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Things that make ya go, "Thbpth!"

Brian Coltrane

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Just for fun, here's a short list of my personal food dislikes:

Pickled beets


Cream of mushroom soup

Diet soda

Low-carb anything



Skim milk

Cooking spray (what is that stuff? It's like WD-40!)



Actually, I don't turn up my nose at much - but this is the stuff I'll avoid if I can help it. Anybody else picky at the table?


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Food... now this is a subject that I can sink my teeth into. :lol:

I love just about all food, but some of the things I refuse to eat are:

Sushi (Yuck, raw fish)

Corned Beef and cabbage (In honor of St. Patty's day)

Brown beans




Pickled eggs or pigs feet


These are the only things that come to mind. I'll try just about anything at least once.

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Diet or "Zero" Soda (Gives me a headache. Explain this to me...no sugar, no carbs, no calories, no fat, no nothing and it gives me a freakin' headache?!?!)



Did I mention coconut?

Heck, am I even spelling it right? ROFL

Jamanda....no offense but, what the hell does "people who think they own the road" have to do with food?!?! ROFL.


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I'm such a picky eater the list of things I actually like is shorter than the list of things I don't like LOL. But a few things I will not touch are:

1.fish,seafood of any kind

2.turnip greens and collards (they stink)


4.chinese food

5.Japanese food

7.most mexican dishes

This list doesn't even hardly scratch the surface on my eating habits, I'm mostly a junkfood junkie.


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Ok... my food hang ups are as follows...

1) Liver

2) Pickled beef tongue - my folks love it, I hate it. It's tender but it has a funny texture I don't like. I think it's like eating a soft eraser, for anyone who doesn't know.

3) Heart

4) Bananna flavored stuff - Real banannas are good. Bananna flavored candy like laffy taffy *blech!*

5) Sushi and sushi rolls - they got raw fish and cold rice in there wrapped in seaweed. How can anyone eat that?

6) Blue cheese - blue cheese dressing I can sometimes tolerate.

7) Hotdogs in the microwave - They are horrorible. For some reason they don't taste as good as when they are boiled or cooked on hotdog rollers. But I'm really picky when it comes to hotdogs. My mom said it has something to do with when I was a kid. I had an awful experience eating hotdogs that came out of the microwave once.

8) Squid - It is an eraser. You cut into it with your fork and flies back at you.

Oh Dude... this is my 100th post. Sweet! I'm finally a Hazzardite for Life, after I've ran around here how many years? *chuckles* Man, I've been behind.

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I must have read the post wrong. I thought it said ANYTHING that makes you go "thpbth" (which does include bad driving) but after reading the other posts it looks like most people are on the subjet of food they dislike.

Amanda has found out that she doesn't like lemon flavored Theraflu (it has the same taste that's in your mouth after you get sick). We both hate the flavor of Nyquil (but at least they make a swallowable pill form). Both products taste so bad that they make you swear you'll get a flu shot next year so you never have to take them again!

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That never happens in our house. My father loves bananas and eats them in that half hour time slot. LOL

I've heard tho' that when bananas get ripe they can be used in making banana cream pie. Now, why the bananas are any better in the pie than they are au natural and ripe...I haven't the foggiest.

As for Jamanda's report on lemon flavored Theraflu and it's aftertaste.....bleeechh....

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Holly picky eaters! I'll tell ya what people if the world has one of those great depressions ya'll are gonna stave to death!!! I eat just about anything thats not still moo-ing but can be cold and red in the center and what Im alergic too. Even being alergic to it aint always stoped me.

-Chinese food~ Because Im alergic to an ingrediant thats in most if not all of it.

- Seafood~ Just because I dont like anything that comes outta the ocean accept tuna, got something to do with the salt in the water.

Thats its, thats all she wrote. Almost if not everything else if its in my reach it gets devoured. Heh. Picky picky picky... ya'll dont know what your missin.

An as far as rotten bananas go... well cut the bad spots out and make banna bread. Solves all your problems. Use them rotten if ya want, the in-laws wont notice. LMAO.

~Chet Duke

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Over-ripe bananas might make for good cooking, but come on, I'm not looking for more work here. What's the use of peel n' eat food if it's beyond bein' easy?

Also up there on my "thhbpth!" food list are tomatoes that are under-ripe or over-ripe. Under ripe, and they're not tasty. Over-ripe, and the innards turn into a slimy goo. No good for sandwiches. Blaugh.

All this probably explains my fondness for basic foods, like cereal dry from the box, and chips straight from the bag.


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Ditto on the tomatoes....tomatos....(you say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe...heh!). Anyway, when they're over ripe they useless to slice that's for sure. Under ripe, they slice but....what's the point? Like you said, no flavor.

Chips direct from the bag are great....except when they go stale. :wink:

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If I drag this topic away from food....main thing getting to me right now is a bad case of senioritis.

