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    I'm a life-long Duke fan from England, run my own car repair garage, married with three kids.
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    Cambridge, England
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    I have my own General Lee! I also restore original Mini Coopers, love music, movies and old TV shows
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    Garage owner at Cooper's Garage... Hey, it's ALMOST Cooter's!

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  1. Anything I can do to help Roger? It would still be your project of course, but I'd be happy to play around with what you have so far if it means the map's not abandoned. I wouldn't disclose anything to anyone but yourself until you say so. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I would LOVE to see the finished product!
  2. Ok, this one's from the '05 movie. It's an easy one, but an interesting shot nonetheless
  3. Anyone caught the safety issues with the Carnival of Thrills General? By the way, this is the General that was used in 'Arrest Jesse Duke' I believe, as it has the cut fenders to clear the 33" tyres. Anyone agree or have other information about this car?
  4. Thanks Hoss! Lizzy, there's something the General is known for, uniquely as it goes for a street car, even one that's styled after a NASCAR stockcar. Something the General isn't supposed to be able do...
  5. Sorry I missed that Hoss. Honestly, this site is sooo huge, when I joined I tried to take it all in before posting anything but I guess I didn't spot that! I love the fact that 'someone' said "Oops! Get rid of that 'E'!
  6. This is more of a continuity thing, but still fun to spot. See it?
  7. Well, how about this one? It's pretty tricky to spot, but considering Bo was about to jump a whole bunch of cars in Carnival of Thrills, you'd think the General would be up to scratch. Can you spot it?
  8. It's computer based artwork, but I'm unsure which program he uses Hoss. He does a weekly cartoon for the USAF called "Box D Blues" that gets published in the Air Force Times. Glad you like it Hoss. Next time I see Austin I want to show him your Hazzard Square artwork, specifically the Cooter's Garage section. He'll love that. Cheers!
  9. Please forgive the quality of this pic - it's low resolution and just a little bit blurry, but it shows the goof very well! Anyone spot it now? It's at the end of almost every episode!
  10. I did a favor for a good friend of mine recently, and he drew this for me to say thank you. I thought I'd share. The image of me is very accurate; dark work shirt, blue baseball cap and glasses... and when I'm driving the General I'm always smiling! Thanks Austin! I love it, I love it!
  11. Just looking at one of your fine screen grabs Hoss, my eye was drawn to the sidewalk / pavement in front of Capital City's "Fine Jewelry Ltd" store. It looks like the sidewalk used to end at an intersection there, just where the kerb stones curve inwards. The kerb that runs alongside the sidewalk from there on looks like badly boarded concrete. Your awesome screen grabs have made me look at the infrastructure with fresh eyes. What do you make of this? Could it be that WB's original road layout was modified for additional buildings later on?
  12. No more guesses? Ok, the photo shows the General doing something it's not supposed to do!!
  13. Hoss, he's a happy bunny whenever he sits behind the wheel. I think it works the same for everyone! He said to me just last week: "This will be my General Lee one day, won't it Dad!? Funny thing is - He's probably right! I would like to add the vinyl top trim, but finding it in the UK will be difficult. I might look to get it sent from the States. It would certainly 'finish' the rear quarter area. That Caddy belongs to one of my shop customers. It's a '68, so it's not quite right, but we just HAD to park it with the General!
  14. This was the first time I brought the General home. Prior to this, it had always been kept at work, and my five year old son Jimmy can't believe what's parked on the front lawn! My son, Bo Duke! Yeeee-Hawww! CB and correct antenna. My favourite view. Really looking forward to getting the 68 markers shaved', WB style. Thanks for looking. All comments welcome!
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