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Things that make ya go, "Thbpth!"

Brian Coltrane

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*Hoots, hollars and cheers.*

I cant agree with you more Val! Thank you for speeking for those of who eat real food. If the steak on my plate aint still mooing then it aint a steak. Hell I dont care if it is shoe leather, its just gotta be red and nice in the center.

*Tips my hat to Val.*



I'll treat you to a real meal anyday sweet Valerie.

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Val I grew up with my Dad and Grampa raising beef cows, but I must say we never had any strange parts of the cow in our freezer! At my table it was hamburger,and steak (of all varieties) but never tounge,brains or organs of any kind. Of course I wouldn't have ate it if we'd had such things cos that's just gross (holds throat and makes gagging noise). I am strange lol I don't eat steak so give me a burger any ol time. I order mine funny too lol if hamburger steak isn't on the menu I sometimes order a hamburger meat only no bread or any other stuff on it. I like just ketchup to dip it in,not a steak sauce person either. If there's hamburger steak on the menu I still want it plain no onions or peppers for me just meat and a bottle of ketchup.


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- Savoury Coconut (that means like, in Thai Curry and stuff, I like Sweet Coconut)

- Mint (Peppermint's good, mint, like with lamb or whatever, is just gross)

- I don't like strong, gamey meat flavour (which is almost the only red meat we get 'round here)

- Mushrooms (Oh, please NO. The smell alone is enough...)

- Fish, Seafood ( My mother loves it, and there's always these little like, not shrimp, the bigger ones... and whitebait and they're looking at me... :-? and I got licked by a Pipi {type of NZ shellfish} once, which put me right off)

These are the things that I really hate, if I listed everything I didn't like, I'd probably be here for HOURS. :p

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I am far from a picky eater. I will try most anything. I have friends from Iraq and I just love it when they offer me a traditional dish. I may not like it, but I won't know unless I try it. Food is fun. It is an adventure.

I won't eat veal, but that isn't because of the taste. It is more because of how it is raised, and PLEASE DON'T TELL ME HOW ANY OTHER ANIMAL WE EAT IS RAISED, because I like animal products to much to go vegi!

I am not a big fan of Brussel sprouts. But I will eat them.

I have never tried any pickled meats, or feet or ears, and have no idea how you eat tripe.

Chitlings, never had it, but been in a chow hall kitchen when it was being cooked during midnight rations in a prison chow hall. STINKY STINKY

Not a big peanut butter fan, but don't hate it either. I will eat it at times, I just have to have a big glass of milk to go with it. Bite chew, drink, swallow.

I have tried cavier, and it is way to salty.

I ate Indian food, and I didn't like it all that much, I think it was the Curry that I didn't like.

My children are picky eaters and it just bugs the hell out of me, and really makes dinners boring. Why limit your self to the same boring foods, by being picky. I wish I could figure out how to make my kids more willing to try different foods.

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My children are picky eaters and it just bugs the hell out of me, and really makes dinners boring. Why limit your self to the same boring foods, by being picky. I wish I could figure out how to make my kids more willing to try different foods.

I don't have kids, but maybe you could tell them that they have to give something two chances, if they decide after that that they really don't like it, you won't make them eat it again? (for new foods, not things like veggies that they need to eat!).

Pretty much the rule in my house when I was younger was that you had to give something a chance, you couldn't say you didn't like it without trying it, and that was the rule whether you were a kid or an adult...


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Here's a food to despise: Squid.

My local grocery has this fresh seafood section, and sometimes they have lil' purple n' white squids in a meat packet with clear cellophane wrap around it.

I took a good, hard look at this stuff last weekend. Who would eat something with tentacles? With the little suction cups all over 'em. BLAUGH!! ACK!! GAH!! I don't care of you boil it or fry it, it's still gonna be disgusting.

But on a positive, I thought of the evil fun to be had with raw squid:

Drape one over the fridge shelf and surprise a family member.

Sit one on your desk at school, and carry it around from class to class. Once bored with it, fling it behind you without warning and enjoy the mayhem.

It goes without saying that sticking a small, cold, deli-fresh squid down the back of somebody's shirt could be amusing. (Never do this to someone bigger, stronger, or faster than you. )

Squid is nature's gift to locker-room pranks. Freshen up a urinal, or decorate a toilet tank with effervescent squid. Add a touch of nautical whimsy to the showers with squid soap-holders and drain stoppers.

Advanced pranksters: Put squid in to a can of Pringles. Serve with dip.

This brings back fond memories of my 4 years of high school detention. If only there had been squid!


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ROFL, Brian you must have been every teacher's nightmare in school!!!!! My mom is a special education aide (it has a real big professional sounding title now I just can't think of it) at the highschool where I attended but I can't say as I've heard her say anything about finding squid in odd places hahahaha. If she comes home from work talking about any of those things or other things involving squid I'll know where they culprit found the idea :evil:


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Heh heh. Actually I never gave any teacher a hard time directly. I was one of those quiet, schemin' types that observed all and saved my class disruptions for the most opportune moment. I learned early on that timing was everything; pick the right moment, and not only would the prank be uproarious, I'd probably get away with it.

Sometimes the joke would backfire because it was so subtle, people wouldn't realize it was a joke and then it would catch on. For example,

I have the dubious honor of having invented Spam-on-a-Stick at my high school .

Another food to avoid, right there.


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The foods I don't like?

~liver, and pretty much any organ on pultry...get away from me with that giblet gravy.

~mushrooms, not only am I highly allergic to them, the sheer sight, smell of them makes me feel immediately nauseous. And over here, it seems like they put them in everything, except maybe cakes or ice cream.

~that sweeter than sweet cake icing. That stuff makes my hair curl. I know as a kid, I used to love it, could eat it straight out of the container. I was also about as tall as Boss Hogg and close to the same weight. Today, I can't stomach most cake icings from the States because they are too bloody sweet. The same holds true for the colas and soft drinks from the US, they are much sweeter than their European counterparts.

~Peas! I never liked them, never will. I only ate Black-eyed peas on New Years, because it was tradition, but after I moved here, never again.

~cornbread! I'm sorry, but there are some people who were born and bred in the south who hate it, and I'm one of those people. I could never stand the stuff.

~fruitcake, yuck, yuck and double yuck. After having the German Stollen here at Christmastime, then forget it...I'm spoiled.

~squid and most Japanese food. Two words: Cook it! I love seafood, but the thought of eating it raw makes me ill.

I do remember spam, yuck again!

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i must be the wierdo around here. I actually like almost everything that you all have mentioned that i have consumed in the past - all but the curry. I enjoy some forms of liver, as well as sushi, caviar (tastes nice and citrusy), collards, turnip greens, beets, peas, ect. Yeah, i'm weird. I probably have one of hte most varied diets around this place by the looks of it. like i said, i've only found one thing i don't like, and that is curry seasoning. I also like squid. never had chitlins or hearts or tongues or anything.

oh and brian, i never served a day of detention in my life and i was a hellion at times. Befriend the teachers and you can get away with anything almost. The two times I was actually suspended for self defense in elementary and middle school, my mamma took me shoppin.

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You ain't never had heart before? Every fall I get my buck and put the heart in the freezer. On Valentine's Day I thaw it out and fry it up in butter for my wife. It's cheaper than buying them chocolate hearts and it's better for you. Now whoever said us old rednecks ain't romantic?

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Okay, so I was just joking about the Valentine's part but I really do fry deer heart in butter for myself. I called in that Valentine's idea to a local radio station once and they got a kick out of it. As Larry would say, "Now that's funny. I don't care who you are...Lord I apologize for that..."

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