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  1. Hola

    Yes there are alot of muscle cars in Toronto. Are there some muscle cars close to you. I saw your pictures of you 1970 Dodge GTX and it is a very nice car. River plates a good club. My favourite club is Club Athletico Huracan.My family is from pompesha.

  2. Thanks Roger for clearing that up. I can't beleive that soon the far will be gone.

    I was born in Toronto but most of my family is from Buenos Aires. They came here in the 1970's. Im 14 years old. I started watching the Dukes of Hazzard about 3 years ago and it been my favourite tv show ever since. De que club de futbol sos?

  4. CDoherty95 thats what i thought. I thought it was historic and wasn't aloud to be torn down do to that reason but i guess it doesn't matter
  5. Hola carlos, como estas. de que parte de argentian son? mi familia es de buenos aires pero viven en toronto canada.

  6. thanks for letting us know doubleshot. I can't believe that the dukes farm is being torn down. It seems like just yesterday i was there standing next to it. I thought that the farm couldn't be torn down because it was a historic landmark?
  7. yeah it would be good if someone did
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