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  1. I’m glad whatever was wrong has been fixed! But, what exactly was the login problem? I always have the link or fansite as part of my regular or favorite sites at the top of my Google page/feed. I’m always logged in, so I just click on the site when I want to check it out. So, just curious...
  2. I know he said those lines...but he should have known the Dukes would never do something like that. He should have known something weird was up! Awesome...I grew up with the show originally, and I’ve watched it many times in the years since, but I did not remember the guy who played Homer showed up in another episode! Cool! I’ll look for him again later, when I get to that season.
  3. Watching this 3rd season episode again. Love this one...plenty of action, humor, and the plot was fun with Boss Hogg being the target. The scenes with the drunk driver Hobie crack me up ...as nowadays this would be considered a serious & dangerous offense (and rightfully so), but back then a little DUI action was no big deal...maybe a night in jail to sober up & a fine. Also, the hardware store owner, Homer Griggs-(sp?) I thought was kind of gullible & ridiculous to think the Duke boys would actually rob him...I mean, he’s known them & Uncle Jesse for who knows how many years, and how long have the Dukes been coming in there to pay for screen, fencing, and whatever else? And suddenly out of nowhere they suddenly decide to rob him?? He should have known something weird was up. But, this one is one of my favorites from the season, and it’s always a blast watching it!
  4. https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwiXjqbPj-D6AhVUx4YKHQZBBdEYABABGgJ2dQ&sig=AOD64_1my_pOC7xu6C31GrpJS3PpLsRjpg&adurl&ctype=5&ved=2ahUKEwjU4JLPj-D6AhWtYDABHay1DDMQwg96BAgBEC0 I don’t like just putting a link in that someone has to click on to see it, but this seems to be the only way I can get a picture to be seen on this site. This is a pic of one like the one I finally purchased the other night...still like her Satellite and/or Road Runner better (and have the 1:18 diecast model of the Satellite), but decided to get this model as well. I also had to find another Daisy action figure to sit in it and/or sit on the hood, lol (as my other Daisy figure is on the hood of the Satellite), but both should be here soon.
  5. I heard this earlier this morning...very sad, but it sounds like she went peacefully in her sleep. Prayers for the family!
  6. I’ve not noticed DVDs being labeled incorrectly...but there could have been some sets that had discs placed wrong when they were being packaged. What I’m laughing & shaking my head at is someone’s review saying the episodes were out of the original order because Daisy’s Satellite shows up again, after she’d supposedly gotten the Jeep! Have these people not ever heard that most of the time (for various reasons) shows don’t air episodes in the exact order they were filmed?? Anyway, since I was having problems with both my Season 3 sets (mentioned in my earlier post from last night) with playback & discs not wanting to load...I decided to get the complete series DVD set that was on sale at my town’s Walmart. The discs are one sided, but seem to be the same quality as the original double sided season DVD sets...and the Season 3 episodes seem to play just fine! Compared to each original season set costing $30-40 a piece, I was pleased to find the entire series for just $69—also especially since I’ve not seen it available in stores much since the lib-woke lies & garbage have tried to destroy it! But, the year on the set is 2020, which is just a couple years ago. So, maybe some “Dukes” stuff (outside of online or Cooter’s Place) is starting to be marketed & enjoyed again.
  7. Although sometimes double sided discs are supposedly considered slightly better quality...they also are many times known for having playback problems—with freezing up or not wanting to load at all. I bought each of the DOH original double sided season DVD sets as they were released. Most play fine...however, I will be honest and say that I’ve had issues with the Season 3 set—specifically Disc 2 side B, and Disc 4. A few years ago I re-bought the same set off eBay, and it seemed to play fine. Then, eventually the same discs started having issues again?? I saw the complete series on DVD, with the one sided discs, for sale in Walmart the other day...I’m considering getting it just to have as a back up for my original sets. What I would absolutely love would be for the entire original series to be digitally remastered for a complete series Blu-ray set! But, sadly that probably won’t ever happen.
  8. The site says max size is 28.44 KB. I’m not a techie, so I don’t know how much/big that is? But, it must not be that big at all, as no matter what size (big or small) I try to use, this site always says it’s too big. I’m not sure what you mean by an image hosting site? I know what Flickr & other sites are, and I have tons of free photos...but that doesn’t seem to be the issue. It seems to come down to the digital size...and this is the only site I’ve ever had problems posting pics. I’m also not sure how to edit a photo, and there’s probably apps that are for that...but it’d be one more thing I’d have to try and download to my phone (and I don’t really have much room left), as my laptop bit the dust a couple years ago, and I’ve not been able to afford to get another one yet. I have a work laptop, but I cannot download extra or other things to it, as that option is blocked. All other TV & movie fansites I’m part of have no trouble with posting photos...I’m not sure what the deal is with this one, but I wish whoever would figure out a way to allow easier posting of pics.
  9. I would post a screen clip, but as usual this site never lets me post photos...it always says they’re too big. I’m not sure how to change the size, or if that’s possible...but it does get old never being able to post a photo. But, the original town square & courthouse in Covington, Georgia that was first used as the Hazzard town square, was later seen in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) as the town of Crystal Lake—Jason Vorhees’ stomping/chopping grounds.
  10. I have the 1:18 scale diecast model of it—with Daisy’s action figure sitting on the hood. I also have 1:18 scale diecast models of all the “Dukes” vehicles (with action figures displayed in or beside them), except the Jeep & Cooter’s tow truck—which I think are now available. I also wish a diecast model of Boss Hogg’s Caddy would be created, but probably won’t happen. Whatever thread I create or post in on this site, I can’t ever get photos to work...it always says they’re too big, regardless of the size. Not sure how to change the size, or how to get them to work? I’m not a techie.
