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Dukes of Hazzard Movie Review Thread - Post Reviews Here!

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O.k, it's been awhile since i have been in these forums,and if we all remember,i had nothing nice to say about this movie.

I am split in two really,'cause I did like the movie,but I had to watch it 4 times to really appreciate it! When I first saw it,I was disgusted,but yet was wowed on seing the General Lee on the big screen.

What I didn't like about Bo,was he was unshaven,and swearing,although mild, didn't go down real well with me.

I have to say the choice for luke was not as bad as I thaught,and I did like the seemless chemistry of the duke boys in this movie,they looked like they were causins forever.

What I didn't agree with,was the stunts they pulled on each other,although it was funny as heck when that machine blew up in their face.

But the duke boys would never endanger or hurt each other like these two boys did,(phone book across the face and in the nuts, and riding on the safe stunt.)

This was more like the reckless and wacked out dukes,I know bo loved the General Lee,but make love to it and talk to it,ignoring a pretty woman,come on that was a bit extreme. The real Bo duke would have forgotten the general if he had a russian babe like that.

All in all, I did like their causin chemistry,sorta a view of the dukes in their wild days or something.

I did not like Boss hog at all.First off,I wanted fat and funny,not serious and skinny to the bone.

I did not like Roscoe,too dang serious and too good a sheriff. Wanted to see him more clumbsy.

I love the driving skills of the driver,man seing the General ride around in that intersection,round and round was so cool,made the General look smart.

And the driving in between cop cars as luke and Jessie help Bo continue his race, was amazing. The swerving left and right sliding tires and such,that was so cool to see this cars potential.

I did nit pick the General too,didn't like the 2 mirrors,or the new steering wheel or new sterio or the white walls, but I let it slide this time.....lol!

Didn't like uncle Jessie either. Didn't like it when willie would smoke pot,or when he went to bosses office and hit him across the jaw! Also didn't like the way he would talk to daisy:"How's it looking good looking?"

Jessie would never say that to daisy,him being religious and all.

Jessica was so so,but really,daisy never had to be near naked to get info from enos,come on!!! Shoul have had black hair too!

I didn't mind cooter,except when he was trying to get daisy or her undershorts for the work he done on general,that was really tasteless.

Didn't mind sheev,really weird,but it fit for this movie,I guess???

To sum this up, I do appreciate the fact that the guy playing Bo,had a passion for his car(except the fing in it part),he was furious when he saw what damage came to it,and so excited when it was fixed with a hemi under the hood.

I could really feel that part,'cause I would have acted the same way,to see how cooter fixed her all up and a hemi in him,yyeeeeeeeehaaa,yeah,i would be jumping too!

I did appreciate the chemistry of the guys as duke causins,they really belonged together,and it was funny,even though it was out of character from the original dukes.

What really did it for me though,was the High action with the General Lee,that was some awsome driving and maneuvering(however you spell

it) and I really enjoyed that very much.

So I give this movie a 5 on a scale of 1-10

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I am sorry but I have to say something here. First of all, to all of you people who say you liked the new dukes movie and call yourselves true duke fans, I'm sorry, I don't see it. That movie reaked! To all you people who stated that the movie did a good job of capturing the true spirt of the Dukes, you obviously do not have a clue of what the Dukes was really all about. But I am getting ahead of myself here and I want to make my points very clear so I'll take this from the top.

The movie sucked and did not capture the spirit of the dukes at all!

I will explain to all of you who don't know, what the Dukes was really all about and why the movie sucked and did not capture the spirit of the original.

First of all, The Dukes of Hazzard was not just about the General Lee and car stunts. It was much more than that. It was about a family who cared deeply for each other, their community, and doing what was right. It was also about the integrity of each member of that family and the loyalty and caring that they showed each other, their friends, and any member of their community, as well as any stranger passing through, who needed their help.

In the original series, the characters, Bo, Luke, Daisey and Uncle Jessie were characters whom you could look up to, admire and respect. They were intelligent, respectable and decent. The very nature of the characters in the original series, along with the General and the stunts, is what made it good. Not the General and the stunts alone.

Furthermore, it is the integrity and the nature of the Duke family that is the spirit of the Dukes. Anyone who thinks that the General Lee and car stunts, or moonshining, for that matter, is the true spirit of the Dukes, remember this: 1. The General Lee would not even exist if Bo, Luke, Daisey and Jessie did not exist. 2. From the very 1st episode of the original series, the Dukes had already quit making shine for the most part, so it obviously wasn't just about shine!

Anyway, as I was saying, in the original series, the Duke family were people who could be looked up to as role models. In the movie, they were not. In the movie, Luke was a womanizing jackass to say the least. Both Bo and Luke acted like complete idiots and they both showed a total lack of basic human decency and respect. Also, in the movie, Uncle Jessie was a joke. He was nothing but a pot smoking pervert. If the original series had been done like the movie, I would not have liked it at all.

Just thinking about that movie makes me so mad I can't even think straight. That's why I'm rambling. So let me just get right down to the nitty gritty here:

The bottom line is this. In the original series, Uncle Jessie was a stand up and respectable man who was very passionate about his beliefs. He raised his niece and nephews to fight for whats right and at the same time, he taught them how to do it with respect for others and with integrity. THAT IS THE TRUE SPIRIT OF THE DUKES!

In the movie, Uncle Jessie was a dirty old man who smoked pot and raised a dimwit of a niece and a couple of idiot nephews who were disrespectable, hellraising punks!

Furthermore, the characters in the original show were very likeable. Even Boss and Rosco had their good points at times.

As for the characters in the movie, they were jerks. All of them, even the Dukes. Captured the spirit of the original Dukes? I think not!

By the way, for the person who asked if we were wanted the movie to be a "carbon copy of the original", Updating it a little would have been fine, but they went to far. The original was a #1 hit all over the world. How does that old saying go? "If it's not broke, don't fix it"....that's good advice for some things.

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Ok my first time doing this but for those who think that the Dukes of Hazzard movie with Jessica Johnny and Sean was good you should be taken out back and poisoned because it was like a freakin' slut movie made for idiots. First off, Bo is not idiot. He cares about more than the car. Luke was never a man whore. He never chased the girls that was Bo. Daisy is not a freakin pole dancer from wat Jessica Simpson made her look like. That and Daisy never cusses. Jessica cant act. She needs to go back to singing. The only part that i liked of that movie was the general lee. Everything esle needs review so who ever wrote the dang script needs to sit down watch Season 2 and see how Hazzard really is. Not a strip joint fellows tho im sure Jessica would do that. Hell blame Nick Jessica.

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