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  1. I'm so amazed at how real it looks.....especially underneath and inside the bed. It's hard to believe it's not really Jesse's truck.
  2. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! If I had to pick between two priceless works of art.....the Mona Lisa or this would be an easy decision. I wouldn't even give Mona a second look. What a great tribute to the show and to my hero Uncle Jesse. Thanks for building it and sharing the story.
  3. EMERY Potter
  4. BUBBA from the Loretta Lynn episode
  5. Mr WINKLE ......if you're looking to adopt a dog he's the man to see.
  6. RHUEBOTTOM's Store
  7. Since Hoss mentioned a Lou I have to too. That'll make two Lous Cooter's daughter NANCY Lou
  8. Darcey KINCADE
  9. Bill ELLIOTT was one of the NASCAR drivers mentioned by the announcer in "Undercover Dukes"
  10. Y'ALL Come.....sung by Loretta Lynn......I'm already struggling to remember if I've already used some of these. LOL
  11. "Rosco P Coltrane that's WHO." Does anybody remember which episode Rosco said that to the owl?
  12. From "High Octane" Rosco's Aunt TILLIE is not his uncle.
  13. I always say that the Dukes of Hazzard is the only show ever made that was perfect but I suppose moving to California made it a little less than perfect....but not much less.
  14. Knock knock Who's there? Bo Bo who? Ya don't have to cry about it.
  15. OLD Post Road takes ya to the Mud Flats