conversation between Bo and BL was heard loud and clear. Luke looked at the clock on the dash and it was 9:45. It wasn't late. What on Earth was everyone doing home this early. "s*$@.” What are they doing home so early?"  "Right." Dixie agreed.  Cooter looked at Luther like a deer caught in headlights, did he or did he not tell Luther that Dixie had left the Boar's Nest early. Luther waited impatiently for some kind of answer from  Cooter. —------------------  Bo picked up the phone, dialing BL's phone number, parking the GTO and letting up the top. BL heard the phone ringing as she stepped onto the back porch. "I got it Daddy", BL hollered as she came in, picking up the receiver,  "Hello Clyde Davenport residence, BL speaking" she answered.  "BL what is going on, why were you looking for Luke?" Bo asked.  "Bo look at the time, it's 10 o'clock, that was 9:45 and they left the Boar's Nest a good hour before us and Cooter but Dixie wasn't home yet, when I picked up Sadie.", BL replied.  "Ohh...",Bo said, connecting the dots, drawing the same conclusion  BL had.  —------------------- Why Cooter was breaking out in a sweat at the looks his father was giving him, a grown man, was beyond him but he was in the middle of something. Being in the middle of something and not knowing what that something was, was like being called to the principal's office and not knowing why. It was never nearly as bad if you knew  what you had done and why you were being called. "Maybe she had errands to run."  "Exactly what sort of errands can you run in Hazzard County, USA  at 10 pm?" Luther asked. True his daughter was a grown woman, but she was his baby daughter. True she had a job and paid her own bills but her job as a Correctional Officer worried Luther. You  just never knew when or if she'd run into someone that hadn't liked her treatment as an officer. The three counties that made up the Tri-Counties were small and everyone pretty much knew everyone and each other's business.  Cooter frowned, hoping to hear the Thunderbird's engine any second now, "It's only 10 pm Dad."  Cooter took a look at his Father after stating the time, the man practically had steam coming out his ears. Cooter swore to himself, if he didn't hear the thunderbird in the next two minutes, he was going to wring Dixie's pretty little neck when she did come home.  —----------------------- "Oh is right, I bet Cooter's in the hot seat about now. Glad I got out of there before he came inside," BL said.  Dixie sighed in defeat, "I really don't want to start all this again."  Luke hoped she wasn't thinking about leaving again. He put his arm around her shoulders in reassurance, "It doesn't have to. I'll head out to Copper Mountain and come in from the back 40. I'll imply I thought I saw smoke and went to check it out. You head out the way we came and if they ask you took a ride down by the water.  We are at the water." Luke said as he leaned in for another kiss.  It made sense to Dixie, more than a lot of things had lately, as she kissed Luke back the dread from five minutes ago was gone. "Luke I don't want to hide and sneak around but I'm not ready to deal with 'all that right now."  He brushed her hair back from her face, "I hear you. Really I do. I'm not up for stirring things up either, so you head out and I'll take the long way home and hope they can't connect the dots."  —-------------------------- Not really paying attention to her surroundings "s***", BL swore, nearly dropping the phone, as Dixie walked in the back door.  "BL are you alright? What's wrong" Bo asked, BL rarely swore. "Yeah, I'm fine. I gotta go, see you tomorrow."  BL hung up the phone, then looked at Dixie,  "Where'd you come from? You about scared me to death!"  Dixie smiled innocently saying, "I followed you home."  —--------------------------- At the Duke farm, Luke came in from the direction of the back 40, hoping Uncle Jesse had went to bed early, so he wouldn't have to tell his made up excuse for leaving the Boar's Nest early but, not coming straight home, he hated lying to Uncle Jesse, even if it was only a little 'white’ lie.  Bo saw lights coming across the yard but they were coming from the 'wrong' direction. They came from the back 40 and he knew the truck instantly but didn't know why Luke would have been coming that way from the Boar's Nest.   Jesse put his paper down and said hearing the truck, "Well there's Luke. I think I'll turn in."  Luke took his time getting out of the truck and hoped that he only had to deal with Bo's questions. Stepping in the back door, Luke found Bo in the kitchen with a look that said he had a million questions. Suddenly Luke thought he might have fared better dealing with Jesse.  —-------------------------- BL dragged Dixie down the hallway to her room, closing the door then turning to Dixie,  "Did you and Luke have a good time?" BL asked, cocking an eyebrow.  "Who said I was with Luke?", Dixie replied, smiling innocently.  "You didn't have to, ya'll left the Boar's Nest at the same time.  When I picked up Sadie from Luther you weren't home and when I radioed Bo, he said Luke wasn't home either. I connected the dots." BL replied.  "Well maybe you should try Tic Tac Toe and Luke was still at the table when I left," Dixie replied.   —--------------------------------- At the Duke Farm, Bo only said, "Well?"   Luke frowned and said with a tired sigh, "Well, what?"  Bo nodded and headed outside. Once there he hoped Jesse couldn't hear him and said, "Spill the beans. Are you and Dixie a couple again?"  Luke replied, "What are you talking about? I bought her, Cooter and ya’ll a beer." Luke said, trying to remark on the only thing Bo should have known he had done to reconnect with Dixie. —----------------------------- "Dixie I ain't dumb, he left a few minutes after you did. I put two and two together, pretty sure I came up with four." BL said. "Two and two are usually four, but not in this case. I just rode down by the water and sat enjoying the peace and quiet after a  long day. It's something I haven't gotten to do in awhile." Dixie  said and hopped to change the subject by continuing, "Did I hear you say something on the radio about Dad thinking I'm MIA?" "Uh huh", BL didn't believe a word of it but, rather than fight with Dixie, she let the subject be changed.  "Yeah, guess he thought you'd be right behind me."  "I guess I had better call and tell them where I am." Dixie said as she turned to go to the phone.   BL frowned at the fact that Dixie would rather call her house than to tell her the truth.  Dixie really hoped Cooter answered as she waited for the phone to be answered at the farm after the Hazzard operator connected the line.  Dixie was in luck, Cooter picked up on the second ring, "Davenport farm, Cooter speaking."  "Hey Cooter it's Dixie. I...',  before she could finish, Cooter cut in,  "Where are you? Dad jumped me like a dog jumps on a bone, wanting to know where you was!" Cooter said.  "Well that's what I'm calling to tell you. I'm going to hang out with BL tonight. I've been here awhile and nearly forgot to call ya'll. Sorry to worry ya'll."  BL was leaning against the wall by the hallway phone, hearing Dixie tell Cooter she'd been there a while, just had forgot to call.  "I suppose you came here when you left the Boar's Nest early," BL muttered. Dixie frowned at BL, "No, but I didn't just walk in and pick up the phone either."  Cooter sighed "Alright Sis, see you tomorrow I reckon,” Cooter replied, sitting the receiver back in place, turning to look at Luther.  —--------------------------- "That was Dixie, she's staying with BL tonight."  "Of course she is." Luther said as he continued to mumble while heading for a shower. —-------------------------- Bo replied, "You know what I mean. Ya'll took and went somewhere."  Luke replied, "After I left the Boar's Nest I thought I saw smoke off in the distance so I took the long way home Bo."  —---------------------------------- "I'm going to go take a shower", BL got her nightshirt and headed for the bathroom. Dixie could deny being with Luke all she wanted but even subtle actions spoke contrary and louder than words.  Bo gave Luke the look he had given him since he was three and  wanted something from his older cousin, "Come on Luke, I ain't  gonna tell nobody."  "Tell anyone, what Bo? That I do what I do naturally? I see smoke,  I follow smoke." Luke said truthfully. "I've got to get ready to  head out of here early in the morning, can I come inside now?" BL came back to her room after showering, her hair wrapped in a  towel. She looked across the room at Dixie, wondering if her  cousin was ready to fess up yet. Dixie though didn't look as if  she had any such intentions.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^  
    • I never intended this to be a tribute thread, but it seems to be a good place to collect the tributes. I'd love to see more posts here of one word song titles by people who hadn't just died! Tonight I've just read that Irene Cara has died at 63, although the cause of death has not been released. Along with "Flashdance - What a Feeling", Fame is probably her best known song.  
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