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  1. It was cool he was in it, but the music just sucks. The singer, as someone else posted was trying to be wayyyyy tooo sexy and it reminded me of a teen girl dancing in front of her video camera.
  2. I remember 2 years ago someone posted that there was a music video with Enos. It was a country song and the artist was a female, and thats all I remember. Can anyone give me the title and artist. Thanks
  3. Divia

    Due South

    I love this series, until they ditched the real ray and got someone else to play him. Also I think the whole relationship with Frannie and Benton should have been explored a little. I thought it was lame he fell for his boss. I totally lost interest after that.
  4. they should do a third reunion movie to pass the torch and then we could geta new weekly series outta it. Sweet.
  5. Just another reason to give me a new series...so they will hook up!
  6. Oh I dunno I still have hope that someday..somewhere..somehow Enos and Daisy will hook up.
  7. that there is some crazy money. Maybe we'll get anothe rmovie??
  8. thanks for the info. Hmm interesting indeed.
  9. I wonder. Is that a fanatic or someone who fears change? No offense but when I think of fanatic I think of a crazy person who is a little too obsessed. Not saying you are, but thats what comes to my mind when I think of one. You will always have the old series. That will never change. But for one moment you cannot believe that any new DOH remake will be like that. It will not happen. If a new movie or series comes out it will have the stuff we have seen in the last two. As was previously posted. The movie knocked it outta the park when it came to their men demographic. That speaks loudly. People are always trying to find shows for that demographic, so maybe now they found one. If that is the case you will see more of the same, not what used to be.
  10. I dont think anyoen watching it thought this was gonna be Oscar matieral. I mean its a direct to DVD movie. Have any of them been outstanding?
  11. there are family stations, Disney, ABC family, Nick, Hallmark.... To be fair as a kid I didnt watch much TV. My parents booted my ass out the door to go play. I think I watched teh dukes when I was younger, on occasion the A Team and that was it...oh and little house. But thats all we watched. Kids these days spend too much time in front of the tv. Is it any wonder our nation is as fat as it is?
  12. The thing is they made it a family show. Now I think they want to aim it towards teenage boys and older men becuase so few shows are for them. If they did that then they could make a killing. It was the highest rated tv movie for that group when it showed on ABC family. In essance they could have a hit on their hands.
  13. I was around when the original was out, but I also know that time changes things. When He-Man got relaunched a few years ago it was different. When they redid G.I. Joe it was different Same with Transformers and My Little Pony and Strawberry shortcake. 80s properties have been updated to keep old fans but gain new ones.
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