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  1. Take the lead Hobie. Suggest a day. Remember that the folks across the pond go to bed a lot earlier than we do. I think it's been a long time since the chat room has been used. I wonder if it still works. It would be a lot of fun.
  2. I don't think I ever got the newsletter even back when they were still being written. But then again I'm pretty low tech and probably couldn't figure out how to sign up. I've never been good with computers. Im pretty good with a shovel though. It's a lot easier to use....."ya load 16 tons and what do you get.....another day older and deeper in debt."
  3. Sorry about that Joe. I was just trying to make you smile but the more I think about it the more I realize my last post was pretty stupid considering how serious the subject was. You need to mourn before you smile. I hope you will accept my sincere apology. I can be pretty stupid sometimes.
  4. I usually wait till after Halloween to start thinking about Christmas but the Lifetime channel is already showing a lot of Christmas stuff including John Schneider's "Poinsettias for Christmas" which I haven't seen yet. It will likely be on quite often. I watched two or three minutes of it tonight but decided to wait until after Halloween for more. It was pretty cool to see Bo.
  5. Hey Joe....I'm standing on my head with a clown outfit on and I'm burping and telling juvenile jokes about pooping puppies. Now I'm standing up but I just started to stagger and now I fell into a sidewalk of wet freshly poured cement. Now I'm walking over to Hoss and giving him a big hug, messing up his brand new tuxedo. Now Hobie is pouring shots of his finest to the other HazzardNet members who are watching this fiasco. Doing his best Hulk Hogan impression Hoss rips off the top of his tux and body slams me into a pile of manure. I get up and rip off the top of my clown outfit in a similiar manner but when everybody sees my scrawny chest they laugh so hard they spill their shine. If there's anything else we can do to make you smile just let us know.
  6. football (Drew Brees...pronounced breeze)
  7. Thanks for reposting this Hoss. I just love anybody who loves the Dukes enough to do something like this. It's a busy weekend for us. We had a wedding and a football game last night. Today we have another game and a birthday party. Tomorrow I have to replace the serpentine belt that came off the SUV last night. I hope I can replace it by myself.....might need youtube.
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that Joe. Hang in there......not a whole lot I can say to make you feel better. You can never rush healing from a death so take your time to mourn. We're here for you.
  9. As long as you paint the Ferrari orange, put 01 on the doors and a Confederate Flag on the roof I'll do my best to send that money out tonight. The check should get to you by Monday.
  10. I'll bet you're just being modest. I'd take a dirt bike over a Maserati myself.....unless I could take the Maserati, sell it, buy a dirt bike and then donate the remainder to the Hobie Harkins Home for Retired Moonshiners.
  11. Hoss might replace that Pavaratti guy someday as the most famous singer in the world. I can see his name up in lights now....Performing tonight....HOSSARATTI. He'll be so rich he'll drive an expensive sports car to the concert and folks along the street will say " There goes Hossaratti in his Massaratti. And us folks here on the HazzardNet will say we knew him before he was famous.....and then he'll buy s all General Lees...not toys but real cars. Keep singing Hoss. All our hopes are riding on your golden vocal pipes. Will you be painting your sports car orange and putting an 01 on it?
  12. Good to hear you back to normal Joe. Nobody ever accused me of being normal. Seriousely though, good to have you back.
  13. I went to the last race of the year at our local dirt track. It was awesome to see the place packed with that many fans. I don't think they could have fit another person in the bleachers. It reminded me of when I was a kid. The reason it was packed is because the Lucas Oil Late Model Series was in town. I didn't know enough about racing to know what a big deal that was. Two of the cars were owned by Clint Bowyer but I didn't hear about any other famous owners. It was our first really chilly night here up on Lake Erie but other than that was a great night. It will be a long wait until the next race.
  14. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    I wonder why it is necessary to limit wind tunnel testings. Edit: maybe Hoss is onto something. They are trying to help the smaller teams.
  15. That stinks. The camera is a good idea. Stay safe and keep us posted.