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  1. Happy birthday on Friday Lulu. You are a beautiful angel.
  2. fishing
  3. I just was looking through some of these old threads. I've been an amateur astronomer for over 20 years and this comet prediction was by far the most disappointing thing in all that time. It's funny to see how I was hyping it up but I was only repeating what the professionals were saying.
  4. I think tomorrow night is the last ever Duck Dynasty show.....not counting reruns, of course.
  5. life
  6. I hope you kept it between the ditches on your birthday yesterday Cale. You're a living legend! Happy Birthday!
  7. I've wondered that too Hobie. Hmmm, this makes me wonder if there was any kind of copyright on the term "Ridge Runner" at the time. Maybe they couldn't use it. My fantasy NASCAR team in Garrett's league is called "Jesse Duke's Ridge Runners"
  8. It looks like it's as wide as the Charger there which surprised me since it's a smaller car. I suppose that makes sense though since a wider car can handle turns better and Jaguars are known for their performance.
  9. steak
  10. I go to a lot of dirt track racing (oval shaped track) and It's always funny to hear people after a wreck. If car #23 gets in a wreck with car #44 the fans of car #23 blame the driver of car #44 and the fans of car #44 blame the driver of car #23. It happens every time! I guess that's called human nature.
  11. I can even remember getting our first color television. The thing that I liked best was seeing cartoons in color....and Star Trek!
  12. carpenter
  13. It looks like Duke Dynasty is winding down. This is the last season for it. All good things must come to an end. I'll be fine though. The only time I had a tough time with a show ending was in 1985. Back then there was no way for me to see Dukes at all once they were off the air. They ended up getting rerun on a different network (ABC). I couldn't get that channel but then the VCR came out and I had someone record them for me. What an awesome feeling...to be able to watch the Dukes any time I wanted.
  14. tree
  15. Chase Elliott just won stage 2 at Phoenix a couple minutes ago. I haven't been this excited about a NASCAR driver since Cale Yarborough was in the driver's seat.