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  1. Green APPLE Road (season 5)
  2. Hey Phil....Welcome to Hazzard County. It sure is nice to meet a new friend and fan of the show. I think it is likely that those flags were only on the first episode but there is a distant bell ringing in my head telling myself that I saw it briefly on another one of the Georgia episodes....probably not though. I'm always looking for an excuse to watch an episode or two so thanks for giving me one. We hope you become a regular here on the HN Phil. I'll get back to you if I find it.
  3. farmer
  4. This facebook thing is a real temptation for me. I want to join for the sole purpose of meeting and corresponding with more Dukes fans but I don't really want to join since facebook just seems too creepy to me. I'm still thinking about it .....but then I've been thinking about it a couple years now and still haven't joined.
  5. pie
  6. This reminded me of a friend of mine who has lived here a long time but grew up in South Africa. Despite being white he jokes that he is African-American. Even though he really is nobody would consider him to be that.
  7. Do most folks from England describe themselves as British or English? I assume it's not that much different than a person saying they are from America or saying they are from the United States.
  8. Mrs. oXford's Boarding House is where one of the two Mr Winkles lives.
  9. Atlanta
  10. Thanks for the information Spike!
  11. TURTLE Creek Road (season 4)
  12. OFFICER Daisy Duke (didn't see an O in there Hobie so thought I'd post this)
  13. town
  14. Very nice! Thanks for posting this photo! It's pretty awesome!
  15. Just watch at least one DOH episode a day and that should fix everything. We're here for you MM.