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I should've gone with my gut instinct and said Donna Fargo, but it's too late now :).

Here's a quick one for y'all. When I was reading about the history of Los Angeles the other day, one of the contibutors said that his parents took him to the famous Brown Derby restaurant for his 7th birthday in 1957. One of the famous diners his parents pointed out to him was the lady below, and I knew I recognized her name from Dukes. Can you name either the actress or the part she played when she guest-starred in Dukes? She would have been around 50 years old when she was spotted at the Brown Derby.


I'll narrow it down to a season if y'all get stuck.

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LOL That really was a guess. I'm surprised that I got it right Roth.

For lack of being able to come with anything better I'm agreeing with K-Duke.

I just watched "Happy Birthday General Lee" earlier today. What year did the old-timer who sold the black future General Lee to the Duke boys INCORRECTLY say that the 1969 was when he was being questioned by the robbers?

A) 1968

B) 1970

C) 1979

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Yep. It's gold dust and Mrs. Puff.

I watched "Find Loretta Lynn" today in honor of Dennis Burkley who played Bubba and recently passed away (see the townsfolks thread)

When Luke first met Bubba what did Luke call him just before Bubba knocked him out?

A) Godzilla

B) Big Bigger Biggest

C) Tiny

D) King Kong

E) Brittany Spears

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Hmmm, still no responses.

This will make it easier.

It's NOT B,C or E

Sorry Roger, I saw the question really late at night and decided to sleep on it. The only problem was that I forgot about it in the morning :(.

I still can't remember, so I'll guess at King Kong (are you sure it wasn't Britney? ;)).

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Hoss got it right. Luke called him King Kong.

I just watched "High Flyin' Dukes" and it reminded me that I used to post an easy, medium and hard question after seeing an episode so I thought I'd try it again, at least once.

From "High Flyin' Dukes"......

EASY....What kind of bird did Boss have with him while in hot pursuit (as a passenger) in Rosco's sheriff's car?

A) owl

B) chicken

MEDIUM.....Which Duke took over as a crop duster when a friend of the Dukes got sick?

A) Bo

B) Luke

C) Daisy

D) Jesse

HARD......The friend mentioned in the medium question was....

A) Darcy Kincaid

B) Amos Stigger

C) Joe Ward

D) Silas "The Hawk" Perkins

E) Sam Crenshaw

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I agree with Roth about the first two answers (chicken and Daisy). I'm sure Amos Stigger was the crop-duster in 'Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough', but they used someone different here. Roth is probably right about Darcy too, but I'll go with Sam Crenshaw just to be different.

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I've looked at this question twice and I'm still stumped. Just because it made me laugh, I'm going for E) champion wrestler.

I don't know what a prom queen is.

It's pretty much a North American thing. There's a dance held near the end of the last year of high school, and the students vote for a prom king and queen. There was no equivalent when I was at school in the UK. Here in Ireland they hold a similar event called the "debs", but I don't think they have kings and queens. You can read more about proms on Wikipedia.

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