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  1. Horrendous scuff-- Means something (probably Rosco's patrol car) has suffered damage, most likely large dents.
  2. Kee Kee I love it I love it.
  3. Howdy gald you joined. Im pretty new to the forum too, I visited Gatlinburg last summer, got to meet Rick Hurst and Cooter Place.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

  5. Yes It is sad, I didn't know it had been tore down when I went to go see it. My jaw dropped to the ground when I drove up on it and all I seen was the 2 chimneys. But on the bright side it could be worse we are very fortunate to still have so many other original filming locations still left in Georgia.
  6. My obsession is an 8 or 9, it has been since it came back on the air in 1997, i was 15 years old I am now 29. I have all 7 seasons on dvd, reunion movies, return to hazzard dvd's of Travis Bells, and I have visited all the original filming locations in Georgia. I find myself inserting "Duke Language" into my speech on a daily basis, my girlfriend sometimes gets annoyed when I chuckle like Rosco but sometimes I cant help it.
  7. Howdy Im new to the forum not really sure how it works, any good neighbors out there help me out.
  8. Welcome to the HazzardNet!

  9. Welcome, un gran abrazo desde sur......porque el sur volverá a surgir...yeeeehaaaa.

  10. Welcome to HazzardNet :).

  11. I believe it sat vacant until sometime in the '90's when all of the outer parts of the home were torn down. The center part of the structure was all that remained until March 2011 when the owner was forced to tear it down for safety reasons, pieces of the home were sold to various Dukes collectors. I visited the location in July 2011, the 2 chimneys are all that currently stand.
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