  11. Yeah, I’ve read before that originally it was the Road Runner that they started having trouble finding replacement parts for. So, they switched to the Satellite. However, eventually for whatever reason they started having trouble finding parts for it too...although neither car were that old at the time & I find it hard to believe that the Chrysler Corporation didn’t have parts to order if needed. People seem to find parts nowadays, when restoring or fixing them up. I think you’re right...the decision to destroy the Plymouth Satellite was to showcase the new Jeep. To each his or her own...but I seriously disagree with that decision. Daisy should have kept the Satellite. The image of the Satellite you posted looks to be from IMCDb (even if someone posted it on Flickr, as well). I too have tried using the pic, but no matter where I get it from, this site always says it’s too big. This is the only fansite I have trouble posting photos on sometimes. I’m not sure how you got it to work??
  12. I’m not gonna lie... I do not care for Season 2’s “The Runaway”. I remember watching this one when it originally aired. I never cared for the plot...but, the worst aspect was losing Daisy’s 1971 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Coupe! I loved that car, 2nd only to General Lee...but, the story goes that supposedly they found it hard to find replacement parts for the Satellite (although the car was barely 9 years old at the time? ) & Jeep offered the show some new 1980 models to showcase, so they had Daisy’s Plymouth destroyed by running it over a cliff. Then they bring in this dorky (my opinion) white Jeep called ‘Dixie’. Daisy finishes out the show with the Jeep (a couple different model years were used throughout the show’s run), but I will always love the Satellite best!! (Note: the episode “Arrest Jesse Duke” aired 2 episodes before this, and for whatever reason/s was aired out of order...as Daisy already had Dixie with no explanation.) I’d add a photo of the Satellite, but no matter what pic (of anything or anyone) I try to add, it always says it’s supposedly too big.
  13. Maybe so...in Hazzard, anything was possible.
  14. I suppose, lol. Also, character or even storyline continuity wasn’t exactly what “Dukes” was focused on, either.
  15. No, Rosco wouldn’t lie...in that kind of situation, lol! But, overall it just seemed odd considering how many times he ended up in ponds or rivers & was never scared or freaked out in those times.
  16. Although there are also others that definitely qualify for the spooky aspects, and I’ll get to them eventually, because it is nearing the fall and Halloween season, I decided to rewatch “Ghost of General Lee”. I remember watching this one when it originally aired as a kid, and I’ll never forget it! It actually tugged at some very genuine heart strings and emotions, and was very popular at the time! However, one thing that I’ve not really ever given much thought before until now, is towards the beginning when they think the Duke boys have gone into & drowned in the pond, Rosco makes the comment that he can’t swim! What?? How many times did he go into ponds himself...and have no trouble getting out? I find that statement pretty silly & non-believable...especially for DOH! But, I guess we’re supposed to just go with it for this one episode. Overall it’s one of my favorites...as a kid & as an adult.
  17. Watched this one again last night...this is still one of my favorite episodes! Perfect season premiere!!
  18. Probably true...it supposedly could have been a number of things. I just found it interesting that there was a mortgage on the farm (in some way), that the Dukes had had in the family for generations.
  19. There were still a few good episodes at the end...but there were also ridiculous ones that hurt the show. And, ridiculous jumps with using fake models didn’t help. All these factors contributed to the end. But, the legacy of the show overall lives on!
  20. Watching the Season 1 finale again...Double Sting. It’s an okay episode, but not necessarily my favorite of the season. However, this time around I noticed something that for whatever reason I’ve not given much thought to before. When Uncle Jesse comes to the jail to bail Bo & Luke out, he gripes them out for making him have to use the farm mortgage payment. Okay...supposedly the Duke family had been farming there for almost 200 years (along with making moonshine). Whatever little land they had left around the Duke farm (as earlier in another episode Jesse talks about the depression ruining a lot of land), wouldn’t they already own it (and had for decades)? They may be poor “dirt” farmers, but what “mortgage” would they have to pay? I’m sure I’m reading way more into this than ever was intended, lol, but for some reason this time it made me stop and think. Just curious...
  21. Well, by Season 7 that was another thing that sadly contributed to declining ratings (besides ridiculous episode plots), and that was using scale models of the vehicles for the jumps & stunts...you could tell it was fake, and some of the jumps were a little too ridiculous/unrealistic...even for “Dukes”. Even cast members were upset & disagreed with this choice, but the network & producers did it anyway.
  22. I have TONS of shows I’ve collected over the years...so thank God (for real) that we came up with DVDs & Blu-rays! I have Netflix but I don’t even watch that a lot anymore. I’m always going through some show I haven’t seen in a few years (and I’m always acquiring movies—usually older or old ones to watch), and usually never have to worry about viewing content. Recently I’ve started going through “Dukes” again...this time I’m purposely watching on my old cone-butt TV in the basement family room—which is in the old entertainment center & all my “Dukes” action figures next to die cast metal models of their cars —along with the lunchbox & one of the TVGuides, are all displayed on top. All this while sitting on an old 70s brown floral couch, lol! I still have an old DVD/VCR combo machine set up down there...so it’s fun watching the show as it looked when originally aired (aka non-HD). This is all just because I can, lol...although a Blu-ray release (digitally remastered in HD) of “Dukes” would be superb!! I didn’t know James Best wanted the robot episode...as much as I loved him & the character of Rosco, I can’t agree with the choice to make that one.
  23. Lol...there may have been a little more in-between-the-lines that they were trying to get across, here. But, realism wasn’t exactly “Dukes” strongpoint. It was a somewhat unrealistic ideal that was an awesome escape from reality, that we all wish WAS reality. I miss those days!!!
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