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  1. So cool Hobie.....right by your house! If you see an orange clunker car going by go chase it. And if Bo runs out of gas, don't forget about that case of your finest in the trunk. Never waste a sip!
  2. I sure have been hearing your name a lot on all these virus stories they have been doing on TV......Spike. My wife says their hospital is full so hopefully things will start to slow down.
  3. It's a good thing the episode title didn't cause any international incidents. It was a sensitive time period back them. That would have been terrible if a Dukes of Hazzard cartoon would have triggered WW III.
  4. The Dukes in Hollywood......season 7 A guy driving through Hazzard County stopped to take a log off the road and got attacked by two masked men. It turns out they were only actors from Hollywood filming a movie in Hazzard County. The big star is named Brock Curtis and the movie producer's name is Jason Dillard. Dillard is having serious money problems and since he has a 5 million dollar life insurance policy on Brock he is trying to kill him with the help of his assistant, Blake. They disabled the brakes on the car Brock hopped into and took off with, but thanks to the Dukes, the actor's
  5. We have one more cold day too. It snowed around here but not at my house. It's pretty fun for us Steeler fans.....10-0. Big challenge on Thanksgiving day though with the Ravens.
  6. No More Mr. Nice Guy......season 7 The 4 Dukes head to the Capitol City Department Store because Daisy got a telegram saying she won a bunch of prizes for being the one millionth customer. When they arrive she receives a yellow classic Ford Mustang, fur coat, gold bracelet and 4 tickets to Mexico. Unfortunately, it's all a Boss Hogg scam. Senator Shaft is on his way to Hazzard to investigate a burglary ring and Boss gave Daisy stolen stuff to frame the Dukes. Boss's accomplices are Billie Jean, Stoney and Zack. Rosco arrested Daisy and Jesse but Bo and Luke got away. Boss had an accident
  7. That is a good point Hoss. It must have been an error. They weren't shy about using other real places. The spelling hasn't changed since the early 80s has it?
  8. The Dukes in Hong Kong Boss tricked the Dukes into thinking his Cadillac was out of commission so they would let their guard down. He had a hydra-boat rigged up under his car and took a shortcut through the water. Boss went to his acquaintance, Lo Phat Chow where he met pirate Captain Crikey. Boss made a deal with Crikey who sent his thugs to slow down the General Lee by capturing it in a giant net and putting the Dukes in cells on his ship, the Sea Scum. They escaped and swam to shore and got the General back. Crikey then took Boss, Rosco and Flash out to sea with intent to kill them. Th
  9. The Dukes in Urbekistan In the middle of the Urbekistan wilderness, Coy, Vance and Daisy run across Debra Farr of London who is looking for her missing geologist father, who was last known to be searching for a legendary diamond mine in a valley. The area is so dangerous that even her guides ran away from the wild animals and men who dress like animals, known as the Urbeks. The Dukes found the mine with her, and inside, located her father, who had just dug up a basket full of diamonds. Boss and Rosco came in later and when the Urbeks showed up Boss ended up with the diamonds but lost them
  10. The Dukes of India Boss called his friend the Grand Brazier and made a deal to slow down the Dukes so he could win the race. The Brazier hired guys to trap the General Lee in a tiger pit. Then we learn that Vance has a look-a-like, Prince Ahmad, they could pass for twins. Ahmad was due to be promoted to Sultan the next day and was the nephew of the Brazier. If he didn't show up for the ceremony, the Brazier was next in line to get his weight in jewels so the Brazier had Vance locked up, thinking it was Ahmad. Ahmad switched places with Vance but all 3 Dukes got caught and all 4 got locke
  11. The Greece Fleece While the Dukes were running out of gas on their way to Athens, Boss called an old friend of his, Big Nick Metropopolous. Nick was the boss of Gravias City. Nick used his lawman and framed the Dukes and threw them in jail. While the Dukes were escaping through the drain tunnels Boss and Nick were making another deal. Nick wanted to give Boss his niece's (Malina) dowery of gold coins in exchange for Boss marrying her. Boss agreed. The Dukes got recaptured and put back in jail. Malina came to see them and they told her Boss was already married. She didn't want to marry him
  12. Robot P. Coltrane.......season 7 Two guys named Rance and Marv come through Hazzard with a delivery truck hauling a mysterious stolen item. The Duke boys helped Rosco catch them for speeding and he seized their truck and took it to Boss in town. When Boss forced them to show him the contents, out walked a robot and the first thing he did was light Boss's cigar. The robot's name is Bobby Joe and Rance was one of the engineers who developed him. He worked at Atlanta Robotics and had stolen the robot because he was fired and was planning on asking $200,000 for Bobby Joe's return. Boss boug
  13. ROFL......ummmm.......woops! ROFL again. My mistake. In my defense, Flash was called a boy at first. I'm going to pay attention to see if Rosco is calling her a girl or not in these cartoons. Watching these cartoons is like watching them all over again since I don't remember too much about them. The Christmas one is the only one I remember well because I've seen it often. This London episode has been my favorite of the 6 I've seen so far. BTW Hoss, London Canada is just across Lake Erie from me.
