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  1. We're off to an Alan Jackson concert tonight and have 5th row seats on the floor in front of the stage. I'm not a huge fan but my wife is. I just became a bigger fan a few minutes ago when I checked wickapedia and found out he was raised dirt poor in Georgia. I'm wearing my 01 hat and orange Dukes shirt just in case he notices....they are bright colors after all....and the hat was signed by another Georgia boy, Sonny Shroyer. I'll just bet ya that 'ole Alan is a Dukes fan.
  2. K-Duke and country girl are hanging out again! Life is good!
  3. Baa Baa WHITE Sheep
  4. Dukes OF Hatchapee.....(thank goodness they didn't lose the farm)
  5. MABEL Wooster MARRIED Emery Potter.
  6. Shucks. You're probably right. I still look at it as progress though.
  7. This may sound silly but I have written in my Dukes journal every time I hit another thousand posts here on the HN in the last decade. Clearly I have slowed down. It took nearly 4 years to get this last thousand. 1000 Feb 2008.......2000 Sept 2008.....3000 June 2009 4000 Dec 2009.........5000 Aug 2010......6000 March 2011 7000 Aug 2012........8000 Nov 2013......9000 Sept 2017
  8. "Ain't IT nice to know that there' a place IN this old world where things never change." ---Waylon from "By-Line Daisy Duke"
  9. When you look at the many ways rock music has split in 50 years country music hasn't done much except drop the western in county western. I think it's due for a split though. They need to label some of this stuff county-pop and get it off the radio stations that are calling themselves country. If you want to call yourself country you need to stop playing some of that stuff. Folks like me have stopped listening.
  10. round
  11. Belated happy birthday on Saturday cousin. We know you've fallen on some tough times but we love you and we're wishing you the best. Now get out there and get back on your feet. That's how things are done here in Hazzard.
  12. I agree 100%. I'm trying to look at the bright side though. The stupid politically correct ban has been lifted. This may lead to a dream come true....the original series making it back to some other channel. Maybe the executives of CMT will sit in a meeting and say " If ABC can run that stupid movie we should put the original series back on. "
  13. cemetary