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  1. Eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I'd rather have chocolate!
  2. Bo Hazzard?? The last time I knew the cousins' last name was Duke!
  3. Well if you were in his shoes, you probably wouldn't be crazy about them either. Remember, WB replaced Tom and John like they had no value to the show. And yes, he should be mad at WB.
  4. I love the episode Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough. There are 3 General Lees
  5. There are no stores in my area that sell Tom's music. I have to go all the way to Buffalo in order to get them.
  6. Did he still have those 6-pack abs that I have seen in earlier episodes?
  7. Nonetheless, they are people just like us. They shouldn't have the pressure of being perfect all the time. They aren't infallible. I will love Tom just as much as I did before this happened. I admit that drunken driving is a serious offense, and I know that he could have killed someone. But being that he was arrested, he is paying for it now. I have forgiven him.
  8. I liked the quote in Nothing But the Truth where he says "If everything is coming your way, chances are you're in the wrong lane."
  9. I am hoping myself that this is an isolated incident. Which I am pretty sure it is. What I am worried about is that something might be bothering him that caused him to drink in the first place.
  10. Tell me about it. Have you seen how well built his abs are? He's got one heck of a six pack!!!
  11. Clayfreak24


    You're darn right!!! Anything with Tom smiling!!!!
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