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  1. We saw Ready Player One last weekend (loved it) and plan on seeing Rampage tomorrow.
  2. Thanks for posting this picture.....I like that episode.
  3. Rocky Balboa (from Philly)
  4. My first car was a 1975 Mustang II. I took over the $99 monthly payments in 1978 from my brother when he went in the Marines and had the car for 12 years after that. I miss it.
  5. We hope you had a great birthday yesterday Cousin Coy!
  6. Pittsburgh Penguin
  7. Los Angeles Dodgers
  8. Yep, it was a good birthday. Since it was Sunday I didn't have to work so that helped! Thanks for the well wishes.
  9. Thanks for posting this Tania. I turned 58 today and Denver was 59 when Dukes started so I'm on my way to being just like my hero Uncle Jesse.
  10. pickpocket
  12. I would need more evidence to believe it.
  13. Where did you hear that?
  14. Thanks so much Tania. It was a great jump and I'm happy for him. I hope he didn't get banged up too bad. It looked smooth but that can be rough on a 58 year old body. I wonder if he is the oldest person to ever jump that far.
  15. I'm pretty low tech so I don't ever post videos and don't even know how so I don't know the rules. Hoss answers all the tech stuff if MM isn't around.