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  1. It may not have been the most popular episode of DOH but it always got people talking. The actor who wore the alien suit on Strange Visitor to Hazzard has died. His name was Felix Silla and he was 84. He was best known as Cousin ITT on Addams Family.
  2. village (Different kind of hamlet)
  3. Happy birthday tomorrow cousin Coy!!!
  4. You're right Hobie. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.....which is why I only listen to older country music.
  5. The Queen of country music turns 89 today. She's in poor health but don't believe those internet stories that say she's gone. Loretta is.....and always will be.... my favorite female singer. Her voice is as unique as a voice can get...just like her friend Patsy Cline. When you heard their voices you didn't have to stop and ask who it was. We love you Miss Loretta.
  6. I'm feeling better now. It definitely feels good to unplug occasionally in these crazy times. Our new puppy is doing great. After about 24 hours she felt right at home. We're even making progress on potty training. It's been 20 years since we've done that. Spring is definitely here.
  7. I'm probably going to be taking a few days off. I just need an internet break. I'm starting to feel old lately. The world is changing so much, The things that mattered to me are fading into the past and being eaten away by the politics of change. I just feel like everything around me is under attack. Don't worry about me. I just need a break from everything. I'll be back in a few days.
  8. We got our puppy today. It's a little shih-tzu. My wife had one when I met her and then we got 2 around the year 2000. I didn't even know what they were when I met my wife but now I love them. I start my volunteer job tomorrow as the P A announcer for local high school baseball team. I should practice. "Now up for the Moonshiners...center fielder....number 01...Hooobieee Harrrtkkiinnssssss!" How did that sound?
  9. Yep, around here a booger is what comes out of your nose. I guess you could pick a booger and say "Looks like I got the little bugger."
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