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  1. Believe it or not I never had any big crushes on Daisy. A little crush maybe. The only person I ever had a big crush on was Farrah. I'm not saying Daisy wasn't crush-worthy. Of course she was....but even if she wouldn't have been on the show it would still be the best show in history.
  2. The scariest things I ever watch are The Great Pumpkin, Ernest Scared Stupid and Hazzardville Horror.....and CNN
  3. Too late for that. I'm exhausted. Time to admit that I'm not young anymore. Time to think about a snow blower next year. I shoveled 2 feet of snow in my 150 foot driveway by hand.
  4. The snow just started and we could get 20 inches. This isn't going to be the light fluffy stuff like last time. This is the heavy slippery greasy kind. Steelers vs Chiefs starting now. Four playoff teams have been knocked out so far. Those 4 are the Eagles, Raiders, Patriots and Cowboys.
  5. Busy Saturday. Went to a couple basketball games, have grandkids here and watching NFL playoffs between doing stuff with them. Cold.....10 degrees.....lots of snow coming Monday.
  6. bubble gum (we called that old fashioned light on the roof a bubble gum machine)
  7. Actors? There were no actors. Hazzard County is real. The Dukes of Hazzard was television's first reality show. No other reality show after that was any good.....except Duck Dynasty and even that was no where's near as good as DOH
  8. That's nothing. My outdated buttermilk won't just kill viruses and variants, it will kill everything alive....and it's a lot cheaper and easier to make. Here's the recipe... Step 1....buy buttermilk. Step 2.....drink buttermilk 2 months after expiration date.
  9. I got pretty lucky. My dad started going bald earlier in life and so did my brother. I am receding a little in the front but not too bad for 61. I keep my hair short though. My wife buzz cuts it. I haven't been to a barber in 25 years. I only shave around once a month normally but I am thinking about finally trying to grow a respectable beard. I haven't shaved in 12 days so might see how long I can go in 2022 without shaving. It looks like the beard will finally be mostly white. My hair is still brown though so I have a ways before I can look like Jesse. This is funny. When I was at USMC boot camp, my drill instructor yelled at me for all the peach fuzz. That was the first time I ever shaved.....late bloomer.
  10. CB radio "Breaker 1 Breaker 1, might be crazy but I ain't dumb"
  11. Yep, no jumping cars across creeks until you are back to 100%. It looks like covid may be starting to wind down. If we can avoid another variant as severe as delta, we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.....maybe
  12. That was a rough episode to watch.....seeing everybody thinking the boys had passed on to Hazzard Heaven.
  13. Things are happy in Hazzard County Georgia. Georgia football has a national championship team. Glad to hear you are doing well Hoss. On an unrelated health issue, are you 100% recovered from surgery?
  14. Now that Supercross dirt bikes have started, NASCAR season is getting close.
  15. They are supposed to do an autopsy. I never watched Full House but I know Uncle Jesse on that show wouldn't know Maudeen the mule's backside from a cow's udder. The NFL finished in dramatic fashion in Las Vegas. The game was two seconds away from ending in a tie. If it would have, the Steelers would have been out of the playoffs (And they weren't even playing in that game) Here are the playoff match ups Titans and Packers get a bye Raiders vs Bengals Patriots vs Bills Steelers vs Chiefs Eagles vs Bucs 49ers vs Cowboys Cardinals vs Rams
  16. Supercross dirt bike season started last night. It was live from California so I had a late night. I'm watching the Steelers vs Ravens right now. Pittsburgh still has a chance of making the playoffs but it's not looking too good.
  17. Albert Einstein (around here, we call him HossC)
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