  14. The Dukes of London Boss and Rosco were stuck at a railroad crossing because a train had stopped. While there, Flash got out and met Regina, the Queen's Royal Bassett Hound. The two were look-a-likes and the next thing you know, Regina left with Rosco while Flash was left behind. The Dukes (of Hazzard that is) came along and picked Flash up but the Queen's assistant thought they had dognapped Regina and after a police chase they were caught and thrown in jail. Now, Flash was with the Queen and Regina was with Rosco but nobody knew the difference. Vance got one phone call in jail and call
  15. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke.....season 7 A van hauling experimental, mind-altering medication developed by Dr. Debbie Davis of Genetic Research Incorporated is driving through Hazzard. It is on the way to Atlanta to destroy the medication because it has been determined that it is too dangerous. The van swerved to miss a vehicle and a vile popped out of the back and flew through the air and landed on a rock and into Hazzard Pond. Moments later, the General Lee came by. Bo, Luke and Daisy were on their way to the annual Hazzard Hayride and the General had radiator problems and needed water. Wh
  16. I just saw on the news that Erie County Pennsylvania reported 197 new cases today. We have had 9 days in a row of over 100. Before that we were averaging 20 or so. This is a pretty dramatic surge.
  17. The Secret Satellite Coy, Vance and Daisy are in the Arctic, trailing Boss, Rosco and Flash in an icy snowy race. They caught up with them and they all heard on the radio that an American satellite had crashed nearby and there was a $100,000 reward for its return. An Eskimo boy named Kiko found it and Boss traded a bag of jelly beans for it. The Dukes then met Kiko and, after a blizzard hit, they ended up in his igloo for shelter and were then joined by Boss, Rosco and Flash. Russian operatives showed up and tied up everybody and took the satellite. The Dukes ended up getting it back but
  18. Our local news tonight interviewed the airport director and he said they will not even try to enforce the restrictions. I guess it's tough for the people in charge. Everybody criticizes and makes fun of your restrictions but if you don't make restrictions, people ask why you're not doing anything.
  19. Since I had it in July I should be immune for awhile.....although they don't really know how long. The paranoid side of me would be a little concerned about possible long term side effects because new vaccines are always tested long term but this one won't because of all the pressure Big Pharma and politicians are facing. I have also heard that the movie "I am Legend" is something that is not all that unreasonable.
  20. The problem is that was the microscopic little viruses don't have watches so don't know what time it is. How can you possibly obey a curfew if you don't even know the time? The latest proposal is to buy tiny watches for the little germs so they know when to stay away from humans. The latest plan is to poof 10 trillion digital dollars into existence out of nothingness (that our grandchildren will be responsible for) and use that money to fund development of watches small enough for them to read. The ten trillion is payable to the Hogg Micro Timepiece Company, Route 36, Hazzard County, Georgia.
  21. So, when a vaccine comes out who here is going to get it right away and who is going to wait to see if there are side effects that weren't found in the earlier testing?
  22. I was watching a Beverly Hillbillies episode earlier this year and the whole time the credits ran at the end there was a carton of Winstons in the corner for an advertisement. It was one of the old black and white BHs. Since it has been illegal to advertise cigarettes for 50 years or so I wondered if that was legal. I do wonder if they will make it legal to even show a cigarette on TV someday.
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