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  1. Staging... And a new in my collection, the Hughie Hogg's Beetle (not finish, in progress)...The retractable roof must be removed and replaced by a leather cover... This is the first time that I transform a scale model, so I have to look for how to put a false tarpaulin that makes it true, lol... http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  2. It's a good idea I looking for a door badge too
  3. It's really, really beautifullllll... Really good work
  4. I just received the Black General Lee ("Happy birthday General Lee edition")... She comes from Las Vegas to finish in the south of France, lol ... One more on my shelves... http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  5. When I received my black General Lee, I realized that the headlights were turning, so I tried on the General Lee And oh, magic, we can do it too... It's so cool, there are two ways to expose it... http:// http://
  6. It's an AutoWorld Silver Screen die cast modele for General Lee
  7. It's AutoWorld Silver Screen machine die cast modele
  8. Jesse Duke Ford F-100 (Greenlight 1/18) revceived: http:// http://
  9. Apparently from what I heard, the production was pretty stingy ... James Best had to "cry" to have a place to change, that's why in some episodes of season 2 he disappeared, he tired of changing in the street (Bonus DVD)
  10. Product placement may not have worked as it does today, lol... Perhaps they thought that a ford being made without stop running by the police would make them bad publicity... maybe ford or plymouth didn't supply them with enough parts or car so out of revenge they hid the brands
  11. Maybe that is why in the end they opted for the Jeep Golden Eagle... Fewer parts to change, lol... And above all easy to find
  12. I forget the taxes, lol... For two Plymouth Fury 1/18 I payed 45€ taxes and 75€ shipping, if I remember correctly, it's crazy... I'm ruined, lol...
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