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  1. Thanks Hobie. I'm having a rough night after I thought I was getting better. It's starting to affect me mentally. It's time to throw a Dukes DVD in.
  2. It looks like the place got all cleaned up and the party is officially over. It started as a MM is cured party and morphed into a Waylon birthday party and then capped off as a Roger Duke is out of the hospital party. As 'ol Waylon always says "In Hazzard, we tend to like happy endings."
  3. Getting discharged in a couple hours. They still haven't figured out what is wrong but I'm starting to feel better. There still is a lot of bloodwork that is waiting to be tested so those results will filter in eventually. I wonder if this is going to be one of those things where I never know what it was. I've heard of that happening. Hopefully all of my symptoms will fade into the Hazzard County sunset in a few days.
  4. That was one great party. Since I'm sick I guess it's up to you other folks to clean this mess up. No self respecing gator, varmit, or other smelly critter would want to live in this mess.
  5. Still here. Going through another round of tests for another list of possibilities. They sure are covering all the bases.
  6. I'm in the hospital and not doing well. After a ton of tests your idea of a nymph tick is their best guess at this point. No bull's eye but 30% of Lyme disease victims don't get it.
  7. June 15 would be a good day to end the party in the Hazzard Swamp. I'm sure MM wouldn't mind if the celebration evolves into a Waylon birthday party.
  8. I hope that doesn't cause trouble between him and Jesse. With one or two more days of the party I wouldn't want to see a fight....even though I know Uncle Jesse would win. Hey, here comes Waylon and he has all the ingredients for smores. I've been wondering why he took off a couple hours ago. It looks like we're going to have a birthday celebration too.
  9. Still no blood work results. I'm going to the emergency room in the morning. I've been freezing for two weeks in June and can't live like this any more.
  10. I'm having other issues now so if my blood test results aren't in tomorrow I'm going to start to get politely pushy.
  11. Oh no, I was afraid of this. Emma Tisdale is dancing to the Lorreta Lynn CD I put in. I love this song..."Ya 'all come!" but I'm not sure I wanted to see her dance. I shouldn't be too surprised. Everybody is just so happy MM is okay they just can't contain themselves. Watching her dance is one of those things you don't want to see but can't help looking at. Jesse looks pretty happy though.
  12. Woops! They're gone and Flash has a big smile on his face. This smores plan is going downhill fast. I hope MM wasn't looking forward to them.
  13. Thanks Hobie. I started to notice improvement this afternoon. I hope it carries through to tomorrow morning. No Lyme disease test results yet. I've heard they can take a few days.
  14. The doctor ordered blood tests to make sure it is not Lyme disease but there was no tick involved so I hope that checks out fine. He also wants to check my blood cell counts to see if anything weird is going on.....I mean weirder than my NORMAL amount of weird. Which is a bit weird because if you think about it, there's nothing normal about weirdness. If there was then it wouldn't be weird.