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  1. George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley. Wham! - Last Christmas
  2. '> Sussudio - Phil Collins
  3. '> Streets Of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen
  4. Mr. Samuel E. Wright is very good, because Samuel and Sonny are great friends and I like Disney.
  5. Remember Catherine Bach when she participated in television with the famous magician David Copperfield in 1981? "The actress Catherine Bach appears to be upside down and cut in half as magician David Copperfield tickles what appear to be her feet, Sept. 30, 1981, in Los Angeles, during taping of CBS special "The Magic of David Copperfield, Number 4." The illusion consisted of putting Bach in a box and cutting her with a laser beam." IMDB: The Magic of David Copperfield IV: The Vanishing Airplane (TV 1981) '>Photo - Catherine Bach with David Copperfield 1981 '>David Copperfield & Catherine Bach (1981)
  6. The actor Sonny Shroyer sings very well! Very good, Markus.
  7. What do you think the actress April Scott? And the movie The Dukes of Hazzard The Beginning? I think the actress Daisy Duke (April Scott) is very beautiful...
  8. The television series Bionic Woman (1976-1978) they are very good and fantastic actor Don Pedro Colley.
  9. There is another photo of the actor Sonny Shroyer! Click the number is 12. On Parade - Sonny Shroyer
  10. Hi shinerunner01, Welcome to the HazzardNet.
  11. Here's my answer. The Fan The Dukes of Hazzard: 30 years ago. The most beautiful women in Daisy Duke: Catherine Bach and April Scott. TV & DVD: The Dukes of Hazzard. The actors: John Schneider and Tom Wopat. The dream and hope: The autographs and photos of the car the General Lee. I love the families The Dukes of Hazzard.
  12. I liked very much, Hoss. Congratulations! You are the best.
  13. But it is possible that someone can make a replica of the original Duke Farm House.
  14. I already heard to speak KC Chiefs, because I saw the television and also ESPN. They are very good.
  15. Did you know... When the actress Catherine Bach was 5 old years, she was in home of her for celebrate the anniversary and sat down on the table beside her father and the her brother also. Exists that there is a picture of her that she appears when was 5 old years. The father of the Catherine Bach is Germany and the mother is Mexican. The Catherine Bach was very beautiful!
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