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  1. I don't think I ever noticed either Hobie until I heard it here years ago. I had to look back at it again because I couldn't believe it.
  2. ditch (that's where it ended up before the local car dealer got it. What was his name?)
  3. Hey there GigGuy. Welcome to Hazzard County. Tell us a little more about your love of the Dukes.....favorite character, episode, scene, vehicle, season...etc. Do you watch them a lot? Ever met any of the stars? Do you have any Dukes toys or all the DVDs? We're happy to have you here and hope you stay a long time. YEEEHAWW!!
  4. Good advice Spike. I used to change my oil but have gotten lazy in my old age. After I got in the habit of having someone else do it I used to check my oil every time but I got out of that habit and I need to get back in it. Both of our vehicles are due so I'll think of you when I check their work.
  5. Hey Hoss, was the death of Christopher Tolkein a big deal over there? It didn't get much attention over here. I've become a pretty big Lord of the Rings fan these past several years.
  6. I'm not sure if you use this term over there or not but over here we would say that "you jinxed yourself". Also, if we are bragging about not being sick (or getting a speeding ticket....or anything bad like that) we say "knock on wood".... and actually knock if wood is around. Do you say either of those?
  7. Since the wife didn't approve the money for the Dixie Jeep I'll be chasing him on Miz Tizdale's dirt bike (even though mine looks a little different than Emma's)
  8. We definitely got enough snow to shovel today but I'm putting it off until tomorrow. It's the light fluffy kind so it shouldn't be too bad. My driveway is 150 feet long and I shovel it by hand. I'm old school!
  9. Pick your team and post it here. Two weeks until the Super Bowl. Even if you don't care, pick a team anyways just for fun. The more picks the more fun. Chiefs or 49ers? I pick Chiefs
  10. Shucks. You were right Hobie. She said no. Just wait until she asks for 65 grand to get her nails done. I'll get my revenge. It'll be a no from me.
  11. It's been a mild winter. I've only had to shovel my driveway twice. That might change tomorrow since we're supposed to get a decent amount of snow.
  12. If I cant get the loan from you I just might sell my house and buy it. After all you can live in a Jeep but you can't drive a house. (not counting an RV of course). I'll check with my wife. If she doesn't mind living in a Jeep we're putting a for sale sign in the front yard. I'll let you know what she says.