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  1. Comrade Duke.....season 5 Daisy is flying higher than the General Lee in the opening scene. She is in the back seat of an old bi-plane taking flying lessons from Darcy Kincade. At the same time, a bus with a Russian gymnastic team in it, is out in the country with a sputtering engine and it ends up limping into town and winds up at Cooter's Garage. Cooter fixes it while the team remains in the bus but one of the gymnasts wants a better life in America so she sneaks out and hides in the back of Jesse's truck, which happens to be close to the bus. Vance then hops in the truck and drives away and Daisy and Coy follow in the General. Before they make it back to the farm Daisy notices something moving and when Vance pulls over, the 3 Dukes meet Natasha, who tells them she is defecting. She falls for Coy right away. They take her back to Jesse at the farm. After leaving town in the bus , one of the Russian agents notice Natasha is missing. They order the bus go back to town and drop off two agents and tell the bus to go to Atlanta without them. They then go to Boss and Rosco for help and explain how serious the situation is. They also describe Jesse's truck and the General Lee to Boss so all four of them head out to the Duke farm in Rosco's car. After Natasha explains to the Dukes that she has relatives in Detroit, the four show up at the farm but the boys sneak Natasha out into the General but then are spotted and after a chase, get away when Rosco's car is cut in half. Later, the agents blow up the phone lines leading out of town and the four Dukes meet in a secret location with Natasha. They go to a rural phone booth to try call call the FBI but the phone doesn't work. At the same time, a small army of Russian agents have arrived to join the search. After another chase, the Dukes manage to elude the agents and go to Cooter's but his phone doesn't work for calls out of town. After getting the idea to fly Natasha out of Hazzard, Darcy spills the beans on the CB and everybody arrives at the airport at nearly the same time. A big fight breaks out and the agents take Natasha and have Boss lock her in jail. Enos told the Dukes what was going on and revealed the plan the agents had to get her out of Hazzard. With the information Enos gave them, the Dukes and Cooter were able to rescue her. With Darcy still woozy from the big fight, Daisy made her first solo flight. Coy and Natasha stood on the trunk of a moving General Lee, hanging on to ropes, looking like a couple of water skiers while Daisy dropped down a rope ladder. Natasha climbed in the plane and Daisy flew her out of Hazzard to safety. Later, she appeared in Washington DC, proudly on a path to become a US citizen. And, for the second episode in a row, Coy gets his heart broken....but Uncle Jesse explained that they may meet again.
  2. Coy vs Vance.....season 5 The Dukes are returning home from the State Fair in Hatchapee County. Vance, Daisy and Jesse are driving the General Lee and Coy is driving a dirt bike with a girl on back. That girl is Billie Ann Baxley. Her and her sister Kate own a motorcycle stunt show and they just got done performing at the fair. After the General and the bike do a side by side jump Coy takes Billie Ann back to town and then returns to the farm where Vance is irritated that Coy is spending so much time with Billie Ann and ignoring his responsibilities at the farm. Later, two robbers disguised at motorcycle cops pull Rosco and Boss over in Boss's Cadillac and take all their valuables after they too were returning from the fair. They had helmets on so weren't recognizable. Moments later we learn that Billie Ann and Kate are the robbers. Coy is getting increasingly irritated at Vance for thinking that something isn't quite right with Billie Ann because he is falling deeper and deeper for her. Enos then spots the robbers in the act but goes into the pond after an unsuccessful chase. At the farm, after overhearing Vance suspect the sisters of being the robbers, Coy is outraged and leaves the farm with Daisy's Jeep to live in Cooter's garage. They later get in a fist fight when Vance tries to look in the girls' van to see if the police motorcycles were in there. Vance didn't find any evidence and then felt bad for suspecting them. Boss was so mad the case hadn't been solved yet that he made Enos sheriff and demoted Rosco to deputy. Enos then let it slip to Vance and the Baxley's that he, Rosco and Boss would be moving bags of money from the Boar's Nest to the bank on Sunday morning. Jesse got a phone call from Hatchapee that the Baxleys probably were thieves. At dawn, Vance confronts the girls as they are planning on leaving to rob Boss. Billie Ann knocks him out and Kate ties him up. Jesse and Daisy explained to Coy that the girls likely are thieves and then tell him Vance is missing. After finding Vance, Coy is upset about trusting Billie Ann. The Dukes figure that the Baxleys are going to take Boss's money, so go to help, knowing Boss, Rosco and Enos might need it. After a chase, Billie Ann and Kate do end up with the money bags. Boss then makes Rosco sheriff again. The Dukes show up at the Baxley's hideout and the girls trade their street bikes for dirt bikes but it doesn't help them since the General Lee can catch anything on wheels. Everybody ends up happy except Coy, who got his heart broke. -- This episode is a lot like Carnival of Thrills. A blond Duke boy falls in love with a girl who works at a stunt show. His dark haired cousin objects to the relationship. They fight with fists and one leaves the farm. The girl turns out bad and a heart gets broken but the cousins make up. -- Funny scene at a road construction sight when Rosco ends up with an outhouse on his car roof with a worker inside. -- Only 2 more Coy and Vance episodes left