For the past three years I've been battling my way through nursing school by studying at least 2-3 hours a night (more before exams or difficult chapters). I see the light at the end of the tunnel with only seven weeks to go.

To be it bluntly, I'm just sick and tired (mostly tired) of studying. I need to have a major motivational moment of my own.

But for now, I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and re-bury myself in cranial nerves.


Your local RN-to-be,


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All right, time to throw my hat in the ring here, so to speak...

But first let me state that some of you have interesting taste in foods while others...well lets just say some of you are into some Addams family food. (Val, pickled beef tongue? what happened to the rest of the cow? Or do I even want to know? Remind me to be careful next time I have dinner at your place!)

Now as for foods that I tend to stay away from, well the list is too numerous to mention given recent events but the basics are as follows:

Liver (Seems to be a popular dislike around here doesnt it?)

Beef jerky

fried foods


any kind of fizzy drink (soda, sparkling flavored water)





Now as for foods I cant live without:

Any and all CHEESE!!! (hot pepper especially! Viva La Wisconsin!)

Hot Chai tea with cream and splenda

Jalapeno poppers

Zesty Chicken Bowl from Taco Bell

Wheat Thins


Diet Snapple Tea


Well for now I do believe thats it, any comments? Dont be shy...


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Hmm I have alot of foods I hate

- I dont drink anything except water, unless I have no access to water in which case I'll drink tea...but I wont be happy about it.

- I dont eat any kind of bread, ew bread makes me gag.

- peanut butter

- I'll eat meat if its grilled, but fried I dont like to much

- laffy taffy candy ew omg I cant even look at it without having to gag, I love the song though :D

- chocolate. I only eat chocolate once a month during my "dvd, sweat pants, chocolate week" yeah I think I'll just call it that lol

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Ummm.... Lets see, there are a lot of foods I don't like, but I'll eat them if I have to. I will just list the things I won't eat even if I was starving to death!




No internal organs of any kind. Actually, the only one of those I have ever had is liver. I have only tried that because my mom served it to me when I was a little kid and I did not know what a liver was. I really did not like the flavor anyway. I have never tried hearts, kidneys or any other internal organ and never will. Just the thought grosses me out. I am very squemish about some things.

The same is true for the following lists of foods. I have not actually tried them, however, the thought of them is just to gross.

fish eggs (caviar, i don't care if rich people do eat it!)

snails (escargo, again don't care if rich people eat it!)

pigs feet



frog legs

Or any type of anphibian, reptile or lizzard, yuck!

I also will not eat spinache or beef tongue. I have eaten these before and definitely do not like them. Again, I only tried tongue in the first place because I was little and did not realize what I was eating. I will not ever even try any other kind of tongue, gross.

Finally, I don't know why, but I can not stand the flavor of grapefruit or pineapple.

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Well, to understand why many o'nights there was beef heart, tongue, or liver on the menu in my house growing up, you'd have to learn about the enviroment I grew up in. My parents raise beef cattle. So needless to say the freeze at home was always stocked with beef.

So Alex, when you say what happened to the rest of the cow, go check the freezer.

Of course one wall at home is covered with a real steer hide. Actually I think we have about four tanned hides at home and they are very pretty.

Anyhow, being as it may that I grew up in a cattle raising home, I have a few more food hang ups...

Tripe, Sweet Breads, whatever name you want to call it, - Cow Brains- Who wants to eat brains? Not me... I'm not a zombie. Plus after having a roommate who has taken parasitology, you learn some things you don't want to about things.

This next one, many might not agree with me but it's kind of a cow thing too...

It is a cardinal sin to put A1 steak sauce on filet migon! Put it on T-bones, porterhouse, prime rib... eh, that is ifie, but don't you dare put it on filet migon! That kind of steak is the juiciest, most flavorful, tender, cut of meat on a cow there is! Perfect filet migon melts in your mouth and is better than a lover's kiss. It's also the most expensive cut of meat on a cow. If I go to steakhouses on a date, often times my choice is filet migon. When the waitress asks if I need A1 I scoff. A1 hides flavor. You put A1 on shoe leather (grocery store steaks or tough meat) or burgers. You don't put A1 on mouth watering steaks. Don't get me wrong, I've had A1. It's a good sauce but to eat a steak and truly enjoy the experience you leave the sauce alone.

Being that said, you guessed it, it's a sin to eat filet migon well done. Trust me on this, you are not going to get sick by eating steak that has been properly prepared that is cooked meduim rare. Hamburger, yes, you'll get sick. Steak, no. I've taken enough biology to understand why you don't get sick. Yes, I'm one of those people who likes their steak still mooing on the plate, especially filet migon.

And White Castle hamburgers... I want a burger not a dinner roll with a shoe instert stuck in there.

Call me grizzly...


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