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  1. And any team who DOESN'T get caught pouring Hobie's Finest in their fuel tank will easily win.
  2. I feel the same way about him. I've gotten into dirt bike racing big time. They have been live in California and I like them so much I stay up late instead of recording them.
  3. fart (some folks call it breaking wind)
  4. It's crazy what happened in these last 3 NFL playoff games. All 3 visiting teams broke a tie and ended the game with a win as time expired. It's tied right now between the Bills and Chiefs in the third quarter do it could happen again.
  5. The world has gone insane. We are getting to a point where it seems like everybody loves to hate.
  6. Believe it or not I never had any big crushes on Daisy. A little crush maybe. The only person I ever had a big crush on was Farrah. I'm not saying Daisy wasn't crush-worthy. Of course she was....but even if she wouldn't have been on the show it would still be the best show in history.
  7. The scariest things I ever watch are The Great Pumpkin, Ernest Scared Stupid and Hazzardville Horror.....and CNN
  8. Too late for that. I'm exhausted. Time to admit that I'm not young anymore. Time to think about a snow blower next year. I shoveled 2 feet of snow in my 150 foot driveway by hand.
  9. The snow just started and we could get 20 inches. This isn't going to be the light fluffy stuff like last time. This is the heavy slippery greasy kind. Steelers vs Chiefs starting now. Four playoff teams have been knocked out so far. Those 4 are the Eagles, Raiders, Patriots and Cowboys.
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