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map of Hazzard


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It's not easy but it's not impossible. Sometimes you have to be creative to make it work and sometimes you just have to ignore the inconsistencies. For example, If one episode said that Old Post Road is the only road that heads north out of town and another ep says Old Mill Road is the only road that heads north out of town just use whichever one you want. OR you can run one of the roads east or west out of town and then make it turn to the north. It's not an exact science. Just don't take it too seriousely or you won't have fun.

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What do you suppose was sold in the Seth M. Berley & Co. store? I am guessing that it was more or less a department store. The show never mentioned it--they bought things at Rhuebottom's, and Boss & Roscoe dressed as women looking at dresses at "the emporium" once.

The map of downtown Hazzard is a great idea! I like the architechture of the houses--that's another aspect. We know where Boss' house was. Miss Tizdale also had a house (Season 3, Bo & Luke temporarily take over the Hazzard Cab Co.). The theater, bank, hardware, newspaper, drugstore, hardware, hotel seem to be consistent throughout the series.

Glad to find this website. I have been a fan of the show since 1979 (I was 8) and always liked the downtown Hazzard scenes the best--classic small town! I now live in a town like that!

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No I didn't.

It's just another one of those projects that I hope to get done someday.

I have a bunch of those projects but not a bunch of time.

That's not a good combo so I don't think it will get done anytime soon. In fact, I probably won't even have time to work on it anytime soon.

Thanks for asking.

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Anything I can do to help Roger? It would still be your project of course, but I'd be happy to play around with what you have so far if it means the map's not abandoned. I wouldn't disclose anything to anyone but yourself until you say so.

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I would LOVE to see the finished product!

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Thanks but no thanks Cooperman.

I sure appreciate your interest in Hazzard County mapmaking though.

Are you interested in doing your own project?

Now that my interest is reignited I'm going to go back and check some out of the posts on this thread. As I recall, there is quite a bit of information on it.

A map of Hazzard can be as simple as a small piece of paper or large posterboard. I recommend a seperate map for everything in town or (to fit it all in) proportionally it would be distorted with town looking too big.

I don't really have computer skills but I bet folks who do could pull off a map project on the computer. My computer skills don't go beyond HazzardNet, e-mail and (in the last two years) fantasy sports.

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I honestly think that if you listen to all the counties mentioned in the series, that were supposed to be next to Hazzard, the Hazzard we know and love, on the show, is a geographic impossiblity!!

LOL I think you're right Hobie. If you wanted, I could give you a list of all the counties. It would only take a second to look up in my notebook.

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Here's some more counties. Most of them just get mentioned in a single line. Chicamahawny comes up in a few episodes (sometimes as a place rather than a county), and is spelled at least three different ways. I also remember Hatchapee being spelled Hatchipee in an episode. I'll have to do some more digging to work out which county belongs to which episode.

Clarion County

Cherokee County

Grand County

Chicamahawny County

Claridge County

Placid County

Polk County

Milford County

Plainview County

Riverton County

Rapaho County

Fulton County

And don't forget Rockdale County and Newton County - the real places in Georgia where they filmed.

BTW. When Roger says they're in his notebook, it's an actual notebook, not a computer!

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The following is a complete list of COUNTIES near Hazzard County.

Bear in mind that some of these have cities that match the county name just like Hazzard.

You'll notice some inconsistencies in this list. This is not a result of poor note-taking on my part but it's because of the writers not catching certain things. I have corresponding episodes if anyone needs any clarifications so just ask.

Springville (Chief Lacey)


Choctaw (Boss Bowman and Sheriff Emitt "Hamerhand" Ragsdale)


Grand (Chief Batchley)

Hatchapee (Sheriff Smmitt "Spike" Loomis and Boss Hopkins)

Sweetwater (Chief Lacey)

Pawtuckett (see below)

Dixville (Big Jim Downey)


Placid (Jeb Stuart Duke)


Claridge (Boss JW Hickman)

Chickasaw (Sheriff Big Ed Little and Boss AC Tate Jr)



Hatchapee (Big Jim Mathers)


Yreka (Boss Sharkley)

Rapaho (Boss Big Billie Tucker)

Osage (Boss Colonel Cassius B Claiborne and Sheriff RP Droop Cathcarte)


While the Beaudry Boys are from the hills of Chattahoochee in Tennessee, Chattahoochee wasn't mentioned as the name of the county as I recall.

Pawtuckett County is out of state but they didn't say which one. It's where the boys met Cale Yarborough when he was testing the supercharger.

And, you're right. Chicamahawney has different spellings.

Roth, I'm not sure if Roseville (late in season 4 is a county, town or both)

I couldn't find a Fulton County Hoss. And by the way, you cracked me up with the notebook comment....ROFL

Edited by RogerDuke
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Well done for getting Yreka - I missed that one.

Fulton County is mentioned once in 'Cooter's Girl' in season 6. It's got something to do with Luke's call to the DMV about a license plate.

I'm impressed that you would know that. It sounds like I didn't write it down because they didn't indicate that it borders Hazzard County.

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On 4/25/2007 at 8:38 PM, RogerDuke said:

After loooking at "Episodes", I found a post by EnosFan (from 3-8-07) that said that "Uncle Boss" was filmed in season 2 but aired in season 3. That clears things up. Thanks a lot EnosFan. I'm gone.

Roger Duke same with The Fugitive and Dukescam Scam. Season 3 episodes but aired in Season 4.

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19 hours ago, Andrew D Charger Chaser said:

Amazing list there!!

Makes me think with that many neighboring counties, maybe the actual amount of boundary shared with each could be measured in yards....8-)

I always aaid that if you made a map of Hazzard and the surrounding counties......it really wouldn't be possible! It's next to everything! ( and yet it gives the impression of a a small " out-of-the -way"  town???) 

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