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  1. Went to Jurrasic Park and there was a warning on it....just in case you didn't know that are dinosaurs in a dinosaur movie.... It reminded me a bit of the quote from the original movie "Are you gonna have any dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour?"
  2. You too Boss. Did you lower prices at the Boar's Nest to celebrate?
  3. I wonder if you have the biggest Skipper hat collection in the world.
  4. Mountain (Lonely Mountain from Lord of the Rings)
  5. They did a decent job under the circumstances but nobody could fill those boots. Even if they got Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood I still would have wanted John and Tom back.
  6. Good to hear from you MonacoMan. That would be cool to see Dukes like that.
  7. Welcome to the HazzardNet Robert. We hope to hear more from you. Do you have a favorite character or episode? How long have you been a fan? Ever met any of the stars? That is a good question you posted. I was born just 7 days after John Schneider and I was also in the USMC Reserves. Our haircut regulations were the same as active duty Marines so that part isn't accurate either. I do know that times were much different back then. A lot of guys I was in boot camp with were told by the judge that they had two choices.....go to prison or join the Marine Corps.
  8. He had one on Dukes too. Had to shave it on the day Boss ate his own hat.
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