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  1. Buttermilk.... seriously though, I have some books from England that are called Annuals and there is one for each year of the show and I know at least one of them has recipes in it..I'll look it up later.
  2. I'm sure he will get more out of it than I would want to pay but a feller can always dream. If I have my way it won't get sold to anybody and Ray will continue the shows but this does sound kinda serious.
  3. Must be nobody every divorced in Hazzard. I don't remember an X spouse ever being mentioned.
  4. Thanks for keeping us updated about this Skipper. It's sad to see but he sounds pretty serious. Please post updates here. I am especially interested in how much he will ask for Uncle Jesse's truck if he actually goes through with this.
  5. Those Duke boys even knew how to fly ULTRA lights....Luke learned in the Marines.
  6. Sadly, you are probably right Skipper. There was no problem when the show originally aired but people were smarter back then. They understood that the flag stood for pride in who you were and where you were from. The people running our culture now, love taking something good and turning it into something bad because their hearts are full of intolerance for people that they don't understand. To make matters worse, they are the first to complain about intolerance. It is a twisted way of looking at things but unfortunately that's where we are at today.
  7. RIDGE RAIDERS (The Alien landed in Possum Hollow)
  8. This would be sad news if it actually happens. Nobody else in the world does shows like these and nobody will likely do so in the future.
  9. NIGHT Watchman (The job Boss would threaten Rosco with)
  10. Happy birthday Uncle Jesse. This crazy old world has sure run out of people who are worthy of looking up to but you always will be there in spirit for us to have a mentor.....well, not just in spirit, but on the television screen as well. We love you and we miss you.
  11. So sorry to hear this Skipper. Thanks for passing that information along.
  12. H H Harkness (with all that fake gold....I just went for a motorcycle ride yesterday with a guy who has that same last name)
  13. How many Formula 1 races are there in the US every year? I've gotten into MotoGP this year and the US only has one race.....it already happened on April 10 in Texas.
  14. Emma Tisdale's sister BULAH Mae
  15. I went to Northeast Ohio Dukes and saw something. Maybe you can search that.
  16. Maybe someone can post some information about the Hazzard Homecoming. I believe it starts in Georgia in a few days.
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