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  1. The leader looked at the beautiful women watching her as she went to work behind the bar. He pressed his lips alittle disappointed, he'd seen her once before and had really hoped he'd save her for himself. He looked at his new comrad and nodded. After all he could smoke the guy and take his share when the time came. "Shes yours." (Cue Konrad.)
  2. HEY! Someone get a muzzle on these two before we get a husband wife bitting contest going here!
  3. "You point her out and shes yours, since your new, just once." He gripped the other mans hand. "We'll need a name to call you by." The leader snuffed out his cig. (Cue Konrad)
  4. The man looked at his fellow pack members and they nodded, they liked the looks of the stranger. The leader smirked again and laid his hand on the table in an offer to shake. "Welcome to the pack.... betray me and you'll get laid in the ground." (Cue Konrad.)
  5. The leader of the wolf pack leaned forward meeting Konrad nearly nose to nose, his eyes blood shot and ugly. Almost as ugly as his grin. He took and long pull on his cig and exhaled in through his nostrils. "Everything... every last penny..." His smirked narrowing his eyes. "Whats it to you?" (Cue Konrad)
  6. Dont waist your time Brian, ya dont want me in your way. Fine by me. *Sinks into the back of the crowd just like before, just like I have been.*
  7. Dont waist your time Meadow, I know when I aint wanted. Ya stick me in the pound I might break Brian's record... and I wouldnt wanna be responsible for hurtin his ego like that. *Backs off leavin them to there lil bittin brawl.*
  8. Uh huh... I see how ya are old Coltrane, cant handle a real bad dawg....tsk tsk. I'll beat it alright... but you need to see a vet Brian, you might have rockin-chair-itis. You know, ol' people get that. *Chuckles.*
  9. Awe poor babies... didja get boo-boos? MA ya better come kiss your cousins owey. *Chuckles.* Ya'll are gettin soft, king of the outlaws askin for band aids and ointment.....who are you and what have you done with Brian Coltrane?!
  10. Im not bettin on anyone, ya got the king of the outlaws in one corner and his brother in the othor. Yeah right Im not bettin a dime and either. *Smirks.* But I'll take the winner in a dog fight. *Growls.*
  11. "He was in our way..." The leader tapped the ash from his cig on the table then dusted it off symbolically. "We cant have that now can we. This town is ours now, we can do what ever we want here and that hick sheriff and no one else can stop us." The grizzily man took a deep drag and exhales it through his teeth like a monster, a vile grin on his lips. (Cue Konrad)
  12. "Alright." The leader nodded and shuffled the deck of cards. "No names. Now... what do you wanna know?" He put the cards down in the center and sat back in his chair to talk business. (Cue Konrad.)
  13. "Well..." The leader lit a hand rolled smoke and exhaled sitting back in his chair. He was a big man and the chair creaked under his weight, smoke frothed the air. "You might say he was in our way too, I didnt quite catch your name sod buster." The leader met Konrads eyes, the big mans eyes were green as a monsters, grizzly and ugly. (Cue Konrad)
  14. "Your damn right it did... we planted him- OOF!" The appointed leader back handed one of his boys in the chest hard to shut him up. The leader shuffled the cards. "It might have, whats it to you?" He delt the cards again without lookin at Konrad. (Cue Konrad)
  15. "****... he won." One of them muttered. The others grumbled and pushed there loosing cards away. (Cue Konrad.)
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