  3. Ding, Dong, The Boss is Dead.....season 5 Coy and Vance run across stranded motorists named Lorna and Matt who claim to be brother and sister. They drive them into town and take them to the hotel. Lorna and Matt start acting suspicious and are very interested in Boss Hogg. When they get to their hotel room they start kissing and we find out that they are not brother and sister after all. Lorna steals a car and her and Matt make their first attempt on Boss's life by dropping a scaffolding near him. They then drive away from the scene and the 3 younger Dukes chase them, not knowing who is in the car but they get away. Lorna then calls a guy in Atlanta named Floyd Calloway. Boss had testified against him long ago and now Calloway is out of jail and has hired Lorna and Matt to kill Boss. Matt disconnect Boss's brake line but the Dukes save him before he crashes. At Boss's house a bomb shows up but Boss gets saved again and then finds out that Calloway is behind the 3 attempts on his life. Boss and Lulu hide out at the Duke farm and Vance gets the idea to fake Boss's death so Lorna and Matt will leave town.....since the Dukes have figured out that they are the would-be-assassins. Lorna and Matt call Calloway but he wants more proof Boss is dead so he tells them to go to the funeral and see the body. The funeral is at the Boar's Nest and everybody except Lorna, Matt and Enos knows Boss is faking it. They didn't want Enos to know because he is too honest. Lorna and Matt don't know that they are suspects so they think it is safe to see Boss's "body", which they do. Boss gets hauled off in the Hearse and heads to the cemetery when Calloway shows up at the Boar's Nest wanting to see the body for himself. Things get complicated when the casket falls out going down the road but the Dukes get everything put back in place before Calloway arrives. He opens the casket and tempts Boss with the smell of food but Boss doesn't budge, so Calloway leaves, thinking Boss is dead. The reason Boss didn't react to the smell of food is because he had passed out from fear. When Enos sees Boss pop out of the casket he faints. Later, Calloway, Lorna and Matt get arrested.
  4. Were there any ramps around? I would have just jumped over them.
  5. Thanks for reminding me of this thread Skipper!
  6. And I'm sure you liked the part where Coy says "Skipper"
  7. The Return of the Mean Green Machine.....season 5 (I will be referring to it as "the MGM") While playing frisbee with a pretty girl named Bonnie out in the country, Vance notices some tracks and realizes they are from the MGM. He calls Coy over and Vance decides that the discovery is important enough to cut the double date short and start investigating. Meanwhile, one million dollars worth of gold coins are on display for one day only at the Hazzard Gold Gold and Silver Emporium. They were once owned by Jefferson Davis and now Jefferson Davis Hogg is planning on stealing them by using the MGM. He hired a couple guys to operate it but two other bad guys named Hatfield and Baxter stole it from them. (Hatfield was the original owner, along with a guy named Scroggins). Coy and Vance try to stop it and are unsuccessful but they did damage it with a dynamite arrow. Hatfield and Baxter then go to Cooter's and tie up Jesse then take Cooter with them because they need the MGM fixed. Jesse got loose and the 4 Dukes met at Cooter's Garage while Cooter was fixing the machine. The bad guys tied Cooter's hands and forced him into the MGM and went to town, but not before a failed attempt by Rosco to stop it with a bazooka. He had it aimed backwards and destroyed the patrol car. The MGM busted through the wall of the Emporium and used it's big magnet to snatch the chest the gold coins were in. While it was doing that, Daisy was able to stick a tracking device on it that Vance got from Bonnie, who worked at WHOGG radio. Boss and Rosco took Emma Tisdale's motorcycle with sidecar from her and Enos. Rosco drove while Boss sat in the sidecar with the bazooka. Along with the General, they started chasing the MGM. Boss wasn't a very good shot. He blew up a still and then an outhouse. Jesse buried some dynamite in the road and timed the lighting just right to stop the MGM. Cooter got rescued. The chest got returned. The bad guys went to jail. Cooter bought the Dukes beer and donuts.....and the MGM came up missing again! -- The outhouse was the same video of the one blowing up at the start of the series. The still was also repeat video....Follow That Still....and at least one more other episode I believe. -- Enos mentioned his old partner in Los Angeles, Turk. I was lucky enough to see all those "Enos" episodes. -- Hey Skipper.....After Vance gave Coy directions to pull closer to the MGM, Coy said. "Aye Aye Skipper." Rosco to Boss "You're the only man I know that can steal a man's teeth and come back for the gums." -- Waylon mentioned that Vance played linebacker for Hazzard High -- Boss ..."Like I always say, the best offense is a bigger offense." Rosco...."Right, and I tell ya, we are the most offensive people in these parts."
