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I am going to agree with Roger about identical twins and Im going to say Treasure of Hazzard is the odd one.

Anytime I start to feel the pressure I always stand behind someone smarter than me for protection so I'll agree with this quote although I just thought of something. If "Arrest Jesse Duke" or "Twin Trouble" have an Abraham Lincoln mention, BL and I might be barking up the wrong tree. Any chance you can hold off on the answer Hoss to get BL's opinion?....or anyone else's for that matter.

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You both got the identical twins link. I guess this one may be up for debate, but my odd one out was 'Baa, Baa White Sheep' because Sorrell played his own twin, whereas the other episodes had real twins in them. 'Arrest Jesse Duke' and 'Twin Trouble' featured Candi and Randi Brough as Floralee & Francee and Cindy & Sandy respectively. 'Treasure of Hazzard' featured Cindy and Sandy Acker (I wonder where the writers of 'Twin Trouble' got the twins' names from ;)) as Sam and Gerry McCobb. Y'all can have a point if you can give a good reason why the odd one out was 'Treasure of Hazzard'.

Which one of these regular cast members wasn't born in the state of New York?:

Christopher Mayer

Sorrell Booke

Rick Hurst

John Schneider

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You were right to get nervous, Roger, because BL gets the points. According to IMDb.com, their places and dates of birth are as follows:

George Charles Mayer III

February 21, 1954 in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Sorrell Booke

January 4, 1930 in Buffalo, New York, USA

Richard Douglas Hurst

January 1, 1946 in Houston, Texas, USA

John Richard Schneider III

April 8, 1960 in Mount Kisco, New York, USA

I've decided to take a break from asking questions, so the one below will be my last for a while. I will post the answer in a couple of days. If anyone else wants to pose some questions, please feel free.

I'm sure everyone remembers Ace Parker's used car lot from 'Repo Men', but do you remember his next-door neighbor? The store was called "Darlene's", but what type of store was it?:

A) Bakery

B) Dog grooming parlor

C) Auto parts

D) Beauty parlor

E) Restaurant

NB: Just so there's no confusion, there was an unrelated sign for "Darleen Perfumes" (note different spelling) in 'Officer Daisy Duke' - the question above is not about this one:


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I'm going to guess bakery just because I'm hungry right now.

Never go food shopping or play trivia quizzes on an empty stomach, Roger :).

BL takes the points again (see picture below). Seeing as this was one of the Georgia episodes I did wonder whether it was a real business. I couldn't find anything on Google, although there is a beauty salon called 'Aaron Ricky and Darlene' in nearby Conyers.

Does anyone else have any trivia questions to ask while I take a break?


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With only one or two people usually responding to trivia I fear that it may have run its course. Sadly, there just doesn't seem to be the interest in it that there used to be. Any suggestions to improve it will be welcome.

With 3,486 posts and 175,000 views (a quarter million if you include the other trivia threads) it would be sad to see it end.

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I have to agree with you, Roger. It can be a little disheartening to spend time researching questions and then find that only one or two people answer (and I know other members read this thread regularly - what's stopping you?). I'm taking a break at the moment because I need time to watch some episodes and think up some more questions. If there's enough support, I'm happy to ask questions again in the future, and I'll also (try to) answer questions posted by others in the meantime.

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I got ya beat K-Duke. Not only was I born exactly a week after John, I was born the same year.

He was born 4-8-60.

I was born 4-15-60.

You have me beat by 4 days and 37 years. So I guess I'll give you an early "Happy Birthday" and one to John since it's today. :)

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I agree with Roth that it was Mickey Gilley.

I think 1982 would've been a great time to employ Taylor Swift. At seven years before she was born, maybe we wouldn't have been subjected to her whining in song about the poor choices she makes in her love life!

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very few of the fans will get that one right lol my wife played on one show too I don't think I am in the right room good grief roflmao

You're both right. It's Mickey Gilley.

Hey, check out this trivia classic quote. It's from none other than James Best himself when he used to hang out here.

I was wrong when I posted that James had met his wife on the set of the Dukes episode "The Rustlers". It turned out they met at his acting school. I'm lucky that I'm still not sitting in the Hazzard County Jail for that flub up.

This quote can be found on page 201 of this trivia thread and is post #1490 and was written on 3-12-09.

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