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  1. I've lost interest in it. That's why i've disappeared from activity on this website.
  2. the address is 9910 tingert ave(not a reak street in hazz'd) *REAL street. Spell correct
  3. sorry, y'all. i forgot to add "TO" in the title of this thread in between "time" and "make".
  4. I've seen rosco drive it at least once. And i think cooter drive it in "cooter's girl". What other episodes?
  5. he lives in chickasaw. he has a job as a corpse transporter. his best friend is daniel twarpe, they used to be coworkers at a towing company. his full name is longstreet bernard, most folks call him LB, but my abbreviation is LS, or LSB. he has a blue chevy impala. longstreet's birthday is march 18. he's BB's brother. (BB stands for benjamin bradley). BB is a plumber, also living in chickasaw.
  6. my story of cooter & his wife beverly that the producers VERY RUDELY didn't include . (just so you know, i like to make old shows&movies be more modern in my imagination, which is what i've done in this one) When cooter davenport was 17,he eloped with Beverly hibbs who was 15. They were originally in Alabama, but went to Georgia. She decided cooter wasn’t marure enough, so she went back to her parents(matt & kylissa). Then she found out she was pregnant. Cooter found out but foolishly decided he should stay away. on 2-6-99 nancy lou was born. Beverly got remarried in 2001 to tyler nelson, and nancy lou received her step dad’s last name. Tyler and Beverly had 3 sons together, Richard in 2005, and twins named bryan & matthew in 2008. Cooter started a mechanic shop in 2002 & got a farm in 2009. Beverly & her family live in Burnsville,Alabama in a green double wide manufactured home. Their address is 290 crowant street. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nancy doesn’t live with her family anymore, she shares an apartment with her friend carryanne colben. The rent is 720, nancy does 400 of it. Her 1 st car was a silver 92 olds cutlass supreme coupe, that she got when she was 19; she got a drivers license when she was 17 & drove her parents red 70 ford Ltd. she got a “hand me down” phone from her dad that qualifies for reddit’s r/redneckengineering, it was an at&t ZTE “qwerty style” that had duct tape as the battery cover, She now uses another “hand me down” LG G3. Her phone number is 256-403-7722. The address where nancy & carryanne live is 8505 w. moritz avenue, unit 4.
  7. hezekiah pringle, & an unnamed pringle that owed money to the dukes for a maintenance job(roof?).
  8. In my imagination, longstreet's middle name is bernard. His birthday is march 18. His car is a white 49 chevy 3600. His best friend is daniel twarpe.
  9. i got back into my account again , after resetting the password AGAIN, it'll probably last until i log out again, which i'll try to avoid. this really needs to be fixed so other users don't get tortured. thanks again for offering to help me.
  10. sorry for the obnoxious email, i know i can be better than that which i will. thankyou for giving me another chance with this. i already got back into my account & it WAS the problem of a weak password. i do hope you still post that list of what the topic is about, please.
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