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  1. It's reminds me of those pictures where different people look at them in different ways. Thinking it was somebody with a bloody lip must say something about me psychologically. But then, most folks here know I'm not normal. Normal is boring anyways. In my defense, I was looking at a smaller version. I also think the bottom half of the heart being darker red added to the illusion. Blood is darker red than the inside of a mouth.
  2. I thought so. Years ago I bought an old Volvo wagon that the previous owner had replaced the supercharger on. He said it would have run without it though. It cost him $1500 for the new turbo and a year later I only paid $2000 for the car. It ran great for years....eventually the body rusted out.
  3. I still didn't get it. I showed it to my wife and she said it is hugging a heart. I enlarged it and used my imagination and said "ah, now I see it!" Still looks like it has a bloody lip to me.
  4. Well, I voted for May 11 so if nobody else votes then I guess it's then.
  5. can a car still run if the turbo isn't working? It seems to me that I was told once that it could. Maybe it depends on the kind of car it is. It certainly couldn't go as fast if it wasn't getting as much air
  6. LOL Did you spit orange pop on the back window?
  7. We are certainly heading down a slippery slope and it is quite troubling. I can see a future where even if you try to look up Dukes of Hazzard it won't even come up on any search engines because the ban will be that thorough. It won't happen anytime soon but at the rate culture is being chipped away it will happen. I can't even watch TV anymore. I get it. There should be equal rights for everybody. I'm all for that. Anybody who is not for equal rights for everybody is an idiot. What I'm sick of is constantly being vilified for being a straight white man. I don't want to be treated better than
  8. I just as heard the news about Dr. Seuss books being banned. This is not political correctness. This is literal insanity. Enjoy the HazzardNet while you can. It won't be long before anything related to The Dukes of Hazzard is banned and labeled as hate speech. Owning a DVD of the Dukes will be a crime, punishable by imprisonment. America, Europe and free speech have been given a death sentence by the politically correct forces who control this world.
  9. No, gray and white smiley emojis were on mine last night but they are gone today.
  10. if nobody makes it 400 feet, the winner is whoever makes it the farthest.
  11. Feeling better and got the furnace fixed. Thanks everbody!
  12. Those are good ones.....edit...are those ghost emojis showing up on anybody else's screen?
  13. Always my second favorite race of the year....after the Buttermilk 400 where you chug a quart of buttermilk and try to sprint 400 feet with it still in your stomach.
  14. This makes no sense to me. All that practice he had jumping over creeks and he can't get away from the cops. Sure, Bo was at the wheel a lot but Luke jumped too. I'm starting to suspect stunt men were in the General Lee. If anybody finds out don't tell me. It will ruin everything. Good to hear from you again Burl.
  15. Big day today! Another year older and still getting sweeter and prettier.
  16. This has been one of the worst weeks of my life physically. I got zero sleep last night. My back hurts no matter what position I put it in. I don't think I'm going to go back to the chiropractor. I'm going to try to get to my family doctor to get x-rays because I know I have a defect in my lower back because of a physical I had in 1979 when I was trying to get a job on the railroad. Whatever the defect was it kept me from getting the job and I haven't had an x-ray on it since then. I'm just not comfortable with getting my back twisted by a chiropractor with that defect in it. I'm so exhausted
  17. I'm not sure how much those zombie flippers were suffering from Murphy's Law and how much was just poor decision making. It sounds like it was a little of both.
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