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I'm going to have to check my season 7 episode list on this one because I'm lost.

There were only 17 episodes in season 7, and (by my count) only eight had female guest stars. I'll narrow down her appearance to one of these four:

'Happy Birthday, General Lee'

'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke'

'No More Mr. Nice Guy'

'When You Wish Upon a Hogg'

Maybe the answer will appear to you in a puff of smoke ;).

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Well I guess she looks enough like the jeannie that I'll say that. I can't remember anyone else in that episode that looks similiar. She's definitely not three-pack.

Three Pack was actually Madame Delilah's sidekick in 'The Fortune Tellers', but I'm glad it's not just me who mixes up the two episodes :).

You're right about the mystery guest star, she was the genie (your spelling suggests a preoccupation with Barbara Eden ;)). The actress is Katherine Moffat, who was often credited as "Kitty Moffat" around this time. She played Hughie Hogg's girlfriend, Trixie, in 'When You Wish Upon a Hogg' (see below). She also had guest appearances in many other '70s/80s favorites such as 'CHiPs', 'Fantasy Island', 'The Love Boat', 'T.J. Hooker', 'Simon & Simon', 'Crazy Like a Fox', 'Knots Landing', and Dukes spin-off 'Enos' (as Kitty Ruth-Moffat).


Here's another picture question. Can you name the Hazzard lawman associated with each of these civilian vehicles? Each car was driven and/or owned by one of Hazzard's finest!


Bonus points can be won by naming the episodes in which they appeared.

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That's Enos's LTD station wagon.

Grady Byrd's blue Cadillac. Actually I think it's his Mama's car.

It's Rosco's La Mans.

And I think Cletus had the Cougar.

Grady Byrd's was in "Officer Daisy Duke"

Enos's was in "The Ransom of Hazzard County"

Rosco's was in "To Catch a Duke"

Cletus's was in "Money to Burn"

I'm not sure about these so I hope someone corrects me before Hoss reveals the answers.

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Hmmm, must be the only episode I got right was "The Ransom of Hazzard County" because I'm sure Enos's station wagon got blown up by the Doomsday Gang.

The one you have right is actually Rosco's Le Mans in 'To Catch a Duke'. I remembered the Doomsday Gang blowing a car up, but had to double-check whose it was - turns out it was Rosco's patrol car (in virtually the same location).

Here's a hint for each one of the others:

Enos's car gets blown up because Enos is the target!

Cletus crashes his car to act as a distraction.

Grady Byrd was in two episodes.

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Seeing as no one else is jumping in with answers, I'll put you out of your misery, Roger. Cletus crashed his car to distract Bo and Luke while Rosco swapped the horses in 'The Rustlers'. 'Enos in Trouble' was close, but it was from another episode where Enos was the target: 'Enos's Last Chance' (Scanlon was after Enos). You were right about 'Jude Emery' (and you got all the owners first time round) :).

As he was the star of one of the choices, I'll dedicate this question to Jack Klugman, who sadly passed away on Monday at the age of 90.

Cast regulars Tom Wopat, Denver Pyle, Rick Hurst and Byron Cherry have all made guest appearances in which TV detective show?

A) Murder She Wrote

B) Columbo

C) Remington Steele

D) Hart to Hart

E) Quincy M.E.

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I hope my tribute to Jack Klugman didn't mislead both of you, because the answer is A) Murder She Wrote, although Denver once played a character called Tom Quincy in an episode of 'Perry Mason'. I included 'Columbo' in the options because Sorrell Booke appeared in two episodes of that show. Despite (or maybe because of) her earlier marriage to Angela Lansbury's stepson, Cathy was never in 'Murder She Wrote'. The episodes were:

Tom Wopat as Bill Dawson in 'Kendo Killing' (1996).

Denver Pyle as Eben Connors in 'Coal Miner's Slaughter' (1988).

Rick Hurst as Police Chief Slocum in 'Something Borrowed, Someone Blue' (1989).

Byron Cherry as Deputy Will Roxie in 'It's a Dog's Life' (1984).

The title of Denver's episode was obviously a play on the title of Loretta Lynn's biopic, and also included Dukes' guest star Hoyt Axton and Megan Mullally from 'Will & Grace'.

For today's question I'm returning briefly to 'Opening Night at the Boar's Nest' (sorry Roger). Rosco used a "magic box" to make Boss disappear, but what was the Oriental design on the front of it?

A) A pagoda

B) The Great Wall of China

C) A panda

D) A Samurai warrior

E) Mount Fuji

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That was obviously way too easy :). Here's Coltrano the Great with his "magic box":


Can you match the middle names to the regular cast members?:

Arnold, Burt, Dell, Douglas, Richard

Rick Hurst

Waylon Jennings

Denver Pyle

John Schneider

Sonny Shroyer

Can anyone confirm Tom's middle name? I found a couple of references to Stephen, but IMDb.com just lists him as "Thomas S. Wopat".

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Y'all are too good at this. BL got them all very quickly, and Roger wasn't far behind. Can no one confirm Tom's middle name? Just to confirm the answers, here's the full list:

Richard Douglas Hurst

Waylon Arnold Jennings

Denver Dell Pyle

John Richard Schneider III

Otis Burt Shroyer Jr.

I wasn't sure how to phrase the next question, so I'll give clues if it doesn't make sense!

What connects the following episodes, and which is the odd one out?:

'Arrest Jesse Duke', 'Treasure of Hazzard', 'Baa, Baa White Sheep', 'Twin Trouble'.

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