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  1. pirate
  2. We need more rookies like you around here NatMac. It sure is nice to have you around. Ask as many questions as you can think of. They're fun!
  3. A half hour later Jesse had arrived at his destination on the southwest corner of Hazzard Swamp. He parked his truck off the road far enough that it wasn't visible. Rain was forecast so he rolled the windows up. The old-timer got out, grabbed the backpack and put it on. He sighed, took two steps then noticed his boot was untied. He grumbled then stooped down, tied it and was on his way heading north on a well worn trail that bordered the swamp. An hour later he noticed a massive oak tree, by far the largest tree he had seen on the trek. He then turned off the trail and made a left and traveled west through the thick woods for an hour, stopping often to orient himself and rest as well. He then arrived at his destination, an old run down shack two miles from the nearest road in any direction. He wasted no time knocking on the door while yelling. "Amos! Amos, are you in there? This is Jesse Duke here!"
  4. We'll never forget you cousin. Happy birthday.
  5. Anytime I see the word hazard spelled somewhere my initial response is that some dummy misspelled it and forgot a Z. Then I think twice and realizze (two zs) I'm the dummy who doesn't know how to spell. Has anybody else here had that happen to them? I guess that's a sign that you're a serious fan....and I'm proud to say I am.
  6. It looks like my two favorite drivers got the #1 and #2 spot at Daytona......Chase Elliott and Dale Jr!
  7. Don't feel bad about that. We're just happy to have another Duke fan in town here at the HN and hope you ask questions for a long time. It's fun trying to figure these things out. I knew Witness for the Persection but Roth beat me to it. That is a great episode.
  8. boring
  9. butcher
  10. I'm a pretty low tech person so I don't know what I'm doing. Now that you mention it, that only happens at home on my tablet and not at work. Could it be that spell correct is something that is on the device and not the website?
  11. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it. This thing looks like it would have a chance in a race against the real General Lee. Well, maybe not since nothing can beat the most famous car in the world....still, this is very cool and he is now my favorite drag car racer. I wish I could write his name but this stupid spell correct won't let me. How did you do it Boss?
  12. breakfast
  13. To be honest I never did follow NASCAR that closely but the Duke boys influenced me too. That's why Cale Yarborough was my favorite driver back then. They're still influencing me. That's why I always root for the drivers from Georgia.