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  1. RogerDuke

    Double Zero Mustang

    That is interesting!
  2. RogerDuke

    Coy And Vance

    He does nail it every time. He is awesome. He should change his name to Hossome...or hawesome. Plus we could make up poems about him since it rhymes with possum.
  3. RogerDuke

    Life long fan, first time poster.

    I love it when folks dig up old many good memories. I should start doing that too. It's so much fun. We sure are happy to have you here Matt and hope you hang out a long time. We love Dukes fans of all levels and you sound like you're up there pretty high. Do you have a favorite character or episode?
  4. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    I guess I'm going to have to settle for my General Lee toys.
  5. RogerDuke

    Word Association

  6. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    What kind of scam are you running here Garrett? Okay, I'll chip in $30. Will that get us an orange 01 NASCAR car?
  7. RogerDuke

    Word Association

    song Now I do too!
  8. RogerDuke

    Word Association

    (sorry...only mentioned it because Europe has had more wars than any place in history.....I think)
  9. RogerDuke

    The last 24 hours

    I thought you'd have a Union Jack on top.
  10. RogerDuke

    Word Association

  11. RogerDuke

    The last 24 hours

    Now, that's funny! What a fantastic pattern. That is a picture worth showing off!
  12. RogerDuke

    NASCAR news

    I think we should all pull together and sponsor him. If we put in enough money we could probably get rights to paint and number the car. It would be cool to see an orange O1 car racing with HAZZARDNET painted on all four fenders. I suspect they won't let us do a Conferederate Flag though. Seriousely though, how expensive can it be? I'll give 20 dollars. Anybody else in?
  13. RogerDuke

    Word Association

  14. RogerDuke

    The last 24 hours

    You know me well. .never turn down an opportunity to have fun. This isn't fun though....our furnace broke down today....not good timing with this weekend storm arriving. I think it's just the igniter though. It's 20 years old and this is its first problem. I started a fire in the wood stove. It doesn't heat everything but it's in the basement so it will keep the pipes from freezing. I'm probably going to get a professional to fix the furnace. I wouldn't want the house to end up like the Dukes outhouse.
  15. RogerDuke

    Word Association