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  1. snake
  2. I know how you feel Dixie. It makes me sad that this old town isn't as busy as it used to be. I was just flipping though the first few pages of when the trivia thread started and missing the glory days and all my friends here who have left. I really don't want to join facebook but am seriously considering it. I'd only use it to talk to fellow Dukes fans. As much as I love HazzardNet and am still loyal to it I can't stand the silence anymore. It's just getting too painful.
  3. It's been two and a half months since Susan logged in so I assume she is not going to finish this so I'll continue it myself unless anybody objects. I'm the type of person who doesn't like to leave something undone.
  4. ice cream
  5. plastic
  6. That confused me too but I think Dixie means that "nothing" has been posted on fanfic
  7. That makes me want to dig out his book and read it again. He sure is an interesting man who overcame some obstacles in life and through hard work and determination became a household word. Unless you're really young everybody knows who you're talking about when you say the name Cooter. The same could be said for all the main stars. The Dukes of Hazzard was so popular its mark on television will live on a long time. The best example of that is "Daisy Dukes". Today's teenagers might not recognize Catherine but they know what Daisy Dukes are.
  8. It's good to hear from you Dixie. I've missed you. I'd be interested in doing a role play if you want to. Did you see you one I was doing with Susan? You could take over her spot if you want. I doubt she'll be back and I'd hate to see it go unfinished. Please keep posting. I still have hopes that folks will come back and get more involved again.
  9. elf
  10. weapon
  11. lumberjack
  12. hockey
  13. melt
  14. I just got done watching "Days of Shine and Roses." Denver was born 97 years ago today.
  15. I'm not sure how many of the stars weren't happy with the move to California. I bet you're right about Ben. I'm sure Sonny liked Georgia better since he was from Valdosta. I remember an interview James Best gave where he wasn't happy with the move.