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  1. I guess that whether it's offensive or not's a matter of opinion. I m'self have quite a few rebel flag shirts, and I've had my ex-principal compliment me on one of them, while meanwhile this new dipstick (at lack of ability to use a more fitting term) that replaced him wrote me up for a week for wearing a Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt with the band's name sporting a confederate pattern, and he threatend me when I wore a Dukes shirt in honor of Tom Wopat's birthday. It gets to the point where people are so afraid of offending one group of people they end up attacking another, doncha think?
  2. I saw this 'round the grapevine and got a little scared. Have a look-see for yourselves: By the way, friends and neighbors, in case you didn't see the "release date", I'm guessing they wised up... I hope.
  3. (Coincidentally, the Dukes air on ABC Family, too, but never at a set time far as I know.) There has to be some way to stop this travesty, I mean, between the movie and chopping up the episodes, don't you think they've put us through enough? I mean, if they got room to show Country Fried Home Videos four times a day and that other stuff like Karaoke-Dokey, I'm sure they can still fit the Dukes of Hazzard in. Why are they cancelling, anyway? Maybe they realized the ratings were down on an all-Coy-and-Vance week and got the wrong idea? At any rate, we have to find some way to stop this, maybe a petition? Wear only Dukes merchandise for a solid month (washing between wears, of course)? March to Dukesfest (from one set place) in protest? There has to be something. I mean, does anyone even know why they're removing the Dukes from their lineup? Probably for more of that dadgum garbage like Karaoke-Dokey and Nashville Star CMT keeps on pumping out, right? Never was one for shows like that myself. I know I sound like my common sense has gone 10-7, but doesn't anyone else feel we should try something, anything? I guess what I'm trying to say, to avoid my painful paragraph above, is exactly WHY is it being canned, is there a real reason, and HOW can we stop it?
  4. Like Red Line is based off of Cannonball Run. This one actually makes my top 3 favorite episodes, not sure about #1 thanks to the model-stunts, but it makes up for it by being an origin episode and answering a lot of questions, like why is the General orange, or the hidden meaning of the 01. Makes me wonder, though: why didn't they use the crossing flags above the trunk for this episode, unless they only had it painted on for a short time...
  5. What did they get wrong? Let's not get me started, fellow Hazzardites. 1) Plot innaccuracies- Luke and Bo were RAISED by Uncle Jesse from a young age after their parents died, not thrown into his care as teenagers. 2) I think the skinny Lulu was for spite by WB, I really do. 3) WAAAAAY too much innuendo (and NuLulu, yikes) 4) The General's paintjob. I can get the whole "named after generals" thing, but the 01 wasn't just Bo's favorite number, it stood for something: start out with nothing and you'll always end up number one. About the only thing I can understand would be making up an excuse for the orange paint job. But they didn't, not that I expected it. 5) The return of one-liner spittin' Uncle Jesse. Willie, you're a funny guy, I love your songs, I think you and the others in the Highwaymen were great, but you're no Denver Pyle. He was a patriarch, you're, well, just something else, nothing bad (in my opinion), just not Uncle Jesse. I personally think they should have tried taking the origin in "Happy Birthday, General Lee!" and building on that, but who ever knew WB to exercise common sense? About the only improvement to this movie are the actors, but the really need to consider a short and fat Boss for the next movie, not Tall and Skinny, he wasn't originally played by Wilt Chamberlin.
  6. Manga dukes? No, just no. There are some things you just don't do that to. The Dukes have too traditional a feel for it to work, although I do agree that Marvel seems a little extreme, be it Ultimates or Jack Kirby/Stan Lee era, they'd need something with a softer feel than X-Men or Civil War (pardon the subtle irony). I think that if they did do a comic, they'd have to come up with their own unique style.
  7. They'd probably latch onto something like asking Garvey if he wanted to ride in the General in the Cale Yarborough episode or see one of the first five and read innuendo wrong, you know how those politically correct folks are. I sent my e-mail, said my peace, and now all I can do is wait. Can anyone think of other ways to combat this?
  8. OOPS! ALMOST FORGOT! http://www.hazzardnet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=28960#28960
  9. EPISODE ONE: HOWDY, GENERAL! Characters (other than normal Dukes) Skeeves: If you didn't see the movie, he's your typical UFO-crazed redneck Mz. Tizdale: Maillady Coy and Vance: The failed clones of Bo and Luke. You know 'em, you hate 'em, but this time, they aren't carbon copies of everyone's favorite good 'ol boys SCENE ONE: OLD DIRT ROAD Balladeer: Welcome to Hazzard County, a simple place with simple folk who mind simple lives- <General Lee whizzes by, doing like 80> and the Dukes. <5 Hazzard patrol cars roll by>
  10. Ever got tired of no more new episodes of Dukes? Well, good news! I'm writing a whole damn new series! Strongly based of the old one, with a few alterations (nothing as major as a blonde Daisy or evil Rosco) to modernizate it a bit. Here's a link to it, and if you want to throw some opinions, PM me. And, BTW, the movie cast has NOTHING to do with this series, so lay off, fans of Stifler and Jackass!
  11. I'm willing to bet it's gonna be as follows (humor me) : Willie Nelson: Hey, Stifler, Jackass- Scott and Knoxville: THAT'S BO AND LUKE! Nelson: Sorry. Someone saw the cross-country race and you boys are going to London to race in the Stanfordton-on-the-marsh-by-the-abbey 500 Simpson: Lame British reference. Next Scene: Nelson: Here we are, jolly old England (up comes General [insert british guy here] complete with union jack and god save the queen horn) Longfellow Duke: Salutations, cousins, would you like a ride? Scott: Sure. Ol' General's gettin' shipped over, soon as Cooter fixes him up to racing standards. voices: hey, cuzes. good to see ya. (out pop two very familiar faces) Balladeer: Longfellow, Coy and Vance. See, kids, we did watch the show. end, for now If it really is anything like that, and it will be, I'm executing OPERATION: ORANGE SWARM. If you read my previous post, you know what I'm talkin' about.
  12. Can't argue with you. Smokey and the Bandit was great, all except for III. You do NOT replace Burt Reynolds with Jerry Reed. The Enis scenes were kinda funny, though.
  13. The movie is great so far. I already PM'd you on this, but it has nothing wrong with it, just do us all a favor: don't work Coy and Vance into it. I heard they're in the Dukes 2 movie, but I STILL hate 'em. They ain't getting rid of Bo and Luke, so it may as well be splitscreen. But I digress. Your script is perfectly executed: Pure Hazzard!
  14. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. They should call themselves Breakin' Lizard, since they destoryed DOH. If anything, they should have redone Smokey and the Bandit. THAT would have been okay to be vulgar and funny.
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