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If there is a 2011 Dukesfest - where should it be held?


If there is a Dukesfest 2011 - where should it be held?  

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  1. 1. If there is a Dukesfest 2011 - where should it be held?

    • Atlanta
    • Bristol
    • California
    • Nashville
    • Other

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I say ENGLAND!! Cause we are really really Dukes deprived...we've got a one in a million chance of seeing any of the cast memebers over here as it is and I know quite a few Dukes fans over here who would appriciate the chance to have them here!!

Failing that I'd say Atlanta again, I loved that place and it's close to Convington - the original filming place1

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Sorry BoJames and Hoss...if I can't make it to Altanta due to the distance, I know I surely wouldn't be able to make it there! Though I guess it'd only be fair to you if it was over there since I already went to four of them...but four is definately not enough for me! I voted for Bristol since I was able to make it there before (though it'd be easier for me to go if it was more central...lol) but loved Bristol as well as Nashville. Though both were on NASCAR tracks, Nashville is only Nationwide Series track while the Sprint Series races on Bristol.

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I've been to Sperryville VA, Bristol twice and nashville twice. Due to money concerns couldn't make Atlanta. At this time I have car issues so for that reason I voted Bristol.

Bristol also has a wide range of motels around the track. I loved the first year as Spring Nationals were also goiong on at the Thunder Valley Drag track walking distance from the Dukefest events and 1 price got you into both as some things went on at that track too. BUT HEAT / SUN were issues! Nearly had second degree sunburn from waiting for John's autograph for around 6 hours before getting to the large tent.

Nashville was good, offered shade. The track opened their concessions stands up as well as other vendors. Cast was in air conditioned building so AFTER you got to the door you were at least cool while waiting. I didn't care for the way city of Nashville around the track was so spread out and when asking for directions seemed to find follks that just didn't know or want to tell you if they understood you.

Basically either of these locations have good and not so good. I would have also liked to have seen the locations around Altanta but couldn't make it.


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I'm guessing Washington wouldn't be a popular destination for DukesFest, but California would be great because we could all make a side trip to Warner Brothers Studio to visit Hazzard. Or the "midwestern" set as I think they call it.

I might be able to work with that! I would love to visit California. Another show I love has a few sites I would love to visit in LA!

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While we're not able to release specific information as of yet....

Something Is Cooking for 2011. That's all we can tell you and we have it straight from the horse's mouth. We're just not allowed, at this time, to tell you the horse's identity, or of the proposed location of the event, as the event itself is in the early planning stages only. Nothing is promised at this point, but we know it's being looked into by key people and that discussions are in progress.

We also never steal somebody else's official thunder. When we are given the green light to share details with ya'll, we will. HazzardNet will be on top of the breaking news.

We're dang good at breakin' stuff, after all. *SMASH* See?

Knowing something about what goes into these things, and given that the holidays are in front of us yet, it'll be at least a couple more months before we know which way the wind is blowing. Until then, be patient, save some of your Christmas money, and as soon as we know what's going on for sure, you'll know too.

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I'm new to this site and have not been able to be at any of the Dukes Fests yet...but I would LOVE to be at one! Like probably a lot here I grew up with the show and still love it to this day!

I truly hope they put one together this year---if they do I will plan to attend! Hope we find out where and when in the next few months (or not :cry:)...until then Yee Haw! :-P

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je suis nouveaux sur le cite,j'ai 30 ans,je suis francais,j'habite en france a paris,je suis fan de la serie sherif fais moi peur,mon plus beau reve serai de venir voir un dukefest,a quand le prochain dukefest?et ou?merci d'avance pour toute les reponse,a tres bientot....:lol:

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Just wanna mention that so far it looks like the big e-vent of 2011 is gonna be the Hazzard Homecoming in Sperryville Virginia! See the "Dukes of Hazzard News - Public Appearance of Cast" thread at the top of the Forums, for the latest.

We'll also recap all the scheduled appearances and shindigs in our February newsletter, which is already out of control. There's a lot going on!

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