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  1. LOL every time I saw a driver crash last year I told myself "I bet Garrett picked that guy this week."
  2. I thought The Jaguars were going to beat the Patriots but the Patriots had another one of their miracle fourth quarters. Shucks! Right now the Eagles are leading 31-7. It looks like I'll be rooting for the Eagles in the Super Bowl unless something drastic happens here.
  3. Amen to that Brother Hobie! Amen to that!
  4. This is bad news, bad news. I haven't heard this yet and it is upsetting. I hope you'll use that time you spent on fantasy NASCAR and put it toward your NASCAR threads here Garrett. I'd hate to lose contact with you. You've been a good friend for a long time.
  5. I can't understand why she would be dating a loser like Aaron Rodgers when the best moonshiner around thinks she's attractive. Does that make any sense to you Hobie? I mean, what's more important in life, fame and fortune or the ability to make your own sipping shine? She has a strange set of priorities. Maybe she's sniffed too many racing fuel fumes.
  6. It's definitely different than Hazzard County!
  7. I actually got to do some more astronomy last night. Another clear one with no bright Moon getting in the way!
  8. Thanks for these updates Spike. With Garrett not around feeding us all the NASCAR news as much I appreciate it..
  9. I do the same thing. Another thing that I did just last week was write hazzard when I wasn't talking about the Dukes. It was on a different website than this one and spell check caught the extra Z. My first reaction was that spell check was wrong.
  10. I saw on the news this morning they're even getting snow in the western Florida panhandle. I woke up to zero degrees and it didn't feel that cold since we're getting used to it.
  11. LOL as Larry the Cable Guy would say "I don't care who you are that's funny right there"
  12. I feel your pain. It's been pretty cold here on Lake Erie. The good thing is that it makes us appreciate it more when it's warm.
  13. sea
  14. HAZZARD County Line
  15. This is getting bizzare! Today I saw Hoss's post. Earlier today I saw a commercial for Applebee's Restaurant. Yesterday I was at a basketball game and a player's last name was Appleby. My mother-in-law went to Cleveland the day before that to see a dementia specialist named Dr Appleby. Four Applebys in three days!....even though they aren't spelled the same that's pretty amazing! To add to the coincidence I had a piece of apple pie just before I logged in (I swear I'm not making that up)