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  1. RogerDuke

    Days of Thunder

    Learn something every day. I'm sure that was in the credits but I never noticed.
  2. If you can make it 20 minutes then you're getting in about 19 minutes more than me. Anymore, I just check out the headlines and that's it. TV news used to be informative and it was once REAL NEWS. Now they're all just a bunch of opinion shows. I do watch all of the local news though. They still do a good job. I haven't been watching anyDOH episodes lately. Our daughter and her family are staying with us for a week. It's been fun.
  3. I'm starting to worry about the best moonshiner on the HazzardNet.
  4. It's really great to hear from you. Your engine is definitely a thing of beauty! Thanks for keeping us updated.
  5. RogerDuke

    Days of Thunder

    Dish Network was carrying it a couple months ago so I watched it. I don't think I'd seen it since it was in theaters. I'd forgotten how good it was.
  6. Welcome to the HazzardNet. I hope you hang out after you get your answer. It's always nice to get a new member. I bet Hoss or Spike can answer your question.
  7. Breaker 19 for that Hobie feller. How 'bout ya Hobie, ya got yer ears on good buddy? I hope I haven't said anything to make ya mad. Call me on that land line of yers if the CB can't make it past Iron Mountain.
  8. Now that's what I call a good way to start a day! Even now that I'm retired I still never watch Dukes when I first get up. I don't know why. I guess I never even thought about it before.
  9. I've never had a garbage disposal but I will say this: The best thing to do if you've recently had too much drama in your life is to add a little more drama.....the drama of a Dukes episode that is.
  10. I should probably clarify something here so I'm not misunderstood. I am not in favor of tearing down the statue of Chief Seattle or any other indigenous leader who did bad things. What I am saying is that you either forgive people and keep the statues of historical leaders up OR you don't forgive and take them all down. We're supposed to live in a society where everybody is treated equal. Let's treat them equal then. If the men on Mount Rushmore are not worthy of a tribute then no human who has ever sinned should ever be honored.
  11. The world has crossed the line from political correctness into the realm of insanity. I could see if everybody was treated the same but they're not. I looked up Chief Seattle and found out he wiped entire tribes and was a slave owner of anybody who survived. I called my friend who moved to Seattle two months ago and he said Chief Seattle is revered there and his statue will never come down. Imagine that. There are people in this world who hate a historic car, the most recognizable car in history, yet love a slave owner. Insanity.
  12. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    Great news. The Dukes of Hazzard wouldn't be quite the same if the Duke boys weren't ahead of Rosco kicking dust on him. And NASCAR wouldn't be the same if Chase Elliott wasn't in front of Jimmie Johnson making him smell his exhaust.
  13. Coltrane vs Duke.....season 4 Mr. Crystal of Crystal Mountain Beer wants the Duke farm to build a brewery but Boss has been unable to foreclose on it. When Rosco runs into the mud chasing the Duke boys, Boss has him fake broken bones and whiplash so he can sue them and get the farm. Boss even hires a fake doctor and ambulance. Jesse realizes Rosco is faking so the Dukes start investigating. Boss has to do everything for Rosco to convince him to keep up the scam, including reading him Jack and the Beanstalk....hilarious scene. Boss tries to take Rosco to his fishing cabin but the ambulance hits a bump and Rosco pops out and starts rolling down the hill, saved by the Dukes. Then Boss hides him in the jail, knowing the Dukes won't think of looking there. The Dukes find Mr. Crystal on their property and figure out why Boss wants it so bad. Before the trial the boys run into Chickasaw to get Doc Appleby to prove Rosco is faking but don't make it back on time because he is delivering triplets and Big Ed Little delays them. Judge Potts awards Rosco the Duke farm since Jesse doesn't have the $50,000 settlement. Potts heads to Atlanta to file the papers but the Dukes trick Rosco by pretending Flash got dognapped and get an instamatic picture of Rosco running, proving he's not really hurt. They race off to catch the judge but get sidetracked by Big Ed. All the other vehicles get to the judge first but finally Bo and Luke arrive with the photo, causing the judge to change his mind. -- Emery Potter makes a return. This time as a reluctant deputy. -- Jesse revealed that the farm has been owned by Dukes since 1792.