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Somewhere in the vast knowledge known as the HNet Forum, is a thread that shows some of the back lot of Warners and there's a picture of said paint supply store, with nothing behind it. LOL.

Sometimes I'm nice to y'all and give you the answers in advance. The answer is O'Connor, and for anyone who didn't see the pictures MaryAnne mentioned, they're here. MaryAnne and Roger both got it right.

I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day. Mr. Obama met our new Taoiseach and announced he will visit Ireland in May. His ancestors' home town of Moneygall, Co. Offaly is about an hour from where I live. If we can get a president to visit, what will it take to get a Dukesfest here? :).

Q. In 'The Runaway', Suzy's fiancé Fred is told to rent a car with which accessory?.

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I forgot that channel 9 was used on the show also. It was (and I assume still is) the emergency channel and was only supposed to be used for genuine emergencies. In fact, law enforcement used to monitor it and abusing it was an FCC violation.

Since the 1980s was the transitional period when we started getting cheap stuff from China instead of Japan, I'm going to guess Japan just to be different. I should remember though since I just saw that episode a month ago.

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Thanks for the CB info Roger. CB radio never caught on over here, although that didn't stop us quoting CB slang from Dukes, SATB etc. at school :).

Y'all were close with your guesses, but Boss's wigs were imported from Hong Kong (Mr. Obama would not be pleased ;)).

Q. In 'Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough' which of Cooter's tools did Cale and Garvey need to use?:

A) Bench drill

B) Lathe

C) Tap and die

D) Milling machine

E) Pipe bender

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It's great to have a spread of answers, afterall, they say variety is the spice of life (although I find paprika and cumin more useful ;)). The answer was 10 years, so waikiki is the only one to get it right.

Q. In 'Find Loretta Lynn', Luke likens Bubba's size to which make of truck?:

A) Kenworth

B) Peterbilt

C) Oshkosh

D) Freightliner

E) Mack

F) White

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