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What did Boss buy that resembled radar guns?

B) blow driers

In this episode who came back to Hazzard after 10 years in prison?

C) Hector Farley

What is the county payroll kept in?

B) red box

I agree with Roth on the first one. The second one I'm not sure about. But I say D for the last one.

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It doesn't pay to hang around - I went away to think about question 3, and two people beat me to answering :).

I agree with the answer to the first question: B) blow driers.

I don't remember the second one, but I'm sure it's not A) or B), so I'll agree with C) Hector Farley.

I still have no idea about the last question, so I'll go with C) white cloth money bag, just to be different.

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Roth is the only one who got all three right, including the toughie. The payroll is kept in a red metal box.

From "Shine on Hazzard Moon".....


What is this episode about?

A) moonshine

B) sunshine


Complete this quote from Waylon. "Ya know, Bo and Luke went to the fair once and rode one of them big time roller coasters. They......"

A) fell asleep.

B) were bored.


Where did the con man Rayford Flicker live?

A) Mountainview

B) Plainview

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I'm happy to hear that you had fun at the race Roth.

Hoss and you got all three right.

From "Enos and Daisy's Wedding"


Who was going to be Enos's best man if the wedding would have happened?

A) Rosco

B) Waylon

Where did Daisy and Enos get engaged?

A) In Daisy's Jeep

B) The Boar's Nest

C) a boat on a pond


What comic book was Enos reading at the beginning of the episode?

A) Spiderman

B) Looney Tunes

C) Beetle Bailey

D) Peanuts

E) Underdog

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I'm happy to hear that you had fun at the race Roth.

Thanks Roger. It wasn't really a race, it was more to entertain the crown. There were drifters like someone named Vaughn Gittin Jr, Caterham Formula one car, Formula Renault 3.5, Karts, A1GP, Supercars and some known racing drivers.

A) Rosco

C) a boat on a pond

A) Spiderman (Wasn't this the episode where he read something and he heard that same sound?)

Edited by Roth Potter
typos removed
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You both got the first two right but the TOUGH one was Looney Tunes. At the beginning of the episode the two bad guys snuck up behind him while he was sitting in the jailhouse and reading out loud to himself. After the bad guys took the money Enos got blamed for it. That's because Daisy saw Enos carrying the bags of money out into the car while the bad guys weren't visible.

What did Tammy Wynette sing on her only appearance on the show?

A) Stand By Your Man

B) Blue Bayou

C) Rocky Top

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I took a trip back to the late-80s recently when I watched the Jeff Goldblum/Geena Davis comedy 'Earth Girls Are Easy'.

Which two of the following Dukes cast appeared in the movie?:

A) Sonny Shroyer (Enos)

B) Nedra Volz (Miz Tisdale)

C) Don Pedro Colley (Sheriff Little)

D) Lindsay Bloom (Mabel Tillingham)

E) Jeff Altman (Hughie Hogg)

F) Rick Hurst (Cletus)


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Sorry Roger, it's no points for you and one point for Roth.

The cast member with the largest part in 'Earth Girls Are Easy' is Rick Hurst (credited as Richard Hurst), who plays a policeman!:


As for Nedra Volz's appearance, I had to watch the movie twice to spot her - blink and she's gone!:


There's another connection too: Dukes lead mechanic Tom Sarmento and Dukes stuntman Corey Eubanks both get credited for stunt work.

I won't kid you that it's a great movie, but it's got some fun moments. It also stars Larry Linville (Frank Burns from M*A*S*H), and features fairly early appearances by Jim Carrey and Damon Wayons.

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My first guess would be Waylon Jennings, but I think that's too obvious. I've never heard of Sorrell, Denver or Sonny's being married so I don't think it's those. of course it could be.

As I was searching some time ago for behind the scenes picture I read Rick's Marriage was During his time on Dukes, as the guy you posted seems to be born in that era i'd say E) Rick Hurst.

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This is tough. He looks a little like Denver. As I recall Denver has two sons. I've seen a picture of David. He founded at least two medical colleges in California and this is not him.

I thought Shooter Jennings looked a little different and had darker hair but I haven't seen a picture of him for many years so I'm guessing Waylon.

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Only Roth gets a point for correctly guessing that it's Rick's son, Ryan Hurst (who even shares his father's middle name, Douglas). I'm sure some of the others must have children of a similar age.

According to IMDb:

A) Denver Pyle has two children

B) Waylon Jennings has four children, including Shooter

C) Sonny Shroyer has two sons, Chris and Mark

D) Sorrell Booke has two children, Alexandra and Nicholas

E) Rick Hurst has two children, including Ryan

I'm not sure whether any of them other than Shooter and Ryan are in the entertainment industry. Of course, Jimmie Best's daughter, Janeen, is an actress/writer/producer who appeared as Mary Lou in 'A Baby for the Dukes'.

I got the idea for the question when Ryan's name came up on a quiz show that I watched recently. It was in connection with his appearance in the 2004 remake of 'The Ladykillers'. Also, Kathy Mallard recently posted a picture of Rick's 1981 wedding on the HNet Facebook page (is this the one that you saw, Roth?). It shows five-year-old Ryan with Cathy and Sorrell, as well as with Rick and his new wife. Ryan's hardly changed a bit :).


Does anyone else want to ask a question? Sharing the question-master duties seems to be working well.

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