  8. The Revenge of Hughie Hogg.....season 5 Rosco and Enos pull the 3 younger Dukes over but instead of giving them a ticket they give them pins, cigars and a poster advertising Rosco's re-election. Meanwhile, Hughie and his two henchmen, Barcaly and Norris, record Boss buying stolen telephone answering machines and intend to blackmail him. Hughie then tries to run the General off the road in his white VW bug but he ends up in a big, steel, drain pipe. He then goes to see Boss and explains to him that if he doesn't back him in the election for sheriff that he will turn the tape in to the authorities. When Boss backs Hughie, Rosco is sad and Lulu is furious. The 4 Dukes decide to support Rosco because they know Hughie would be way worse. Rosco is thankful for their support but Hughie is so mad he sends Barcaly and Norris after Coy and Vance. After a chase, the Duke boys get away and then the 4 Dukes go into full campaign mode along with Lulu. Hughie forces Boss to suspend Rosco and the next thing you know, Hughie is acting sheriff and he deputizes his two henchmen. The new deputies try unsuccessfully again to nab the boys while Hughie is busy writing Rosco a citation for littering since his beat up personal car is dropping body parts. Boss then admits to Rosco that he didn't give him a part of the profits on the answering machine deal and then explains why Hughie is blackmailing him. After they teamed up, Rosco tried to take the tape but Hughie threw him in jail and then threw Daisy and Jesse in there too. With the help of a skunk, Coy and Vance broke them all out. Daisy then flirted with Hughie and secretly recorded him admitting to illegal activity. The tape got cut short but Hughie didn't know that when the Dukes played the beginning for him and wanted a trade for the tape he had of Boss. Hughie accepted the trade and they all met at Morgan's Glueworks where things got real complicated and real sticky. When it was all said and done, Hughie, Barcaly and Norris were booted out of town, Rosco got re-elected and Lulu wasn't mad anymore. -- Funny scene of a woman talking in a phone booth and when the booth gets slid down the street she is so focused on her conversation she doesn't even notice. -- Rosco's personal car! I think we might have seen that in another episode but can't remember which one. -- In one scene, Daisy and Jesse were in the back seat of the General Lee with Vance driving, Coy sitting in the middle and Rosco beside Coy. That's a unique driver/passenger combo!
  9. I think I would like to as long as you don't get frustrated with me since I won't be logging in as much as you. Let's talk about it next week. I'm in the championship round in all 3 of my fantasy baseball leagues and it's taking up my computer time this week. I'm even leading in Garrett Duke's league!
  10. Good to hear from you again dukesonline. How have you been? I hope Hoss or Skipper can help.
  11. Some things never change. This 13 year old post is still true. I also like Loretta Lynn, Johnny Horton and Patsy Cline (my daughter lives in her hometown of Winchester Virginia...her house is open to the public....Patsy's, not my daughter's). Whenever I'm not in an old country mood I have been known to throw my Sade CD in....Smooth Operator! And of course I love anybody who was ever on the Dukes!
  12. The Treasure of Soggy Marsh.....season 5 Boss finds out that a guy named Pruitt, who was once a cell mate of a guy named Kingston is coming to town. Pruitt is bringing his partner in crime, Gregory with him. Ten years earlier Kingston had robbed a bank and hidden the half million dollars he stole, dumping it into Soggy Marsh and Pruitt has a map of the money's location. He has agreed to give Boss half if he helps him. Boss helps them get diving gear at Rhuebottom's and also orders Enos to paint white lines on dirt roads that are far away to get him out of the way. Boss also wants the 3 younger Dukes out of the way so he sent them to Chickasaw County into a trap, where Big Ed Little arrested all 3 and threw them in the Chickasaw jail. While the divers (Pruitt and Gregory) are struggling to find the treasure, the 3 Dukes escape. Rosco ordered Enos to come back and the boys broke into Boss's office and later met with Rhuebottom and then Uncle Jesse and eventually figured out what Boss and the others were up to. After a long underwater search Pruitt and Gregory find the chest with the half million and decide to double cross Boss and keep it for themselves. Daisy saw them and told the other Dukes on the CB while Boss, Rosco, Enos and Big Ed listened in, prompting everyone to head to Soggy Marsh. Daisy got caught and taken hostage and the bad guys took off in an air boat with her. Jesse and Vance got in another air boat and Coy took off in the General Lee, driving along the swamp's shores. Eventually Coy had to jump the General into the swamp to knock the boat off balance so Jesse and Vance could catch it and save Daisy. Everybody else showed up and Pruitt and Gregory went to jail and the bank got it's half million back. -- This was the first time Big Ed and the new Duke boys were in the same episode. -- I wonder if was scripted when Enos said "Give my best to Uncle Daisy". I'd guess that it wasn't. He corrected his mistake. -- It was pretty cool to see Daisy driving the General Lee with the boys beside her and Enos in hot pursuit behind her. Of course she got away.
  13. Is that the same thing as "role play"? I've done a couple of those.