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  1. That Chase Elliott feller. What a troublemaker!
  2. That was yesterday? I had it marked on my calender for next week.
  3. My mom is on a ton of medications and they can definitely have side effects in certain combinations. The thing is....there are so many different meds and so many combinations of them, doctors don't even know what can happen. They do know that some meds aren't compatible with others but when you are on a dozen of them it can be confusing. My wife's uncle (RIP) was a happy guy but as his health failed he got on one med after another and eventually had 16. He needed heart surgery and had to drop all his meds for a period of time before his surgery. For awhile there he was back to his fun loving o
  4. You are a good detective to notice the two eps had different writers.
  5. Heading to the local fair with the grandkids tomorrow. I won't be riding any rides though. My back has gotten pretty bad. I have an MRI in 6 days to see if I need surgery. I had an MRI once and felt pretty claustrophobic but I guess you have to do what you have to do.
  6. We got a lot of rain the past 24 hours too. We usually plant pumpkins and never keep up on watering but didn't have to this year. We always used our smaller pumpkins for decorations and bought bigger ones for jack-o- lanterns but this year we're not going to have to buy any. I think I'm going to wait for the Great Pumpkin this year. I keep getting yelled at for being too old to trick or treat so maybe I'll just pull a Linus this year. If my wife visits me I hope she doesn't slug me if I try to hold her hand.
  7. Hey Hoss, didn't Bo make a comment about General Lee too?....spirit of the South....or something? Welcome to the HazzardNet CreativeWriter. I love your screen name. I would have never thought of it. (little joke there.....very little). We hope to hear more from you.
  8. I picked up a couple dirt bike shirts when I went to the races Saturday. I have 6 dirt bike shirts now and I wear them all the time. I think I'm going to continue to grow my collection. It looks like motocross season is done. (not my local track but the big league on TV) Neither of my favorites won the 250 or 450 class. Better luck next year. An 18 year old won the 250 class. I have socks older than that. His name is Jett Lawrence and he is from Australia. He appears to be the future of dirt bike racing. Time will tell.
  9. PC crossed the line a long time ago and is now officially in the land of insanity.
  10. Star Trek (the ship's chief medical officer)
  11. I saw that . Any idea how much those cars weigh?
  12. The Steelers are for real! Big Win! I'm not optimistic through. Big Ben gets off the ground like an old man and I don't think he'll make it all year without getting hurt. Pittsburgh doesn't have any good back ups so it's all on Ben's shoulders.
  13. Covid numbers getting bad here in NW Pennsylvania. I'm heading to high school football tonight and dirt bike racing tomorrow afternoon. NFL on Sunday. The Bills will probably beat my Steelers. The Browns will get a big test in Kansas City. Go Chiefs!
  14. I'm probably going to pass out by midnight with all the buttermilk I'm going to drink.
  15. Crazy Cooter just turned 80 and now it's time for Luke to turn 70. (Sept 9). Happy birthday cousin. We'll meet at the Boar's Nest tomorrow after the afternoon chores to celebrate. Keep it between the ditches on the way there.....Bo better let you drive on your birthday!
  16. That's odd. At Hobie's Moonshine 500 they fine people if they don't drive dangerously. But it's like 'ol Waylon says. "This is Hazzard County. We do things different here."
  17. Top Gun I feel the need...the need for speed
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