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  1. The General don't run on gas...he runs on Moonshine lol
  2. Another episode i like is "The return of the mean green machine" I know it has Coy and Vance but Cooter gets kidnapped! *gasp!* But what Daisy said when she found out he was kidnapped really melts my heart. It shows she truly cares about him awwww
  3. Gurr...i'm comin' ta your house B.L. ta watch season 7. I got 1 to 6 yay!
  4. How would i know what was goin' to be in it? I ain't gonna read it, it could be scarey.
  5. Yeah i bet ya do B.L. I sware i'm gentle with him. It's not my fault ya like to kick shins.
  6. Me too. But i still think the Roleplayes are gettin' ta him
  7. Oh piffle! lol Ya didn't have ta read the journal...no one forced ya too...but ya diod anyway.
  8. That was Bo's idea if i remeber correctly, not mine
  9. Yeah i bet it sits straight when it's proped up by horns B.L. I don't know the meanin' of the word "Sanity"
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